by Tom H. Brooks 3


“You can`t tell a dead man how to die…”
Ask the wind
Listen, Jesus-freak; don`t preach to me….
just concentrate on saving your own soul, alright?
And leave the altar boys alone!
The Philosopher`s Stone
“A picture is worth only a thousand or so words.”
Paul Theroux
The rain makes everything SO GREEN…
hey, little yopper copper, little piggly wiggly,
I see ya, you`re a sneaky one, aren`t ya?
I see ya, I see ya…you`re a big one, aren`t ya, aren`t ya??
I have a kind of demented, romantic dream of immortality from beyond the grave.  My photos and writings
will survive me.  My creations will bring more from the great beyond then they ever did while I was alive
and yapping on this crazy planet.  See how easy it is for me?  Die.  Become famous.  No worries, mate….
(Or maybe not; everyone`s too busy texting to actually read nowadays…)
“I told ya`ll back then, now everybody wanna change their muthafuckin name…”
RZA  Wu-Tang Clan
I spent the day talking to myself yesterday…
best conversation I`ve had in years…
Sorry, I`ve been busy.
The inward journey is VERY time consuming
Drum machines have no soul
soon after seeing the above bumper sticker, I saw some good old-fashioned Mardi Gras jazz boys
at the Farmer`s Market…It took me back to New Orleans
All the space in the world and these damn bugs always fly right into MY EYE!
It is extremely hazardous being a skateboarder in a city of drunken cell phone-wielding drivers…
“The world is still large and strange and, thank god, full of empty places that are nothing like home.”
Paul Theroux
Standing on the 3rd Street bridge over the 110 freeway in Downtown LA.  It is a cloudy turbulent day
with a forbidding, cold wind and black, ominous clouds.  I stand here alone and contemplate this giant
city to the accompaniment of a million cars hissing by.  The white noise speaks volumes about
separateness, isolation and mistrust.  Everyone in the same city, the same country, the same planet,
yet so very, very different.  So very far apart. There are gulfs, canyons, gorges dividing us all,
unnecessarily.  If only we spent less time building walls and more time building bridges, perhaps then,
things would be different.  As it is now, I stand alone on this gloomy and somewhat depressing day.
I disappear.  I become invisible, I vanish in the overwhelming noise of the Metropolis.  A distant siren
wails its mournful cry through the canyons of steel and stone and glass and I walk through it, silently…
“He had lost the thread; he had lost his hold on the magnetic chain of humanity…”
Nathaniel Hawthorne
Spring Street Arcade; it`s like walking into a bazaar in another country….totally foreign…
amazing architecture in the Art Deco style as well….
Green slumber, blue sea
12 Step Program to Complete Apathy:
Island in the Mind
The Door to Forever
Poetry for Those With a Limited Attention Span
This is poetry
that is not
very poetic
but IT IS short
so you might
like it…
Ravings of a lunatic
jsdjfuw lli lijskskksl0@8935pippl]@;
rt@epitojk;ojggjdk iutiteprt:g;gpdfipei8994l
The Dead Free Scrolls
The Decline of Everything and What Happened Afterward
“If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man,
then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you,
for Paris is a moveable feast.”
“I would stand and look out over the roofs of Paris and think; Do
not worry.  You have always written before and YOU WILL write now.
All you have to do is write ONE TRUE SENTENCE.  Write the
truest sentence that you know.  And everything goes from there.”
“But this is how Paris was in the early days when were very poor
and very happy.”
Ernest Hemingway
“His talent was as natural as the pattern that was made by the dust
on a butterfly`s wings.  At one time he understood it no more than
the butterfly did and he did not know when it was brushed or marred.
Later he became conscious of his damaged wings and of their
construction and he learned to think and could not fly anymore
because the love of flight was gone and he could only remember
when it had been effortless.”
Ernest Hemingway on F. Scott Fitzgerald
“…a whore`s bath….”
god is rolling over in his holy place
“stupid feelings….
don`t even wanna think!”
Black Flag
“There`s nothing left alive
but a pair of glassy eyes…”
Iggy Pop
“Gimme Danger”
“Hi, God?
yeah, it`s Bill Watson…
Question, if you`re so good,
why do you allow bad things to happen?”
217 bus Saturday 2/28
A big fat black lady with an atrocious blonde wig rolls off her seat and into the aisle.
I SAW it happen and she faked at least half of the fall and ALL of the drama that followed.
She was screaming holy hell.  You`d think she`d been gutted with a rusty blade.  She
was hollering and blaming the driver for his “crazy-ass drivin`”.  The driver was a nice
Mexican guy driving totally fine.  I hope his job is gonna be ok after this fiasco.  He made
all the right moves.  He pulled to the side of the road and called for medical assistance
immediately.  He didn`t make any rude comments to her even though I suspect he knew
she was up to something.  I KNOW that lady was exaggerating big time, going for the
goldmine lawsuit.  She probably needed a new hideous wig.  Fuck this sideshow, I`ll
walk home…..fresh smoggy air outside…..what else is there?
tit for tat
“Millions of Dumbfounded Dipshits”
That`s right, baby; another day slangin` hash at that fucking egg house I work at.  It simply
amazes me how many people are willing to wait 45 minutes so they can have an omelette
or an overpriced salad with their 5 kids screaming and running around in circles all the while.
These breeders are relentless.  Whaddya gonna do?  A man`s gotta make a living, eh?
Rent is paid for March.  Looks like I get another month living in paradise with Bateman.
There will still be a roof over my head and the fun will continue throwing knives on the roof
with Polston; down the hall, Blake will keep getting drunker and drunker and so will I
for that matter.  Indeed….
Goddamn, there`s a lot of kids in this egg house!  Don`t you people know that this world
has a major overpopulation crisis?!  Hasn`t anyone heard of birth control?  I mean, how
many kids do you NEED?!  Isn`t one enough?  Maybe two?  At least teach your little
piglets and puppies some goddamned manners!  I almost spilled food and hot coffee
on like six of em today `cause they were crawling around on the floor and running recklessly
through the aisles.  Really, parental units…..get off your fucking cell phone and tell your
brats to SIT DOWN.  Don`t let them grow up on MTV and Grand Theft Auto.
University of X Box
I can`t take anymore,
I`m done…..



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