Critical Acclaim for Tom Brooks and his book, THE STREET JOURNALS ( INSANE JOURNEYS THROUGH A CRAZY WORLD ) …………

“You`ll never know what`s coming next, and sometimes, you might not want to know–but, believe me,
you WILL find out because you just can`t stop reading….”
Liz Phair  New York Times Book Review
“The most fucked up stories I`ve heard since my own.”
Keith Richards
“The craziest damned stories I`ve heard since Keith`s.”
Jack White
“A modern Bible in this day and age for those of us with A.D.D……
and we are LEGION…”
David Ulin  Los Angeles Times
“Profound and yet simple…just the way I like it; goes great with scotch.”
Charles Bukowski (From the Other Side)
“The most INSANE book I`ve ever read; coming from me, that`s saying A LOT.  Written
with deep feeling and a lust for life.”
Iggy Pop
“I`ve taken many journeys in my life, but never one like this.  It is a hallucinogenic trip
through the deepest jungles of the inner mind.  Disturbing, vivid, unique….”
Paul Theroux
“Sublime, ridiculous…a mad life in the vortex of everything.  Genius….`nuff said.”
Will Dana  Rolling Stone
“Drink some Wild Turkey, pound some beers, smoke some hash, drop some acid if you
can find it nowadays…enhance your mind.  This book is gold.”
Hunter S. Thompson ( From beyond the grave )
“This man has wandered in the desert and found the Promised Land; let`s drink to that…”
Paul Auster
“Sets a new standard in literature.  Brooks breaks all the rules and you will love him for it.”
Joanna Tierney  Boston Globe
“Makes me wish I could relive my 30s….in America.”
Haruki Murakami
“Stay drunk while you read this and his journey on the wrong side of the road will BURN
into your mind forever.”
Tom Waits
“Brutally honest and at the same time, a filthy liar.  A spectacular exercise in contrasts.”
Richard Corliss  Time
“The quotes are great–the original writing is better.”
Lou Bayard  Washington Post
“Somehow it all just comes together, through all the chaos, the madness and the maelstrom.
We`re ALL so damn confused.”
Chet Flippo  Nashville Skyline




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