By Tom H. Brooks 3


The above photo is Blake St. John, the man, the legend, at the heart of the Yucca Estates madness…
SIGNATURE LUNACY……………………………………………………………..
Third Eye  AJNA
“Nothing is sadder than the truly monstrous.”
Nathanael West
So often, when I`m on my home street, Yucca, I see some weirdo (any random ethnicity) just wandering in circles
around the neighborhood from 7-11 to my building to the crack house next door, to the Yucca Market, just on and on….
I think to myself, what the FUCK are you up to you suspicious motherfucker?  They think they`re sneaky but they
“There is nothing before me
but a moment recovered tonight,
standing against a dream
that is dreamed of images all intertwined,
sculptured in permanence,
a moment torn from the zero of this night,
lifted up forcibly, feature by feature,
meanwhile, beyond it, time,
spilling its guts, hammering,
banging on the doors of my soul,
the world
with its blood-spattered calendar…”
Octavio Paz
Another Tom Brooks CLASSIC street encounter…
A sexy girl from Hungary pestering me on the Boulevard about photos and colors for educational books.  She said
she had lived in Mexico City for years writing these types of books or SOMETHING (to be honest, I wasn`t really
listening; I was looking at her titties, which were quite generously displayed…).  Anyhoo, she was altogether fascinating
but bizarre in her total and complete RANDOMNESS of subject matter.  I really couldn`t figure out quite what it was
she wanted, something about an interview, but why the fuck would she want to interview me?!?  I decided to tell a lie.
I told her I was a professor and then I baffled her with brilliance. There was WAY too much said for me to remember it
all here but I recall it being quite funny.  Oh, she got her “interview”, whatever the fuck THAT was about.  I told her
I was expecting an overseas phone call at home and walked away looking at my non-existent watch and laughing to myself….
what just happened there?  Who WAS that woman?
You get ALL types of random characters in Hollywood and no one EVER said that it has to make SENSE….
I`m sorry, were you talking?
“In the absence of light, darkness prevails…”
“Misty morning
don`t see no sun
I know you`re out there somewhere
having fun…”
Bob Marley
I was sitting relaxing on the Venice Canals, when a kindly old man came along, smiling.  We said good morning and he had
an accent (Yiddish?).  He stopped a little ways past me and then came back and gave me 50 cents in nickels and dimes.
I must REALLY look like a bum.  I said I really don`t need it but thank you so much, but he insisted very firmly with a grin
on his face all the while.  Well then, may the universe bless you, my good man.  I will pass on this coin change to someone
who actually needs it more than I.  I must look like a total scumbag…
One of my new favorite spots: Marina del Rey.  It`s close, nice for skateboarding and has some great secret spots…
I just found the tower and tropical oasis center of Mariner`s Village in Marina del Rey.  The recreation center has a library
that is all wood and stone with a roaring fireplace amongst the books.  Reminds me of a ski lodge.  All is silent.  No one
but me and one sexy babe swimming in the pool.  OH YES, I`ll be back here more often.  There is even a piano I can play.
It`s kind of getting gloomy out right now so I just sat in a giant oversized leather chair by the fireplace and read for awhile.
I was pretending that I was doing some research for my Ph.D. thesis in Oxford, England.
I really like nice people.  Perhaps because there are so few of them.
Later, so high, I almost left my book behind (“Riding the Iron Rooster” by Paul Theroux).  I would have been very upset
because it is a hell of a good book.  I was in a hurry because of the rule of the street, smoke and move, drink and move,
STICK IT AND MOVE, STICK IT AND MOVE.  If you linger to long in any one place, the POlice will come along and ruin
your mood…
What the fuck, baby blue?  I just saw the HOTTEST goddess (I say this not lightly or I wouldn`t bother to write it down)
I`ve seen in like a year.  UNBELIEVABLE.  She had a smile for me and she was walking down Via Dolce in Venice
with a turquoise sweatsuit top and white hot pants shorts.  She had long brown hair and vivid, emerald green eyes.  Well,
that`s it, my day is made.  I`m moving down here.
I just saw an EXACT Burt Reynolds lookalike outside El Tarasco in Venice….a dead ringer; could`ve been him for all I know.
No, it was a young Burt Reynolds…
I just bought some prayer beads that I WAS TOLD were blessed by Tibetan monks in a monastery high in the sacred Himalayas
but somehow I`m sure that they were made in a sweatshop in East LA.  I liked `em anyway.  I also got a pipe from the lady
I`ve been going to for years for a nice price along with a rasta wristband and a statuette of Ganesh.  Today is laced with
goodwill and I can`t help but do a little shopping for knickknacks….
Watching two sexy ladies grunting and squealing with exertion as they play tennis while I drink a beer and smoke some herb…
Cute and aggressive little squirrel, probably carrying the flea with the Black Plague like most LA squirrels, circling me, looking for food…
“like a squirrel on amphetamines….
like a flea on a hot plate….”
Tom McIntyre  (a friend in high school describing me…)
Best Metro Bus Driver EVER…
An African dude, he positively SLAMMED on the brakes and rode the horn aggressively at least 3 times and YELLED at a bitch
in a white BMW who was yapping on a cell phone.  Personally, I couldn`t stop laughing.  This guy`s a fucking time bomb….
“After all is said and done
gotta move while it`s still fun
gonna walk before they make me run…”
Keith Richards
The Rolling Stones
5/5/04  Solo mission to the Renaissance Hotel
they were playing Miles Davis and Coltrane`s “Kind of Blue” and I couldn`t have been more relaxed…
Blake St. John     EXPOSO THE CLOWN
Cinco de Mayo….all of us drunken friends… Derek goes to 7/11 in his boxer underwear….
I think that was a relief compared to Blake being butt-ass nekkid up in there…..Those guys
at that 7-11 have seen us in every feasible condition on every drug we can lay our mitts on….
We love them `cause they are cool and they sell us beer no matter how stupid we are, which
is pretty goddamned stupid….
“April is the cruelest month
lilacs out of the dead land,
memory and desire
dull roots with spring rain.”
T.S. Eliot
“The Wasteland”
I still can`t remember much of anything about the last two drunken days.  I know that the poem
that precedes this is in the WRONG month and I have no idea how the FUCK I had the presence
of mind to get THAT down in the midst of all the CHAOS.  I am injured though;  multiple contusions,
and abrasions, a swollen nose and a bump on my head….yes, I MUST HAVE HAD A GREAT TIME…
5/6/04 10:38pm
I do remember one thing though; rooftop, as usual…a blood-red moon rising just to the left of a glittering
downtown LA and the eerie glow of the night clouds….
“The most resourceful storytellers are the ones who avoid a particular story, the only real story the teller
has; the very avoidance of it is the reason for the other, wilder tales.  The source of fantastic narrative
is often this secret, the fantasist using a concealment to hint at the truth, but always skirting the fundamental
story.  Or the stories may not be bizarre, but numerous and various, for the same reason.  This is one
ritual of creation.”
Paul Theroux
“The Stranger at the Palazzo d`Oro”
5/7/04   Midnight
The moon glowing behind night clouds describing lacy patterns
across an otherwise darkened night sky…
Old funny terms from shows like “Happy Days”
and “Welcome Back, Kotter”
“up ya nose with a rubber hose…”
“sit on it”
Great name for an unwritten story;
” `I could bring you down,` he was saying.  But he was wrong, for I had arrived
in Taormina with nothing and it made no difference to me if I left the same way.
I could not be reduced, for I came from nowhere.  I was strengthened by that
thought.  Having nothing to lose, I felt indestructible.
Paul Theroux
“The Stranger at the Palazzo d`Oro”
I hate to get into the vain realm of self-praise (no I don`t) but I have to say,
I just love the way I toss coins on the street like trash.  They weigh me down.
It is a dismissing gesture of contempt.  I like to think that I am above concerning
myself with cents, even though I am poor.  Although we all need money to live,
it really doesn`t mean a damn thing to me…
easy come, easy go
I`m listening to the radio, 88.1 FM, and what do they play?  Jazz and Bukowski
spoken words.  What could be more perfect?
for some random reason, I was just remembering my old orange AM transistor radio with
one white earplug that I used to go to bed listening to when I was like 9 years old…
The key is to stay calm and cool,
even in the face of chaos…
There goes the neighborhood!!
See?  I`m still calm.
“The way I write things, they are just a clash between reality and fantasy.  You have
to use fantasy to show different sides of reality…”
Jimi Hendrix
“If you know where it`s going, it`s not worth doing.”
Frank Gehry
“The life of the Artist is not about making sure it`s successful; just fruitful.”
May 8, 2004  Saturday Night, until 1am on May 9, 2004
I am hiding tonight.  It is now 10pm.  I am drinking beer and reading and thinking.
I am reflecting upon my life up to this point.  It will soon be my 35th birthday.
It has been fun…a thrillride, really.  I would like it to continue for quite a while yet…
Hundreds of white balloons set loose over nighttime Hollywood just twenty minutes
before the midnight hour.  It looked like a strange floating flock of night birds rising
into the darkness.
Midnight, 5/9  Happy Birthday to Me……35 years.  SHIT.
I raise a drink to the black night sky
This one`s for ME
for my successes and failures
for what I have done
and what I shall do
for what I probably shouldn`t have done
and what I likely will do in the future
For art I`ve created
and that which is to come
For the unknown purpose
to which I owe my existence
in this world
Yet again, the mysteries,
always wondering
always intrigued….
For all these things,
This one`s for the universe
and the wheels of fate and time
This one`s for the bountiful gifts
you have given me
and even the pain.
from my heart, soul, and mind,
First song I heard on 5/9….”Blackbird” by the Beatles….
“All your life, you were only waiting for this moment to be free…”
“There was never a period in my life when I wasn`t having fun.”
Bill Clinton
St. Jude, Patron Saint of Lost Causes…..
we could use him around HERE most nights….!
No, forget it; he would just end up sitting around
with the rest of us, drinking until he dropped…
” `They`ve put a curse on you.`
`They`re a little late.` “
“His art is death and he`s about to paint his masterpiece.”
” `The Bible says to forgive.`
`Forgiveness is between them and God.  It`s my job to arrange the meeting.` “
” `Do you think God will forgive us for what we`ve done?`
`Me neither.` “
” `Where are you going?`
`I`m going home to Blue Bayou…` “
“Man on Fire”
“Revenge is a dish best served cold…”
although hot is fine too….
My will to live MY type of life is very strong..
“Good morning Miss Moneypenny…
now put on your knickers and get the fuck out of my house…”
James Bond  007
bet you never saw THAT one….
I can`t keep a straight face anymore.  I am living in a lunatic asylum.
I can`t tell the doctors from the patients.  We are all chasing the cheese
through a maze of chaos and despair and immersing ourselves in
shock treatment for FUN, NOT out of necessity….
5/9  8:30pm
Had a crazy, near-suicidal skateboard run all through the Hollywood streets,
up and down, here and there, FULL SPEED, just too prove to myself that I
am still indestructible at 35.  I AM.
“Once there was a way to get back HOME…”
The Beatles
Possible titles for my book about living with David Bateman:
Full Moon, Empty Head
The Incredible Shrinking Brain
Did You Know Stupidity is Contagious?
Life With Horseface
My timing is always perfect  (perhaps, disturbingly so…)
“Many men have lived this.  The woman that arouses our sexual passion–
weak, pretty, submissive, childlike–is nearly always the opposite of the
woman we want to live with, who is strong, undemanding, motherly and
Paul Theroux
To me, it is always amusing to watch that one particularly large and aggressive
bluebird in my secret spot in Runyon Canyon, gliding through the trees today
with 2 big cheddar and sour cream Ruffles in his beak.  For no good reason,
(always the best one) I have named him Roy.  The whole city below could lie
in fiery ruins and Roy would still be up here in the cool shade of the canyon,
flitting through the trees and foraging….
“I got my finga on the trigga
and niggas wonda why
cause livin in da city
it`s do or die…”
Broke my own no headphones while skateboarding rule today.
I just couldn`t help it; I was flying down a street lined with purple
flowering trees listening to Toots and the Maytals, “Pressure Drop.”
Today is for hearing purity in the music of the city, in sights and sounds,
in visual detail.  No headphones, no books that distract, that call to mind
other places, parallel universes.  Just pure thought, clear and straight
with velocity like a bullet of words; paradoxically, floating free, light as
a feather.  Armed with my camera and some black and white film, I stalk
the streets of Downtown Lost Angeles, coiled like a snake; crouched like
a jaguar; gliding like a hawk; watching like an owl.  I see everything.
I listen.  The City envelops me in its maelstrom.  I am one with it….
I just gave some directions to some Euros downtown on how to get to Rodeo
Drive.  Boy, are you fuckers lost!  I love the way the English say, “cheers,”
by way of goodbye…
We are born naked
we live naked
we die naked
material possessions are nothing.
At your death, all you will have left
are the memories of HOW YOU`VE LIVED YOUR LIFE…
“It`s a good thing that time is a light, because so much of life is mumbling shadows
and the future is just silence and darkness.  But time passes, time`s torch illuminates,
it finds connections, it makes sense of confusion, it reveals the truth.  And you hardly
know the oddness of life until you have lived a little.  THEN you get it.  You are older,
looking back.  For a period you understand and can say, I see it all clearly.  I remember everything.”
Paul Theroux
“Sir Vidia`s Shadow”
i`m gonna round off your pointy little head
I love calling people EARLY in the morning with my almost sickening, cheery, positive energy,
and just….making `em mad…..HA HA……YOU CAN`T STOP THIS…..
You`ll just have to kill me.
And I`m sure you may have considered it.
At a nightclub with a great number of beautiful girls…..
huh, huh, huh, I wanna fuck everybody, huh….huh, huh….
regarding writing stories…
“Don`t prettify it.  The greatest writing is a disturbing vision offered from a
position of strength–aspire to that.  Tell the truth.”
V.S. Naipaul
The people hire the politicians so that the people can…
1) obtain security without managing it
2) obtain action without thinking about it
3) inflict theft, injury, and death upon others without having to contemplate either life or death
4) avoid responsibility for their own intentions
5) obtain the benefit of reality and science without exerting themselves in the discipline of facing or learning either of these things
“Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars”    from “Behold a Pale Horse”  by William Cooper
Don`t worry about my excesses….
my vices fuel the fire….
25 years later and Bob Marley still speaks to me…..”Uprising” on a morning bus and my heart is filled with joy…
“You going down there tonight?”
I don`t care I don`t care WHATEVER….
Santa Monica at Dawn
My favorite parking structure skateboard run….FLYING full speed, baby, listening to Marley “Zion Train”.
An experience like this cannot be described to those who have not lived it.
The smell of fresh-cut grass, salt wind from the sea, glare of the morning sun on my face, shade
of the trees, sprinklers….the timing of the music in my headphones always seems to be just
perfect.  It gives a blessed rhythm to my day, a steady beat, a soundtrack, if you will.
“fly away to Zion, fly away HOME….”
When I am at the beach, I AM HOME.
Did you know that they just made smoking on the beach illegal in Santa Monica?!?  I just saw a 6 foot
by 9 foot rectangle of white lines on the pier where smokers are supposed to stand and feel all
shady-like.  What the fuck is going on in the world?  We can drop bombs anywhere in the world
at a moments notice without a good reason but you can`t light up a smoke without getting a fat ticket….BULLSHIT!
Had a nice bike ride with Mom today through Venice.  She is the best and it was a pleasure….beautiful day.
“Everything always works out for me.  I`M EVEN STEVEN.”
Happiness is nice.
I don`t want to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence or insanity,
but it`s always worked for me.
Hunter S. Thompson
“If you sit by the river long enough,
you will see the body of your enemy float by.”
or SOMEONE`s body, anyhow….
SURROUNDED by ducks at the canals…..
Everybody can be who they truly are in Venice Beach
and that is why I love it.
It is a microcosm of the city.
“I`m standing next to a mountain
and I chop it down with the edge of my hand…”
Jimi Hendrix
“Voodoo Child (Slight Return)”
I heard a cop walk up to the dudes at the head shop
amongst all the bongs and pipes and ask the stoners
what the name of this Hendrix song is……CLASSIC!
so much love from the sexy girlies today in Venice
that I almost feel sorry for everyone else…..
“I`d rather be a free man in my grave,
than living as a puppet or a slave….”
Jimmy Cliff
“The Harder They Come”
 Everyone has their own story
but not everyone knows how to tell it…
“The gods envy us because we are mortal.
Everything is more beautiful because WE ARE DOOMED.
Every precious moment could be our last.
This moment, right now, will never happen again.”
 V.S. Naipaul  ” `This is an important book,` he said of his novel.
`These things have never been said.` “
Paul Theroux  “It`s just a book, I thought.  It amazed me he could talk
about his work so admiringly and with such fondness.  But I also thought:
I want to feel that respect about something I have written.  I want to value
it.  I want to have that confidence.  I want to invest all my intellect and my
effort in it.  I want to be rewarded.”
my fascination with decay and ruin as a topic for photographs
“You`re human, just like the rest of them.”
“It was the sort of obsession that writers develop about their art.  The origin
of this was that we all started out by wishing to be writers and by mimicking
what we had read.  Through work we eventually arrived at another level,
doing the sort of writing we didn`t really understand.  We became lost and
questioned the point of writing…”
Paul Theroux
“Oh, do shut up…”
say it with an English accent and it is funny…
“Tease me about my age and I`ll beat you with my cane…”
I have a certain strange feeling that I will never truly understand anything
(nor will you, smartass…)
V.S. Naipaul “I have been seriously wondering about fiction.
What is it now?  What can it be?”
Paul Theroux “What it has always been; A version of the truth.  And I think
that`s what non-fiction is too.”
“The world is what it is; men who are nothing, who allow themselves to
become nothing, have no place in it.”
V.S. Naipaul
“A Bend in the River”
I`m gonna need MORE action
and LESS talk…
“A little less conversation
a little more action,
all this aggravation
ain`t satisfaction…”
Elvis Presley
“…for a `genius`, you really fuckin` suck!..”
David Bateman and I having a funny cocaine argument.
He was right.  I am an asshole.
“I hurt myself today
to see if I still feel
I focused on the pain
the only thing that`s real
You can have it all
my empire of dirt
Everyone I know
goes away in the end…”
Trent Reznor
“I do not believe in accidents.  I cannot and will not accept the theory that long sequences
of unrelated accidents determine world events.  It is INCONCEIVABLE that those with
power and wealth would NOT band together with a common bond, a common interest,
and a long-range plan to decide and direct the future of the world.  For those with the
resources, to do otherwise would be totally irresponsible.  You can no longer turn your
head, ignore it, pretend it`s not true.  The time for action is NOW.  The Wolf is at the door.”
William Cooper
“Behold a Pale Horse”
(You know, this guy WAS shot by the police in Arizona>>>)
“I CHOSE nothing.  I was born and THIS IS WHAT I AM”
“There are no pacts between lions and men.”
“I bought a wastebasket and carried it home in a paperbag; then I threw the paperbag in the wastebasket.”
“I`m worried that drugs have made us more creative than we really are.”
Lily Tomlin
I`M SICK of all these maniac drivers trying to kill me when I`m skateboarding!
Being a pedestrian is extremely dangerous in LA.  I`m gonna start stabbin and burnin!
PILLAGE and PLUNDER like a goddamned viking…….!
It`s time for another episode of THIS COULD ONLY HAPPEN TO ME!!
So, I`m walking down Ivar when I am absolutely DUMBSTRUCK by twins, that`s right,
TWO Barbie-doll goddesses, identical from their vivid blue eyes down to the tips of
their little pink toes.  One can only wonder if their bushes are trimmed in the same
style and if their nipples are the same size and color as well.  They were wearing
matching miniskirt outfits and lime green high-heels.  They stopped me and asked
me for HKM productions because, OF COURSE, they were going for an audition.
YOU`RE HIRED!  I was tempted to take them to my casting couch but instead, I told
them where it was, made a witty comment to make them giggle which I`ve since
forgotten and sent them on their merry way.  Afterwards, I booked us all a suite
at the Four Seasons and ordered up some bottles of Dom Perignon and some
cocaine……ok, now I`m lying.  I`m in Fantasyland.  It was my dream but it slipped away….
When he`s out of pot, Horseface gets so desperate and depressed and bored
that he gets all stupid and angry and goes to bed at 8pm.  It`s not even dark yet….HA!!
Later, I got him some pot and woke him up.  He is now happy and watching wrestling on TV.
Everyone a spectator
no one a player…
Home base day….
12 pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon from CVS and painting on the roof….artistic output on Yucca….
oh, and some Kush herb (from India?  yeah, right…) good chronic anyway and positive vibes…
good reggae music too………Polston soon come…….oh, here he is now…..smoke the green, yessuh!!
A man is an illegal immigrant from El Salvador and after a long and arduous journey,
he gets to LA and the phone numbers and addresses he has for his long-lost family
are no longer correct.  He is now totally alone and a stranger in a strange land.
This is true and very sad….
Don`t you ever get tired of being wrong?
Odelay….keep doing what you`re doing…
“talking loud
saying nothing”
James Brown
stupid people are funny
everything you say is nonsense
think of it this way;
someday we`ll all
be dead.  This fact
should give us all
a nice sense of security.
said and done
said and done
solve your problems
with a gun….
dead men tell many tales
Well, that`s neither here nor there…
the untold story is the most powerful one….
the most intriguing, if you will….
Yeah, I need this right now about
as much as I need an asshole on elbow…
“See Willem, he admits that he doesn`t know the Law yet he
claims he`s innocent.  You`re quite right; you`ll never make
a man like that see reason.”
Franz Kafka
“The Trial”
Don`t be a VICTIM
” `I want world peace.`
`Ha, ha….oh yeah, me too;  I also want my pet unicorn
to give me a magical ride all the way to Candyland…` “
Homer Simpson
“Anger is the real destroyer of our good human qualities; an enemy
with a weapon cannot destroy these qualities, but anger can.  Anger
is truly our REAL enemy.”
the 14th Dalai Lama
Tenzin Gyatso
Yeah?  Well, I`m still angry…..
“No matter how wealthy we are,
we have only ten fingers on which to display our rings.”
Current Dalai Lama  (I really don`t know his name…?)
“if you are unable to exchange your happiness for the
suffering of other beings, you have no hope of attaining
Buddhahood, or even happiness in this present life….”
Dalai Lama
sounds like a cool name for a band, like a gang of robed mystics selling
acid-laced green tea or something….just standing around on a street corner in the Himalayas….
Today, I almost kept a baby raven that was squawking at me from just inches away,
but in all honesty, I just didn`t want to have to clean up his shit on a regular basis…..
Bateman; new nicknames for him
“It don`t mean nothin`
It don`t mean nothin`
DRIVE ON >>>>>>>”
Johnny Cash
I gotta confess:  I`m not even the SLIGHTEST bit worried about these
so-called “imminent attacks” by these A-rab terrorists.  Fuck it, yo….
I am just waiting for the white flash of light and then I can finally get
a good, uninterrupted night of sleep….
oh ok, tough guy: you think I`m just some skinny white boy who just fell off the pumpkin wagon?
I ought to STAB YOU on general principle….
A theatre full of people happily munching on popcorn and laughing while watching the near
end-of-the-world on the movie screen; HUGE natural disasters ultimately caused by our
own ignorance, in a movie called The Day After Tomorrow….
Oh Yes…..the water WILL run and wash away ALL the stupid things we have done….
You are breaking open whole new frontiers of spectacular stupidity.
As usual, it doesn`t even dignify a verbal response.
Just a quick note in my silly little book…..
“…he was always amused to think that most cellphone users had NO IDEA that every
time they made a call, a government listening post, if so inclined, could detect their
position to within ten feet anywhere on Earth–a small hitch cellphone companies failed
to advertise.”
A Pulse Snitch
“I know I`m surrounded by idiots, but do they have to keep proving it to me?”
Bruce Grogan
The nicest compliment one can get…..
“thanks for being you…..”
“I`m bored.  I can`t wait to get back to my bottle of rum.”
A Pirate in the Caribbean
“YO HO YO HO, a pirate`s life for me….”
classic bumper sticker seen on 6/2/04
If you charge the bull, you`re gonna get the horns….
The Wayfarer
I always get the funniest wrong numbers on my cellphone…..
“Is this Dynamite Demolition?”
I said, `….uh….if you want it to be……`
I just saw a 1 year old baby making a call on a cellphone!
The best solution is often the simplest one….
“Well there`s two trains a`runnin` but neither one`s for me….”
Jimi Hendrix
“Zion Train is coming our way…”
Bob Marley
“…That Old Devil Moon….”
stories within
“…blinded by our own vision….”
BATEMAN    ohmyfuckingod!
6/8/04…………..#301 and #309 will never be the same….
Blake and Derek move out of Yucca Estates and another era of our lives comes to an end….
riddle me this….
It`s not my fault, I`m not saying anything, call my lawyers….
“Definition of diplomacy:
the ability to tell people to go to hell
in such a way that they look forward to the trip….”
“Much Ado About Nothing”
The best title EVER from Shakespeare….
“in for a penny
in for a pound….”
funny shirt  Downtown LA 6/9/04
“If the right people had been in charge of Nixon`s funeral, his casket would have
been launched into one of those open-sewage canals that empty into the ocean
just south of Los Angeles.  He was a swine of a man and a jabbering dupe of a
president.  Nixon was so crooked that he needed servants to help him screw on
his pants every morning.  Even his funeral was illegal.  He was queer in the deepest
way.  His body should have been burned in a trash bin.”
Hunter S. Thompson
Rolling Stone, June 16, 1994
 These idiots have been working on the apartment building/crack house next door
 for so goddamned long now that you`d think they were building the fucking Taj Mahal….
“Mister, we deal in lead.”
Steve McQueen  “The Magnificent Seven”
“First come smiles, then lies; last is gunfire…”
“Roland”   “Dark Tower: Wolves of Calla”
by Stephen King
“I believe that what separates humanity from everything else in this world—spaghetti, binder paper,
deep-sea creatures, edelweiss, and Mt. McKinley—is that humanity alone has the capacity at any
given moment to commit all possible sins.  God is nowhere, God is nowhere, God is now here….”
Douglas Coupland
“Hey Nostradamus”
“Behold, I tell you a mystery, we shall not all sleep,  but we shall all be changed, in a moment, in the
twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet: for the trumpet will sound, and the dead will be raised imperishable,
and we shall be changed….”
1 Corinthians 15:51-52
“We are all of us born with a letter inside of us and only if we are true to ourselves, may we be allowed
to read it before we die.”
“I couldn`t help but be reminded of the sort of bleached Kodak snapshots taken decades ago and found
in shoeboxes in attics everywhere.  You know the type: all yellowed and filmy, always with a big faded
car in the background and fashions that look surprisingly hip.  When you see such photos, you can`t help
but wonder at just how sweet and sad and innocent all moments of life are rendered by the tripping of a
camera`s shutter, for at that point the future is still unknown and has yet to hurt us, and also for that brief
moment, our poses are accepted as honest.”
Douglas Coupland
“Generation X”
“Only the individual who is solitary is like a thing subject to profound laws, and if he goes out in the morning
that is just beginning or looks out into the evening that is full of things happening and if he FEELS what is
going on there, then his whole situation drops from him as from a dead man, although he stands in the very
midst of life….”
Rainier-Maria Rilke
“After the age of twenty-five, Scotch-taping magazine stuff to your walls is just plain scary…..”   HA!!
“You are not your ego.  Or are you?”
“You might not count in the New World Order.”
“I ramble.  I am human.  I am trapped inside of time.  Is the story over?  Does it ever end?  Perhaps I will
never know its ending or there will never be that last little moment that ties it all together.
Now: There is so much you don`t know about me–things I haven`t told you –for instance, that I do have a
family, that I believe there is a God, that I was once a child–and that I have fallen in love twice and that
neither time lasted.  But how much of this matters in the end if you are alone?  What is our memory?  What
is our history?  How much a part of us is the landscape, and how much are we a part of it?  As children, life
was charmed but without politics or religion.  It was the life of children of the children of the pioneers–life
AFTER God–a life of earthly salvation on the edge of heaven.  Perhaps this is the finest thing to which we
may aspire, the life of peace, the blurring between dream life and real life–and yet I find myself speaking
these words with a sense of doubt.  I think there was a trade-off somewhere along the line.  I think the price
we paid for our golden life was an inability to fully believe in love;  instead we gained an irony that scorched
everything it touched.  And I wonder if irony is the price we paid for the loss of God.
Now here is my secret:  I tell you with an openness of heart that I doubt I shall ever achieve again, so I pray
you are in a quiet room as you hear these words.  My secret is that I need God.  That I am sick and can no
longer make it alone.  I need God to help me give, because I no longer seem capable of giving; to help me
be kind: to help me love, as I seem beyond being able to love.  Hands, these hands that care, that mold,
these lips that speak the words, the words that can tell us we are whole….”
“The world was unbearably pretty.  I felt slightly high because of the beauty and the inside of my head tickled.
Is this how artists go through life, with all of its sensations tickling their craniums like a peacock feather?”
Douglas Coupland
Funniest sign ever! ….on Cahuenga just above Sunset at a locale always abused by taggers for their semi-illiterate scrawlings….
“I KNOW: why don`t you practice drawing sexy women instead of your name?  That way, you`ll be Real GOOD at it in prison
and you can draw her just above your cellmate`s ASS CRACK….
“God told me to skin you alive…..”
The Dead Kennedys
On my tombstone, the epitaph should say…..
Goodnight everyone……




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