By Tom H. Brooks 3


“If and when this book is published, dear reader, you can be sure
that the man who wrote it is long dead.”
Paul Auster
“The Book of Illusions”
My Tarot Card…
Prince of Swords: Young at heart, purely intellectual, full of ideas and designs, domineering,
intensely clever but unstable of purpose, with an elusive and elastic mind supporting various
and contradictory opinions…slays as fast as he creates.
River of Glass (Kill van Kull)
The edge of everything
forgotten piers
forgotten places
A peach sky of lonely twilight
purple waters
in waves like wine
The terminus of all that once was…
abandoned industry
rusting tanks
old wooden shipwrecks
rotting pilings jutting from the water
tumbled white boulders
covered in algae and oil
How many forgotten moments?
How many shattered dreams
of what might have been?
Rotting wood
the smell of rain
The waters flowing
that wash away the past
I sit silently
among blasted rocks
and apocalyptic visions
with a hollow heart
staring with distant eyes
at invisible horizons
closer    closer
I seek to know you
to understand what must be known
The waters murmur
the cicadas sing
the distant city howls
but all here lies suspended in time
The secrets still escape me
whispering quietly
outside my circle of thought
I call to you
symbolic meanings
music of the spheres
obscure revelations
I call to you
show your face to me
to the one who loves you
to the one who seeks you
“Call no man happy until he is dead…”
“I`ve always found it easier to apologize than to ask permission…”
David Polston (“Kojak”)
“I doubt anyone will hire me.  Employers sense in me a denial of their values.”
John Kennedy Toole
“A Confederacy of Dunces”
“The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things”
JT LeRoy (Laura Albert)
“The most immense thing about beauty is finding it gone…”
Charles Bukowski
“The moon
like a drunkard
falls on its face–
The City stretches out
in its alleys,
goes to sleep in the empty lots,
The City
has become lost in its outskirts.”
Octavio Paz
“I would rather be a superb meteor, every atom of me in magnificent glow,
than a sleepy and permanent planet.  The proper function of man is to LIVE,
not to exist.  I shall not waste my days in trying to prolong them.  I shall USE MY TIME.”
Jack London
“Perhaps the most revolting character the United States has ever produced is the Christian businessman.”
H.L. Mencken
“I`m busier than a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest…”
“A Sound Like Someone Trying Not to Make a Sound”
The Earth is Choking on Our Filth
rivers of shit
rotting corpses
toxic chemicals
open sores that fester
on our planet`s skin
She cries
with acid rain
She howls
with hurricane winds
She washes herself
with floods and monsoons
Her anger touches down
like tornadoes
and rolls over us
like a tsunami
and the rising tide
yes    yes
the waters WILL RUN
The skies are turbulent
with tattered clouds
like rags on a cosmic clothesline
flapping endlessly
across the great emptiness
while we sit below
for the sky to fall
the bomb to drop
the supervirus to spread
the enemy to land
the poison wind to blow
the ocean to rise up
and drown us
that would purify us all
by getting rid of us
sitting down here…
marinating in the stew
of our own ignorance
Idiocy made art
dreams made nightmares
Our end borne of our own
cruelty and indecency
to our brothers and sisters
and our Mother Earth…
The sky…..she cries for us all….
You don`t HAVE to listen to me,
but I strongly suggest that YOU DO…
“And he looked upon beauty,
and beauty touched his hand,
and he was as good as one dead…”
I`m still caught between the moon and New York City…
“The more contemptible his life, the more a man clings to it;
It thus becomes a protest, a retribution for every moment.”
Honore de Balzac
It`s colder than a witches tit out there…
“To the end, I will remain a child of Europe, of worry and shame.  I have no message of hope to
deliver.  For the west, I do not feel hatred.  At most I feel a great contempt.  I know only that
every single one of us reeks of selfishness, masochism and death.  We have created a system
in which it has simply become impossible TO LIVE, and what`s more, we continue to export it.”
“I myself was completely incompetent in matters of industrial production.  I was perfectly adapted
to the information age–that is to say, good for nothing.”
“The night was opaque, the silence also.”
Michel Houellebecq
” `Mr. Simpson, you have 24 hours to live.  If it`s any consolation, you will feel no pain until tomorrow
when your heart suddenly explodes.  You can expect to go through 5 stages before death…
Homer….`Well, you can forget that, `cause I`m not dying!`
Homer…`Why you, ##>>+***%###….!!!`
Homer…`What comes after fear, huh?  What comes after fear?`
Homer…`Doc, ya gotta get me outta this!`
`And finally, Acceptance…`
Homer…`Oh well, we all gotta go sometime…`
`Mr. Simpson, your progress astounds me…` “
The Simpsons
 “Living in a city of ever-present ghosts, as New York is–a city scarred by past and present violence but also
blessed with almost mystical regenerative powers–is to acknowledge the power of what some might see as
imperfection.  It is not imperfection.  It is a part of the endless transition that any living city must undergo.  And
it is why I have come to treasure the most potent and necessary part of any urban process: dereliction, desolation.
Cities regenerate themselves from their own scar tissue.  It might seem perverse to appreciate the scarring, but
perhaps this is just because it has the sweet attraction of the transitory.  There is no time to tire of evocative
desolation:  before you know it, it`s gone…”
Hugh Pearman
“In my first 30 years of life I roamed hundreds and thousands of miles, walked by rivers through deep green grass,
entered cities of boiling red dust, tried drugs, couldn`t make immortal, read books and wrote long poems on history.
Today I`m back at Cold Mountain, I`ll sleep by the creek and purify my ears…”
“Most people die with their music still locked up inside of them.”
“If it was not good, it was true; if it was not artistic, it was sincere;
if it was in bad taste, it was on the side of LIFE.”
“The world would only begin to get something of value from me the
moment I stopped being a serious member of society and became MYSELF.”
Henry Miller
“Pure nonsense, pure wisdom,
of someone who knows nothing;
and suddenly I saw the heavens
unfastened and open,
palpitating plantations
the darkness perforated,
riddled with arrows, fire and flowers,
the overpowering night,
the universe…
and I, tiny being,
drunk with the great starry void,
likeness, image of mystery,
I felt myself a pure part of the Abyss,
I wheeled with the stars
My heart broke loose with the wind…
And you were terrible of retort,
in the acid brilliance of your
electric language,
earthy verb
ever-present spark
which flashed from you
as if you were a fountain
like Cervantes,
the ancient belly laugh of rogues,
language like new-forged knives,
that language of yours didn`t come from books,
but now holding your own, your brilliant own,
a dazzle you drew from your earthly being,
a salty brilliance–you were the ancient
fruit of the streets themselves
a bright grape in the clusters of people.
And what has become of it,
where is that one time, love?
Now it is
the grave of a bird
a drop of black quartz
a chunk of wood eroded by the rain…
And that body which shone like the moon
in that remote southern spring…
what remains of it?
These hands which held
all clearness,
the murmur of the gentle river,
wide eyes in the wood,
like minerals in the night,
those feet of the young girl in my dreams,
Oh love
oh that first dawn light
of fierce noon with its spears
love taking the whole sky, drop by drop,
when the great ship of night
passes over the world,
like the burnt crystal of the topaz,
like the burn of the carnation,
like the metal which flashes under lightning,
and is swallowed by the lips of the night,
And I being born with your love,
with your tender love across my thirsty skin,
as if cascades of orange blossom,
amber and flour
had transgressed my being…
And from that very moment
I have carried you, my love,
even into oblivion,
across eroded times,
a marked aroma,
deep as song or honeysuckle
or sleep,
or the moon caught up in jasmine,
or the clover dawn
close to the water,
or the fullness of the earth
with its rivers,
or the delirium of flowers,
or sorrow,
or the pull of the magnet,
or the will of the shining sea
in its neverending dance…”
Pablo Neruda
There are no answers but the ones
we invent for ourselves…
Spring Street Lounge  (on the wall)
“You know who I never talk to anymore?
“When all`s said and done, the idea of the uniqueness of the individual is nothing more than a pompous
absurdity.  We remember our own lives, Schopenhauer wrote somewhere, a little better than a novel
we once read.  That`s about right: a little, no more.”
“So all in all, I didn`t agree, though I was aware, as always, that the discussion was pointless.”
“Anything can happen in life, especially nothing.”
Michel Houellebecq
A classic NYC scene in Little Italy…
a slicked-back-hair fiftysomething guy with a mustache sitting in a beautiful old tan rebuilt `57 Chevy listening
to Sinatra`s World on a String while watching the girls go by…
I`m literally watching a rainstorm approach over New Jersey….billowing inky-black clouds billowing over Hoboken,
forbidding, moving swiftly over the Hudson with a cold wind……BOOM…..!!!!!  and the thunder and lightning show begins…
in January?!?  Crazy!  Unusual, indeed….
Saw Sam Shepard at Fanelli`s in SOHO…
Oh, by the way, I work at LURE Fishbar in SOHO now, well, until tonight,
when the place caught on fucking fire!  It started on the 5th floor.  The
people just kept drinking like nothing was wrong until some firemen came in
and got pissed off.  This one leader with a mustache snatched the martini
right out of some yuppie`s hand and broke it on the bar and said, “you people
wanna die?  Get the hell outta here!  Parties over!  This building is burning!”
Then the ceiling sprinklers came on.  I found money on one of my tables,
200 bucks,pocketed it, and went out drinking…..looks like I`ll have to find a new job…
 Yes, as a matter of fact, my time IS more valuable than yours.
Anytime could be the Last time…
“Are you anyone`s favorite person?”
Saw a big fat black guy sucking a big fat black chick`s flabby toes on the Staten Island Ferry….NASTY mofos!!
(It`s lucky I was buzzed or my head might have exploded…)
I contain suns
within me
Each day
I reinvent myself
create new worlds
pass through new dimensions
wheel in immense
There is a profound silence
a presence
emanating power
from the center that is nowhere
It is me
at the heart of the void
“After I was Thrown in the River and Before I Drowned”
“People Are Becoming Clouds”
a couple of great titles…
Inwood 1/24/06…in the enchanted glade in the forest….(“The Clove”)
I`m like St. Francis, surrounded by miniature black-and-white sparrow-like birds.
I crushed Cheez-Its in my hand and they started to land ON my hand, and eat.
Even a woodpecker showed up for a snack and landed on my hand.  It is almost
primeval, as if these little birds have never SEEN humans and don`t know danger.
Of course, I love these little birds, so I`m harmless…
This is my park, it always has been…there is a mysterious magnetism and connection
that holds and pulls me to this sacred place, a place that time and the city forgot.  It
is a special place for me, a magical wonderland, and it`s MINE–long before I ever
arrived here, it was waiting for me…
Grand Central Station…just close your eyes and LISTEN…..all the movement… can FEEL it…..
“Just a perfect day
drink sangria in the Park
and then later when it gets dark
we go home,
Just a perfect day
feed animals in the zoo
then later, a movie too
and then home
Oh it`s such a Perfect Day
I`m glad I spent it with you
Oh, such a Perfect Day,
You just keep me hanging on,
you just keep me hanging on…..
Just a perfect day
problems all left alone
you made me forget myself
I thought I was someone else
someone good…”
Lou Reed
“Roll, roll, roll,
Jordan River gonna roll…”
Burning Spear
“This train is bound to Glory…”
A McSorley`s Moment….
Pep the Bartender  “Thursday?!?  It`s WEDNESDAY, my friend…!”
Fat Barfly Regular Customer  “Really?!  No way!”
Pep  “Way.  What, were you on the wrong flight to nowhere?”
Barfly ” Yeah, I still got my bags…”
McSorley`s Moment 2  (If you haven`t been there, the walls are COVERED with classic OLD curiosities from old NYC…)
Tourist Customer “What`s your favorite artifact in here?”
Pep  “My paycheck.”
“He who speaks with an inattentive ear is a mute.”
Stephen King
After all the shit I`ve been through in life,
I want a HAPPY ENDING.  (Not the kind you may be thinking about, well, that too, but, that`s NOT what I`m talking about here…)
I want that elusive paradise, that happy love, that golden sunshine, that little cocktail served in coconut with a tiny umbrella in it….you get the picture…
“Three passions, simple but overwhelmingly strong, have governed my life: the longing for love, the search for knowledge, and an unbearable pity for
the suffering of humanity.”
Bertrand Russell
Jan 29,2006 (4704, Year of the Dog)
I love Chinese New Year in NYC!!  So vibrant, so exciting!  Chinatown is packed.  MTV CHINA from Shanghai is here…and a funny band, original
Chinatown bad boys, the Notorious MSG….HA!!  And also, a band called Stone Forest.
“Don`t worry about the train; there is always another one coming into the station.”
“One day this will all be yours…”
“We Join Spokes Together in a Wheel”
“I was looking for a quiet place to die.  Someone recommended Brooklyn and so the next morning I traveled over there to scope out the terrain.”
“I`ll see it when I believe it.”
Paul Auster
“Brooklyn Follies”
“Like truthless dreams, so are my joys expired,
And past return are all my dandled days,
My love misled, and fancy quite retired:
Of all which past, the sorrow only stays.”
Sir Walter Raleigh
“Farewell to the Court”
Tompkins Square, East Village
I sit quietly, observing us being ourselves…
humans; what strange and fascinating creatures…
“If you don`t have a dream,
then how you gonna have a dream come true?”
“Happy Talk”
“Thirsty and miserable
always wanting MORE!”
Black Flag
“…your pretty face is going to Hell !”
Iggy Pop and the Stooges
“Ill Communication”
the Beastie Boys
“oh, but I was so much older then,
I`m younger than that now…”
Bob Dylan
“My Back Pages”
2/2/06  7am
purple and pink sunrise in Coney Island
One of my favorite architecturally fascinating blocks in Lower Manhattan: East 4th St. at Avenue D…
I am always drawn to this spot and I don`t know why…
“The wind is the moon`s imagination wandering, it seeps through the cracks, ripples the grass, explores the unknown
of this city, my soul is my love`s imagination, how much do I love you? Imagine.”
Sometimes when I walk along the East River on a misty and mysterious night, I imagine a sinister boatman who would
ferry me across the water in a rickety rowboat for just a dollar and change…like Charon the Boatman over the River Styx
to the Land of the Dead…
I skirted the fringes of the old sanitarium on Roosevelt Island by night….SPOOKY SHIT, fuck this! I`ll be back in the daytime…
The worlds under the bridges…
If you can`t beat `em, join `em….
Didn`t you hear the latest news?!?  A HUGE chunk of ice from Antarctica the size of fucking AFRICA just broke off!
The oceans are gonna rise 500 feet when it hits warm water!  Everybody run!!
A giant neon sign of pulsating colors looms over Borden Street in Long Island City, Queens, flashing incessantly and changing
the character of the street with every color flash…
Lost in Queens………AGAIN……….found Mexican food, though, so everything is just fine……….
Greenpoint Cemetery, Brooklyn…I came upon my grave from a previous life!
I got as lost as I`ve ever been tonight (my built-in GPS seems to be malfunctioning).  I still don`t know
where the fuck I was, Brooklyn…Queens….Both?  Who cares?  I loved it….
46th Street…Bliss Street Station….Purple #7 Train….Queens?…..Land of the Dead……?  Somewhere beyond the edges of the known…….
“Miles Runs the Voodoo Down”
This song sums up my ride tonight PERFECTLY….
How appropriate that the bass on my radio rattles the coin change on my shelf during the song, “Big Rock Candy Mountain”
Like some abandoned post-modern Narnia, I sit amongst moss-covered logs and broken lampposts in a mouldering forest called “the Clove”
in Inwood.  I am enveloped in a very light misty rain as the amazingly friendly woodland creatures surround me once again.  Squirrels and
finches of Inwood forest welcome me into their fold and chirp and sing.  It is an enchanted wonderland indeed….and this is New York City!!
This must be what NYC was like before the Dutch came and ripped off the Indians….
dreaming………….the Tropics; so much to do, but only if you WANT to….
2/4/06  The New York Post
“Riding the subways has lately become a terrifying prospect.  Subway commuter numbers are down at least 100,000 people
every day as a rash of horrifying attacks have been constantly occuring.  The so-called `Mole People` or `CHUD`s, have
literally been holding up trains in various tunnels, by cutting electricity, by trickery, or by sheer violent force.  Most recently
the busy R line, the 6 line, and the F train have all been repeatedly attacked and, if this continues, it could very well bring
New York City to a standstill.
As the train is darkened, these horrible denizens of the underworld swarm into the subway cars and start slashing with razor
blades, knives and box-cutters and mutilating anyone in sight.  One woman was even carried away screaming into one of the
side tunnels in front of numerous onlookers who were frozen in fear.  City officials are scrambling to deal with this nightmarish
scenario but seem quite unsure as of what exactly to do.”
I wouldn`t trade my life for anything…
These moments make it all worthwhile…
Found some weird streets in Inwood….Payson and Beak
I just fell for the THOUSANDTH time on this fucking deathtrap called a skateboard.  I think I have re-broken
one or two of my easily breakable floating ribs and given myself numerous new bruises and abrasions.
I SLAMMED as they say.  I threw the board down and limped away.  Now I am home sulking, skateboardless.
I am thirty-six fucking years old and I DO NOT need to be breaking bones riding 35 mile INSANE rides from the
Bronx to Staten Island!  This is getting ridiculous!  I spent the whole summer of 2005 skateboarding inhuman
distances through all 5 boroughs of NYC.  I have been riding all my life with a smooth expertise speckled only
by the occassional fall and bloodshed.  I am just tired….tired of injuries, no doctors, self-diagnosis, the pain–FUCK
the pain!  I am retiring from skateboarding as of today.  It was a good run we had together, skateboard.  I am finished
with this shit!  Thanks for the good times and the PAIN!  Thousands of miles we`ve been together.  Adios, amigo…
(2 weeks later ;  Bought a new skateboard…OF COURSE!  The above was written in a temper tantrum fit of fury in the midst of an injury…)
Real Estate is the official religion of New York, and its god wears
a gray pin-striped suit and goes by the name of CASH.
“One should never underestimate the power of books.”
“I stepped out into the cool morning air and I felt so glad to be alive, I wanted to scream.  Overhead,
the sky was the bluest of pure deep blues.  When I stepped out onto the street, it was eight o`clock on
the morning of September 11, 2001–just 46 minutes before the first plane crashed into the North Tower
of the World Trade Center.  Just two hours after that, the smoke of three thousand incinerated bodies
would drift toward Brooklyn and come pouring down on us in a white cloud of ashes and death.
But for now, it was still 8 o`clock, and as I walked along under that brilliant blue sky, I was happy, my friends,
as happy as any man who had ever lived.”
Paul Auster
“Brooklyn Follies”
 “I was ready to engage in any way with someone who wanted me dead.  I was alone and reckless
and both passive and quick to fury.  It was a beautiful time, everything electric and hideous.”
Dave Eggers
“How We Are Hungry”
Chiharu, my love, is a real sweetheart.  She helps make me a better man.
She makes me want to TRY again…
I want to find $uccess for HER even more than for myself…
I fucking HATE this new restaurant I`m working at SO MUCH, words cannot describe.  BLT FISH (BLT FUCK)
can go to hell and die.  2 months and I`m out!  They talk to us like we`re children.  I can`t wait for LURE to re-open.
I cannot STAND it when people talk to ME like I don`t understand….these fucking cretins…..I got your brains
around the outside rim of my bunghole.  BORING!  It`s like being in a cage.  Every minute is an hour….OMG, it`s
only 6:10pm and it feels like I`ve been here for 24 hours already!  I am dying, seriously.  I am in excruciating mental
pain right now….I`m smothering….I can`t breathe……aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just can`t act like this, so boring, so restrained…it is a DENIAL OF LIFE!!   YAY!  Phony smiles all around!
I have to be ME.  I refuse to change for anyone, ESPECIALLY a stupid job.  This kind of work can kill your spirit
if you let it, but you know I WON`T let it.
I wish I was in Oaxaca…
(A rollicking review, eh?  My first week at this place was a nightmare.  I was working on the third floor in the `fancy`
seafood joint, listening to the temper tantrums of the snooty Frenchman, Laurent Tourondel and the smug, know-it-allness
of Mathieu Palombino {you KNOW him, Timbo!}.  After that week, I was able to get myself transferred down to the
first floor fish shack, a much more casual place that I was more suited for.  Eventually, I became manager in one
of the most startling rags-to-riches stories in recent history.  Now you KNOW I`m being sarcastic.  Anyway, it was
better, I made good money and met a lot of characters and had a good time in general.  AFTER THAT FIRST WEEK.)
In every restaurant I`ve ever worked in, I end up getting along with the back-of-the-house staff the best, Mexicans, Bangladeshis,
Indonesians–THIS never fails to happen.
It actually hurts my back to stand this stiff all night.  FUCK DIS SHIT, YO!!
Some of the employees upstairs at this place are sadder than whipped dogs–it`s as if they all LIKE being yelled at,
as if it`s the natural state of things!
I`m so tired of pretending I care.
Life`s too short to be this boring.
Re-reading “A Season in Hell”  could never be more appropriate…
NYC street graffiti….
Stencilled Fighter Jet….
“The problem is that we view writing as a luxury, something special to allow ourselves as
soon as we`ve taken care of the countless nagging duties that SEEM to come first.  Well,
I`ve got news for you.  It really works the other way.  Once you put the writing first, the
rest of your life will fall into place.”
Sue Grafton
 Ahhh, downstairs at BLT Fish in the fish shack….MUCH BETTER….casual, the Ramones, “I Wanna Be Sedated” playing on the speakers, a good sign…..
I really can`t stand people who spend their whole night in a restaurant playing with their fucking cellphones and Blackberries…..
Upstairs at this restaurant, I was like a bull in a china shop, like a piranha in a goldfish tank….a LOOSE CANNON….
Nothing is good for us; everything is killing us…
2/11/06  Blizzard Walk
bats in the belfry
You don`t take Canadian money here?  What kind of clip joint is this?
“Thank you for letting me be myself again…”
Sly Stone
“East Broadway Rundown”  Jazz by Sonny Rollins….recorded May 9, 1966…LISTEN TO IT!
“Human, All Too Human”
“Every day we slaughter our finest impulses.  That is why we get a heartache when we read those lines written by the hand of a master and recognize them as
our own, as the tender shoots which we stifled because we lacked the faith to believe in our own powers, our own criterion of truth and beauty.  Every man, when
he gets quiet, when he becomes desperately honest with himself, is capable of uttering profound truths.  We all derive from the same source.  There is no mystery
about the origin of things.  We are all part of creation, all kings, all poets, all musicians; we have only to open up, only to discover what is already there.”
Henry Miller
2/14/06  Valentine`s Day with Chiharu at a quiet little bar on Church Street in Tribeca.  We have been together for about a year now and she is a great woman,
so cute….she set her bangs on fire with a candle and her face and reaction were just CLASSIC.
“Romance is a fool`s pleasure,
pleasure is a fool`s gold,
gold is an expensive solution,
when romance is bought and SOLD.”
Daniel Newman
in a painting “Dance With Anne V”
Friday 2/17/06
WINDY, no day for a hat.  My new black pimp hat, a  Valentine`s Day gift from Chiharu, blew off, tumbled rapidly across Bleecker Street, was run over by a cab,
and I almost got killed in traffic trying to retrieve it.  I just managed to grab it before it settled under an oily parked car.  Amazingly, it survived intact.
(I later gave that same hat to YOU, BLAKE…you see?  It`s got a checkered past, a history, as it were…)
“Swing Low, Sweet Chariot…”
I`m sorry.  You must have, once again, mistaken me for SOMEONE WHO GIVES A SHIT WHAT YOU THINK.
“Fable for Another Time”
“He`s a walking contradiction,
partly truth and partly fiction,
taking every wrong direction
on his lonely way back home.”
Kris Kristofferson
“The Pilgrim”
Chris Pontius of “Jackass”, dressed up in red tights and a body suit with horns like a red devil, also known as Satan…he`s running around downtown LA….
“Keep God out of California!  All those things you`ve read about me in that book you read…they`re all lies!
I`m just here to clear my name.  I`m really a pretty nice guy if you get to know me….”
You have to see it to get the full experience…
“…better to be stoned in the plaza
than to turn the mill
that squeezes out the juice of life,
that turns eternity into empty hours,
minutes into prisons,
and time into copper coins
and abstract shit…”
Octavio Paz
6 piece bluegrass group outta Nashville…the Stringdusters at the Parkside Lounge in East Village…….badass….
Lucy`s, a true classic on Ave A at St. Mark`s Place.  Loren Crawford met me there.  The bartender is an old, sweet little Polish woman and a CHARACTER…
Friday 2/24/06  I year anniversary with Chiharu….I year ago we met at Lorelei German restaurant and bar on Rivington across from Freeman`s…
I was thinking how happy it makes me to see Chiharu happy….that, my friends, is surely the definition of true love…
“Everywhere I look….I see your eyes…..”
“It is the springtime of our loving…”
FUCK DOUBLE SHIFTS.  I`d rather be on the Big Rock Candy Mountain…
Every time I read the newspaper, especially The New York Post, I just laugh my fucking ass off…
“The man is watching the smoke, and though there are many things he could do that day,
he will do none of them.”
“People are no more interesting than waves and mountains.”
Dave Eggers
“How We Are Hungry”
“Group of Identical Scientists Supports Cloning”
Hysterical humor is the new propaganda…go ahead, LAUGH at political humor.  Let`s face it, George Bush and Dick Cheney and company are bad;
they are like super villains in a 007 movie or “Austin Powers” but make no mistake about it, they are FUNNY!  They are really like comic book villains.
Keep laughing, how can we not?  Keep laughing….let`s laugh ourselves TO DEATH….
Walkin in da projects…
“You could live with the Chinese for 2 years and never understand them–what they were up to…”
Who said this?  It`s true, you know….so mysterious–all these hidden gambling houses, pai gao in laundromats,
disguised brothels, ambiguous tea parlors…..secretive…..Chinese……
(just a few short years later, I was to find out that ALL Asians are beyond our understanding as Westerners when I moved to Japan.  Our cultures
are just simply worlds apart.  To quote the writer, Pico Iyer….”unfathomable Japan…”  TRUE, so true….)
“I could have been looking at a DeChirico scene: the woman`s long shadow cutting across an empty street
and stretching toward me, but she herself in a place far removed from the bounds of my consciousness.”
Haruki Murakami
“The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle”
“I`ll never get outta this world alive…..”
Hank Williams   (I`m in my room, relaxing, and thinking at midnight on 2/27/06…)
“Is it possible, finally, for one human being to achieve perfect understanding of another?  We can invest enormous time and energy in serious
efforts to know another person, but in the end, how close are we able to come to that person`s essence?  We convince ourselves that we know
the other person well, but do we ever really know anything important about anyone?  I started thinking seriously about such things late at
night lying in bed next to her.  It was like a vast world I had never known.  I saw it as a big, dark room.  I was standing there holding a cigarette
lighter, its tiny flame showing me only the smallest part of the room.  Would I ever see the rest?  Or would I grow old and die without every really
knowing her?  If that was all that lay in store for me, then what was the point of this married life I was leading?  What was the point of my life at
all if I was spending it in bed with an unknown companion?”
Haruki Murakami
“The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle”
“The Misanthrope”
a painting by Pieter Bruegel
A customer from Brooklyn just said to me, “Don`t ever change, Tommy…”
Thank you, I WON`T….
East Village Joke Shop: I bought a “MR. T IN YOUR POCKET” talking keychain….
“quit your jibba jabba!”
“shut up fool!”
“Don`t make me mad!”
“don`t give me no backtalk, sucka!”
I gave Carmine at the Classic Coffee Shop a CLASSIC mix tape that I threw together just for him, knowing what he likes.
So now, his LES establishment of 30 years is cranking the masterful mix tape of yours truly….ME from Redondo Beach, CA…..somehow, it just seems great…..
“Why not a spidermonkey Jesus?”
Lower East Side stickers on the signs and walls….
Chiharu and I had a delicious lunch at the new La Esquina Mexican food joint in SOHO.  She said, “I know your favorite vegetable is french fried potatoes.  And grilled corn.”  What a
character.  I just love that girl.  She was right too.  She had an English class to attend.  I watched her walk away until she was a speck in the crowd and disappeared.
“The conclusion of a masterpiece, if I were to attain this, would be death.”
Salvador Dali



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