By Tom H. Brooks 3


The above picture is an original artwork called `New Doorways` by ME…

“A man on the move, and just sick enough to be totally confident…”
H.S. Thompson
“Life is a tale told by an idiot,
full of sound and fury,
signifying nothing…”
William Shakespeare
“There is a power so organized, so subtle, so complete, so pervasive,
that none had better speak above their breath when they speak in
condemnation of it.”
A direct quote from President Woodrow Wilson
from the transcript of a 1921 radio broadcast.
He is referring to the control of U.S. Banks by the ILLUMINATI,
which was also mentioned by Winston Churchill about British Parliament
“This train is bound for glory…”
Bob Marley and the Wailers
“Well, I don`t know about you people,
but I`m gonna have MY kicks before
the whole shithouse goes up in flames…
Jim Morrison
“I love the friends
I have gathered together
on this thin raft;
We have constructed pyramids
in honor of our escaping.”
Jim Morrison
Everytime I look away,
something else weird happens…
Titles of writings by Galileo Galilei:
The Sunspot Letters
The Assayer
The Starry Messenger
“Standing here
like a loaded gun
waiting to GO OFF,
I`ve got
nothing to do
Black Flag
“Troubles are like assholes;
everybody`s got `em…”
An old guy at Marmalade Cafe
“Most people think great god
is up in the sky,
but mighty Jah is a living man,
Charles Bukowski
Nobody can tell me that there are not subtle changes in the world weather patterns.  In the
course of my 34 year life, a mere blink in the vast span of time that this earth has existed,
I have seen very distinct changes in the lengths, arrivals, and departures of the seasons
here in Southern California.  Things ARE changing.  I don`t know if it`s `global warming`
or the beginning of a new ice age, but it`s something.  September and October have never
been so foggy and gloomy. Usually they are a full-on Indian summer season…
“Death is not a problem; waiting around for it is.”
San Pedro by the harbor; I`m sitting around on a foggy morning at 6:30am at a strange and
eclectic coffee shop at 6th and Mesa, reading and listening to 50s nostalgia music.  If you
close your eyes, it is almost a time warp, an escape, as it were…
All around me in the harbor wastelands, there are strange and obscure objects waiting for me
to make them into ART…
“Those who restrain Desire do so because theirs is weak enough to be restrained.”
William Blake
“I have spent my whole life half in a dream and half in reality.  Men have understood this
and have preyed on my defenseless body with their tigers` teeth, while my soul was
voyaging elsewhere.”
Edvard Munch
“It`s weird when I`m sitting alone at the ocean here on Point Fermin, away from the crazy
hibbity-hoo of Yucca in Hollywood.  I know it is gloomy and gray here today, but I am
alone and that counts for A LOT.  It is sunny inland right now but the ocean calms me
and I know it in my gut that there would be plenty of disturbances back in the neighborhood.
It is like two different worlds; the crowds and the chaos and the peace of my contemplative self…
Skateboarding FULL speed down Pacific and never stopping or slowing as I cut right on 36th Street
to Cabrillo Beach…..WHAT A FUCKING RUSH>>>>>>>>>>>
For some reason as I sit here on the Cabrillo Beach jetty, I have a vivid memory of the GIANT
murals of the Mother Mary on the cliffsides of Mexico.  I have no explanation for this random thought,
it just is…
A bright red ship with white trim comes into the harbor;
its name is Italian Reefer
“Probably American optimism arises from the fact that we don`t have any once great devastated
cities like the rest of the world.  There is something wearying and demoralizing about a lost city,
but it can also give you a healthy disregard for real estate.”
Paul Theroux
“Riding the Iron Rooster”
What about Detroit, Paul?  From what I`ve seen, that looks pretty devastated…
8:45am….the 217 bus is the emptiest one ever….WEIRD
It`s like no one is going anywhere this morning…
And just when I bought a bus pass, there is the second Metro Bus and Train strike this year!
Damn!  Unusual amounts of pedestrians and scooters and bikes on the streets today.
Well, this fucking inconvenience won`t stop me from getting to the beach.  I`ll just ride
my skateboard.
“Don`t worry folks, I`M A FIRE MARSHALL!!  Put THAT in your pipe and smoke it!”
Fire Marshall Bill
Oh yeah, and I have a bridge to sell you and the sky is falling…
A few books I`m about to read:
M.C. Hammer`s personal memoir... You CAN Touch This
Ex-president George Bush Sr……..Once a President, Always a Monkey`s Ass
Michael Jackson`s autobiography…I Want to be a Woman (I Wish I Was Lena Horne)
Part 2 of Michael Jackson`s Autobiography…. Plastic Surgery Nightmares (My Face is Melting!)
Current President George Bush`s Autobiography…How to Start a Pointless War and STILL Get Re-elected
Dick Cheney`s Memoir…Republican Stranglehold on America
Donald Rumsfeld`s Memoir…EMPIRE ( Secretary of Offense)
Arnold Schwarznegger`s Memoir….Screwing the System With the Governator 
This is a very exciting reading list and I can`t wait to get started…
I still maintain that I do not like clowns,
especially since I got stabbed by one for 25 cents…
“I want my cheeks back…”
Bus strike still going and I`m still skateboarding everywhere, even to work at Marmalade….
Listen to my last words anywhere.  Listen to my last words any world.  Listen all you boards, syndicates,
and governments of the earth.  And you powers behind what filthy deals consummated in what lavatory to
take what is not yours.  To sell the ground from unborn feet forever…And what does my program of total
resistance and total austerity offer you?  I offer you nothing.  I am not a politician.  THESE ARE CONDITIONS
OF TOTAL EMERGENCY.  And these are my instructions for total emergency that if carried out now could
avert the total disaster now on the tracks: peoples of the earth, YOU HAVE ALL BEEN POISONED…any
minute now, fifty million adolescent gooks will hit the street with switchblades, bicycle chains, and cobblestones…”
William S. Burroughs
“Although it has become the way of the world, we still ought to lament the fact that airplanes have made us
insensitive to space; we are encumbered, like lovers in suits of armor.  This is obvious.  What interests me
is the waking in the morning, the progress from the familiar to the slightly odd, to the rather strange, to the
totally foreign, and finally to the outlandish.  The journey, not the arrival, matters; the voyage, not the landing…”
Paul Theroux
Sometimes, when I`m acting eccentric or shady, when I disappear or fade into the shadows, it may be because
the company I may have to keep may seem less than desirable at that moment.  I need silence, the wind in the
trees, the crashing of the ocean, a good book, a quiet beer alone…..everyone needs a moment now and then to
simply regroup and gather one`s mind together again…..In this way, I am able to return to the chaos and immerse
myself in it once again with careless abandon….
“Natty Dread rides again,
through the mystics of tomorrow…”
Blake was nice enough to loan me his car so I decide to go for one of my overnight campouts down San Pedro
way.  I am walking through the windblown walkways of Ports O`Call.  I see the Hollywood Charlie Chaplin
impersonator dancing and spinning little Mexican girls around as the leaves blow and clatter across the ground
and the crows and gulls fly above.  I hear Sinatra singing `Young at Heart`.  I get a sandwich from the deli and
sit by the harbor eating it in the purple dusk.  It is great to be `camping` again in a car like the old days when
I had one.  I went to Acapulco by the water and had some chips and salsa and watched game 7 of the World
Series in which the Marlins beat the Yankees in the 12th inning with a home run.  Then I fall asleep in the car
and was awoken by noise at 2:30am.  It was the port police harassing some other guy for sleeping in his car.
I got the hell out of there.  I went to some quiet side street over above Point Fermin and woke up in the fog at
5:45.  Where the hell am I?  Oh yeah.  Then I went to get some coffee and watched an amazing pinkish-red
fiery sunrise over the harbor as ships come and go.  Santa Ana Winds start up and a crescent moon hovers
in a cobalt blue sky.  So later, these two cute girls are minding their own business, having fun, and walking
across the parking lot at Cabrillo Beach towards me, smiling.  I am feeling hopeful for a pleasant encounter.
Suddenly, my lewd dreams are shattered by a fat black woman with braided cornrows as she stops right in
front of the girls and starts preaching the word of Jesus.  “Have you asked Jesus into your heart?  Do you
girls ever go to Church?  Have you been born again and saved?”  And all that usual crap. Christ on roller-skates!
Damn, woman!  You`re fucking up my mojo!  Damn bible thumping Jesus freaks.  Jesus can save them later.
I`m out of here, before she corners me.
Now, I am sitting at the old Cabrillo Beach seawall jetty.  Sea water explodes in a frothy sea mist as it crashes
through a hole in the wall and the intensity of the sunlight turns each droplet into a tiny flying diamond.  After
a few hours of flopping around like a skinny beached whale, I decide to head out of here….
Blake`s Plymouth Reliant station wagon is a classic piece of work….a junk pile like my old Dodge Shadow,
but I`m still grateful to him for using it.  It is off white and filthy, ketchup splattered like bloodstains across the
hood (maybe they ARE bloodstains?)  Looks like a hit and run.  Cops make me nervous all day, cruising slowly
by, glaring at me while stroking their shotguns.  Two black girls were giggling at me in the hood as I started
driving home.  With a smile and a wink, I said, `You girls want a ride?`  They laughed even harder.  I`m going
back to Hollywood to slum it on Yucca….
“The difference between the almost right word and the right word is….the difference between the lightning bug
and the lightning…”
Mark Twain
“Weave a circle round him thrice,
And close your eyes with holy dread,
For he on honey dew hath fed,
And drunk the milk of Paradise…”
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
“I like this book and I especially like the title, [Kingdom of Fear] which pretty well sums up the foul nature of life
in the U.S.A. in the first few bloody years of the post-American century.  Only a fool or a whore would call it
anything else.  It would be easy to say that we owe it all to the Bush family from Texas, but that would be too
simplistic.  They are only errand boys for the vengeful, bloodthirsty cartel of raving Jesus-freaks and super-rich
money-mongers who have ruled this country for at least the last 20 years, and arguably for the past 200.  Ho, ho…
let`s not get carried away here.  Freedom was yesterday in this country.  Its value has been discounted.  The
only freedom we truly crave today is freedom from dumbness.  Nothing else matters.”
Hunter S. Thompson
“Politics is the art of controlling your environment.  Indeed.  Never forget it, or you will become a victim of your
environment.  Rich lawyers and nerds will stamp all over you worse than any A-rab, and you will be like the
8-ball on some country club billiards table near Atlanta—WHACK! over and out.  No more humor.”
“Politics has always been a Byzantine snake-pit of treachery and over-weening bribery-driven corruption so
perverse as to stagger the best minds of any generation.  All political power comes from the barrel of either
guns, pussy, or opium pipes, and people seem to like it that way.”
“…pistol whip those murderous swine at their own game…”
“It is bad business to go into war without a target.”
“It never got fast enough for me.”
“I am not a criminal by trade, but over the years I have developed a distinctly criminal nervous system.  Some
people might call it Paranoia, but I have lived long enough to know that there is no such thing as paranoia.  Not
in the 21st century.  No.”
Hunter S. Thompson
“Paranoia is heightened awareness…”
D.W. Polston
while he was choking a crazed, violent drunk…
“If you can talk to me, you can breathe!”
David Bateman
The night wind from the deserts…
“He who is not busy being born is busy dying…”
Bob Dylan
Gee, I`m sooooo sorry….. I almost want to apologize, but……NO
Hey, jabberjaw–get a hold of yourself!  You`re giving me a goddamned headache!
“Man; Know Thyself…”
The Oracle at Delphi
Coyote and the Water
A coyote, which, like the rest of his kin, considered himself the most austere animal on the
face of the earth, not even excepting man himself, came one day to the banks of a small
river (LA river, when it wasn`t encased in cement).  Looking over the bank, on seeing the
water run so slow, he addressed it in a cunning manner, `what say you to a race?`  `Agreed
to,` answered the water very calmly.  The coyote ran at full speed along the bank until he
could hardly stand from fatigue and on looking over the bank, saw the water running smoothly
on.  He walked on with his tail between his legs and had something to reflect upon for many
a day afterwards.”
An old American Indian Parable
from the Lost Tribes of Los Angeles…
The Chumash
The Gabrielino
The Tong-va
It just keeps getting weirder
but it`s never gotten too weird for me…
October 29th, 2003
Worst fire season ever…only 2:30pm and the whole sky is gray, smoky, hazy, glowing….
the sun is an orange-red ball hanging in a moody and turbulent fiery sky.  Fires are burning
from Ventura to Mexico in a giant crescent of destruction.  It kind of reminds me of the purple
volcanic weather I experienced in Colima, Mexico.  It is very apocalyptic weather….
I hate to say I know it all,
but right now, I DO…
I was so stupid and drunk yesterday
that this morning, when I woke up,
I put on my underwear backwards.
I only realized this when I got to work
and tried to take a piss…
“One good thing about music,
when it hits you, you feel alright…”
Bob Marley
            I`M IN MY HAPPY PLACE
                 I`M IN MY HAPPY PLACE
                          I`M IN MY HAPPY PLACE
                                          HA    HA    HA
Is it wrong to hear circus music in your head 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?
Is this normal?
“The wise man knows that he `knows` nothing.”
Lao Tzu
“We checked in at the counter; our rental was still 20 minutes away.  It was 11am and we
still hadn`t done anything.  Planes, visas, cars.  Waiting for cars!  This was all so tough
to take.  The SLOWNESS.  The futility of time in-between.  The waiting!  Every drive to
the airport in the world was ugly, lined with the backsides of the most despondent of homes,
and every hotel lobby underlined our sloth and mortality.  This, this unmitigated slowness
of moving from place to place–I had no tools to address it, no words to express the anger
it forged inside me.  Yes, I appreciated cars and planes, and their time-squanching capabilities,
but then once in them, aboard them, time slowed again, time slowed doubly, given the context.
Where was teleporting, for fucks sake?!? Should we not have teleporting by now?  They
promised us teleporting decades ago!  It made all the sense in the world.  TELEPORTING.
Why were we spending billions on unmanned missions to Mars when we could be betting
the cash on teleporting, the one advancement that would finally break us all free of our
slow movement from here to there, would zip our big, fat, slow, fleshy bodies around as
fast as our minds could will them–which was as fast as they should be going: the speed of
thought.  Fuck regular movement.  Fuck cars, rental cars, and wheels, and engineering,
and great metal machines that were always too loud and used this ridiculous kind of fuel,
so goddamned medieval….”
Dave Eggers
“You Shall Know Our Velocity”
“You give chaos, chaos gives back.”
Dave Eggers
Nothing but Halloween madness at Yucca.  Chaos, drunks, stupid costumes, Hollywood
Blvd. freakshow.  Back to the building, the craziest party in town…Truly no reason for
anything but laughter….
I couldn`t decipher the next passage but it says something about 4 Argentinian babes and me
and the Powerhouse….but I really don`t remember what happened.  All I know is I woke up on
November 1st with a brutal hangover after 2 hours of sleep and I had to WORK….what a nightmare
that was!
When I`m on my skateboard, CARS ARE THE ENEMY….these metal coffins are IN MY WAY…
“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”
Albert Einstein
in the night ocean of Senegal…
“At that moment I was sure that I belonged in MY skin.  That my organs were mine and my eyes were
mine and my ears which could only hear the silence of this night and my faint breathing were mine,
and I loved them and what they could do.  There was so much water in so many places, rushing everywhere
and up and down, the water on top moving so much faster than the water below it.  Under the water was
sand and rocks, then miles of rocks, then fire.  But I was finally getting tired….”
“Babylon system is the vampire…”
“When this party`s over
it will start again,
not be any different,
it`ll be exactly the same…”
“It`s hard to imagine
that nothing at all
could be so exciting
could be this much fun…”
Talking Heads
A hazel-colored pyramid in the pupil of my eye…
I think those were very good mushrooms..
“The sunlight over the clerk`s shoulder was white and planed, and when
he poured us glasses of water it was clearer than any water I`ve ever seen.
It was the unadulterated soul of the world.”
When you go to Savon, there`s just simply TOO MUCH product—rows and rows
of brightly colored bottles and tubes and jars of who-knows-what?  I just don`t
know what to buy anymore.  I probably, fundamentally, don`t really NEED any of it…
(except toothpaste….)
“Everybody wants to go to Heaven, but none of them wants to die…”
Peter Tosh
Walking around “Hollywood Forever” cemetery on a gloomy Monday morning
in the rain, taking deep breaths and filling myself with the power of the dead,
the inevitable end for all of us…
“The Angel of the Watch”  on a grave for the LA Times bombing of many years ago…
bright green squawking parrots…
died 1905
d. 1898
d. 1911
some of you have been gone so long….where are you now?
A gravestone:
This was a man
of quiet thought and deed…
After the graveyard, I go to a little restaurant on Melrose across from Paramount Studios
called Lucy`s Adobe Cafe for enchiladas and Carta Blanca……charming….
Random madness,
the point of every day…
graffiti in the bathroom at the Powerhouse….
“Fuck art, let`s kill”
“spread evil”
“stupid people should die”
So I go to see a Dali/Disney animated short at ArcLight(formerly known as the Cinerama Dome).
A guy has been waiting in line in front of me and when he goes to buy his ticket, he`s short a
dollar.  Naturally, I give it to him.  Later, inside, he brings me a candy bar he bought with a
credit card.  Random acts of kindness, people…..nothing wrong with it….
“Destino”  a Dali/Disney masterpiece 50 years in the making…..
A beautiful half-naked girl traipsing around an assortment of Dali paintings
in a diaphanous gown to amazing music…..can`t go wrong there…..
“Whoever embraces a woman is Adam;
whoever lights a match in the dark is inventing fire;
in the desert I saw the young Sphinx, which has just been sculpted;
everything happens for the first time, but in a way that is eternal….”
” `Mr. Simpson, you`ve ingested a dangerous amount of alcohol and drugs!`
`The only dangerous amount is NONE!` “
Homer Simpson
Will this day NEVER end?!?
Sitting in the shadow of a palm
sitting in the shadow of death
screaming blue sky
white noise of the city
puffy, giant cotton ball clouds
floating across the sky
The universe smiles
on those who are paying attention
to the bountiful gifts
she has given us…
There is no stopping us now
we have reached terminal velocity
the train rolls ever faster
ever forward
into the mystic
into the great unknown….
“There`s a place where you are going,
you ain`t never been before…”
“I drifted on a river I could not control..”
Arthur Rimbaud
“The Drunken Boat”
“I`ve seen what men have only dreamed they saw”
Arthur Rimbaud
“A Season in Hell”
11/12/03  Wednesday
Best storm ever to date on Yucca….looks like the end of the world.  Sunset in
the west and clouds black as night in the east coming toward us down Yucca.
Lightning, rolling thunder across the sky like giant drums…
“I am in favor of the ( U.S.) Constitution, as flawed as it is, because we need good government
and we need it fast.  And this, properly enacted, will give us, for a space of years, such government.
But then, eventually, it will fail, as all such constitutions have in the past, because of the
essential corruption of the people.  And when people become so corrupt, we will find it
is not a republic that they want but rather despotism–the only form of government suitable
for such people.”
Benjamin Franklin
“I told him what I felt about time exposing the truth–that time did not heal wounds but that
the passing years gave us a vantage point from which to see the reality of things.”
Paul Theroux
The earth belongs to the living and the dead
The quietest parks in the city…..graveyards…..
no bums, no junkies, no one bothers me.
I just lie in the grass amidst the gray stones
amongst the dead and listen to the birds sing
and the trees whispering and the dead talk to me…
Pigeons cooing over the hollow archway entrance of the Cathedral Mausoleum,
when empty, it is filled with ghostly hoots echoing along with my own sinister footsteps…
send him to the stars, that he may light up the sky
and this from the grave of the actor, Tyrone Power…
“There is special providence in 
the fall of a sparrow.
If it be now, tis not to come;
If it be not to come, it will be now;
If it be not now, yet it will come:
The readiness is all;
Goodnight, sweet prince.
And flights of Angels
sing thee to thy rest.”
As I finished writing the above, a flight of green parrots alights overhead,
chattering, and a cool wind rattles this page….
How great it would have been to be an explorer in ancient times….
“The truth is,
not all of us become the men
we once dreamed we might be…”
cave-dwelling sub-moronic
locked in pointless babble
of the vast universe surrounding them
time, talent and lives
nowhere fast with all talk and no action
sorry, I was having a bad day…
“What you understood was what you wanted to understand….”
Umberto Eco
“Oh, never let them come to steal our dreams…”
“each day is future history
so don`t step lightly….
the trick is to leave tracks
that can be followed…”
A quiet Friday alone.  Reading in Pan-Pacific Park.  Two girls walked by me
and said, “It`s nice to see a man reading a book.”  That was the only human
contact I had that day.
Biggest dummy I`ve ever met in my life,
and somehow he ends up my roommate.
The world is full of empty causes….
What is all this jabberwocky anyway?
The following is by Jim Morrison:



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