by Tom H. Brooks 3


The above artwork is an original by me and it is called Shattered.
“The most immense thing about beauty is finding it gone.”
Charles Bukowski
“Minds are like parachutes;
they only function when open.”
“Nobody can rescue us from other people.”
“To see a world in a grain of sand
and heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
and eternity in an hour.”
William Blake
“The Beatles want to Hold your hand,
but the Rolling Stones want to burn your town…”
Tom Wolfe
Paul Theroux, I only hope I have your guts and resilience at the age of sixty,
not to mention the willpower to get out there and keep doing crazy things…
I suspect that I will…
The first morning I`ve ridden the bus to work in 2 months.  I`m reading with coffee and I do
find it pleasant although skateboarding down the hill every day was fun (coming home uphill
was not.)  Anyway, looks like the MTA used the strike time to fix up the buses a little bit;
less graffiti, new electronic message boards, etc…… (It won`t be long before the graffiti is back…)
With no dreams, you are bound to perish…
Lay waste to adversity
Destroy obstacles,
the forward roll of the square wheel…
Eventually, every man gets what he deserves…
(to be continued…)
“The wolf doesn`t know WHY he`s a wolf;  He just is…”
“Natural Born Killers”
The Revolution will be televised
Sometimes it`s a painful decision to be alone,
but I kind of like it this way…
All you have to do is read the front page of the newspaper everyday and you`ll be feeling like I do,
just waiting for the BIG war, just waiting for the SHIT to go down.  I am losing faith in humans
altogether.  People are too closed-minded and stupid to save themselves now.  Religious zealotry
and capitalist pig warlords will be the death of us all….
How many times do we live?
How many times do we die?
How much is gained?
How much is lost?
“The earth turned to bring us closer,
It turned on itself
and inside of us;
It turned to bring us together
inside of this dream…”
A Venezuelan Poet
“Haraka, haraka haina baraka…”
“Hurry, hurry makes bad luck…”
East African Saying
That`s why nothing gets DONE over there…
“I`ve come to hate my own creation.  Now I know how God feels…”
Homer Simpson
“Deep rivers run quiet.”
Wind can be a great thing in LA.  It blows away all the filth.
“I chased life and life chased me back.”
Saturday 11/22/03
If I died tonight, I would just laugh…
6:20am, Monday, 11/24/03
The Capitol Records building is framed against one of
the most beautiful sunrises I`ve ever seen…
“Everything that deceives also enchants.”
“If you look into the abyss,
the abyss looks back into you.”
Friedrich Nietzsche
“Missing me one place,
search another,
I stop somewhere waiting for you…”
Walt Whitman
I left my old abstract painting, “The Egg” facing the harbor in San Pedro for no good reason…
Another old one, “The Phoenix”, I left at Sunken City facing the ocean…
I guess I just like to leave pieces of me behind…
“Christ Destroys His Cross”
A painting by Jose Clemente Orozco
A barfly character spouting jokes and funny stories at the Tattletale Bar in Culver City…
“What`s the last sound before a pubic hair hits the ground?”
The Scarlet Lady
“With a secret smile, not unlike that of a healthy child, he walked along, peacefully, quietly…”
Herman Hesse
“Suffering is borne of desire…”
In want of nothing, having everything,
there is a certain indefinable freedom
that is yours alone…
At a Metro office on Wilshire, I see a Jewish guy with a rabbi hat–his appearance is totally
incongruous with his behavior; he is talking loudly into a cell phone, cussing repeatedly
in his Jewish guys voice (motherfucker, goddamn! etc) AND he found a bus token on the
ground and exclaimed loudly, “ahhh, a door prize…”
“Only god can stop me, I survived two tours in Vietnam…”
What a fucking character…
“Let me warn you, you who are thirsty for knowledge, against the thicket of opinions
and the conflict of words.  Opinions mean nothing; they may be beautiful or ugly,
clever or foolish, anyone can embrace or reject them.”
Herman Hesse
This is the way to pass knowledge.  I just gave “Siddhartha” to some random girl
at Jack in the Box, just because she looked at it and seemed interested and she
had a good vibe.  If she reads it or drops it in the toilet, though, I know not…
“Like anybody can tell you, I am not a nice man.  I don`t know the word.  I have always admired
the villain, the outlaw, the son of a bitch.  I don`t like the clean-shaven boy with the necktie and
the good job.  I like desperate men, men with broken teeth and broken minds and broken ways.
They interest me.  They are full of surprises and explosions.  I also like vile women, drunk cursing
bitches with loose stockings and sloppy mascara faces.  I`M MORE INTERESTED IN PERVERTS
THAN SAINTS.  I can relax with bums because I am a bum.  I don`t like laws, moral, religions, rules.
I don`t like to be shaped by society.”
Charles Bukowski
“When you`re surrounded by possibilities, one of the hardest things you can do is pass them up.”
“There`s a Natural Mystic blowing through the air,
If you listen carefully now you will hear,
This could be the first trumpet,
might as well be the last,
many more will have to suffer,
many more will have to die,
Bob Marley
“Don`t loaf and invite inspiration.
Light out after it with a club.”
Jack London
I`m coming to New York on a chopped hog and I`m going to shoot you
in the gut with an expanding filth flare.
I`m thinking of cracking his teeth with a knotty stick and rupturing
every other bone and organ I can make contact with in the short time
I expect will be allotted to me…
Hunter S. Thompson
This one still cracks me up…
“Arms, my only ornament–
my only rest, the fight…”
Miguel de Cervantes
“Don Quixote”
Just be nice, people.  Everybody calm down.
I`ll never be the one to START physical violence
but I`ll sure as fuck FINISH IT…
outta my way, crowdmonkeys…I`m gonna go Matrix on your asses…
I`m pulling Jedi mind tricks, that`s right, outta the way, GET TO STEPPIN`…
My new policy: just sit back and watch the show….
let everything come to me…
minimum effort, maximum results…
don`t sweat it……it all comes together…
“Sometimes, hidden genius can be very painful,
like a nagging erection that needs release…”
Xavier Zenith
How I wish someone were here today to record,
worship and glorify my every clever move…
I was having a severe case of delusions of grandeur that day…
What kind of sick shit is this?!?
Only the sickest for you, baby…
you can`t get enough can you?!?  Sorry, I was
looking in the mirror…
Stop asking questions no one can answer….
The Christmas season starts in like…October nowadays, BEFORE
fucking Halloween.  It is totally and absolutely ridiculous.
The more corporate Christmas becomes, the more it sickens me to the
very core of my being.  It is not Christmas anymore; it is SHOPPING
season.  I have never in my life seen so many endless shelves filled
with stupid and utterly useless crap.  Rows and rows of pointless junk
of every size, color, and description.  OHHHH look at all the pretty
colors, I just HAVE to have it, BUY $$ BUY $$ BUY $$ HA HA HA $$…
Dig your own graves please;
I only have one shovel and I am busy digging my own…
Yeah, you can quote me on that…
The whole cast of characters from Yucca Estates turns out to go down
to the Boulevard for the Hollywood Christmas parade.  There is an
impressive motorcycle police spectacle to start (just to let you know
who`s REALLY in charge).  Great riding skills, tricks and such….
even I was forced to be impressed although I hate those pigs when
they`re writing me a ticket.  There were fireworks. It was a true
Hollywood classic with its ridiculous gaudy glamour and then a big,
fat, drunk Santa came down the street and all the people were
cheering and we were sneaking belts of whiskey from flasks and
then we went back to the compound to take bong rips and get into
more trouble.  Merry Christmas, bitches!!
Alright, I confess….sometimes things like this make me a little sentimental…
Oh, and by the way, one of the marching bands was a bunch of HOT
Asian babes from Hawaii, so I was very happy…THAT was my favorite
part of the show…
Bar codes are the MARK OF THE BEAST
Just admit it….
Merry Chri$tma$
Repent $inner$
Happy Birthday Je$u$
$orry, I ju$t thought it wa$ funny….
On the other hand, I`m not $orry…
“…having come from the Light
and from the Gods,
here I am in exile,
separated from them…”
“The stupid act is a reaction to all the condescending Europeans we keep meeting,
a protest against bigotry.  Europeans think all Americans are stupid, so we act
stupid to confirm their prejudices.  Then we reveal ourselves as intelligent, and by
doing so, subvert the prejudice more effectively than an immediate barrage of intellect,
which only causes confusion and, ultimately, resentment.”
Alex Garland
“The Beach”
“Can somebody tell me what kind of a world we live in where a man
dressed up as a BAT can steal all of my press?!!?”
Jack Nicholson as “The Joker”
Headphones give an intensity to music that often goes unnoticed in the rabble
dabble of daily life.  Lying in the dark, listening to Coltrane`s Brasilia, the music
takes on a liquid format, many-layered and unfolding like visual imagery.  It`s
like WATCHING the music like you WATCH a movie.  It reveals itself to the
listener as a story, as a cry for meaning, as the song of the universe, as ART,
as everything and nothing at the same time.  Therein lies its unfathomable
beauty.  They say the universe is made up of vibrations and frequencies.  I
think I have to agree.
Once in a while, I like to go lie on the grass at the cemetery.
It gives me a glimpse of the future.
One of the gardeners at Farmer`s Market, older, is singing songs in Spanish
while weeding in the morning sunlight.  He has an excellent voice and that
was just what I needed to see before I go to work in that fucking hellhole of
a restaurant…
12/2/03  Horoscope for Taurus
“Time alone to do whatever you want is heavenly. Get settled in, and you`ll
be more productive.”
I KNEW I was doing the right thing….!
“For my purpose holds;
to sail beyond the sunset
and the baths of all the
western stars until I die.
It may be that the gulfs
will wash us down;
It may be that we shall
touch the Happy Isles…”
That`s it.
It`s been a pleasure.
See you in the next issue.
If you want to cancel your subscription,
the answer is NO.  YOU READ THIS.
If you still insist on a cancellation,
call 1-800-PISS-OFF.

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