By Tom H. Brooks 3

EVERYTHING IS ALWAYS CHANGING………………………………………………………..

A Different Version of the Same Old Story…………
“…and I breathe in
the air ashes and destruction,
the long, solitary space
that surrounds me forever.
I would give this
giant sea wind
for your warm breath
heard in long nights
with no mixture of oblivion.
How many times
would I give up
this chorus of shadows
that I possess,
and the noise of
useless swords that is
heard in my heart,
and the bloody dove
that sits alone on my brow,
calling for vanished things,
vanished beings,
strangely inseparable
and lost…”
Pablo Neruda
May 25th, 2006; NYC
Giant military planes arc a badass curve repeatedly over St. George, Staten Island….
“Power corrupts and
absolute power
corrupts absolutely.”
George Orwell
Coney Island is a straight GHETTO.  However, there is no place on earth like Ruby`s on the Boardwalk…..5/25/06 at high noon….
“I`d rather be a free man in my grave,
than living as a puppet or a slave….”
Jimmy Cliff
The Blue Angels buzz Lady Liberty in their turbo jets, there are big Navy ships everywhere and there is quite a military presence for this Fleet Week, as always.
It`s kind of funny being on the ferry at midnight wearing a t-shirt with a pirate logo and heavily buzzed circulating amongst 200 or so Navy boys in their dress whites.
I can barely contain my laughter….
EVERYTHING we say in this day and age
seems somewhat redundant….
My OLD pot one-hitter pipe sneak-a-toke from MacDougal Street that I purchased in 1996 with Eric Blaum from Jersey, 10 years back…..I have travelled across America
with it and it has been everywhere with me; I abandon it to the four winds in Manhattan from whence it came.  I left it on a grave in Trinity Church graveyard with a death
date of 1785….
5/29/06 8am Memorial Day
Chiharu and I are dancing to Bob Marley and the Wailers “Sun is Shining” and smoking herb.  It feels like we are the ONLY people in the world
doing exactly this right now…and I suspect I may be right….
“If the fans think I can do everything I say I can do, then they`re crazier than I am…”
Cassius Clay
The ever-changing neighborhoods of NYC; when you find a place you like, enjoy it while you can,
because believe me, IT WON`T LAST.  I`ve been here like 2 years and I`m saying this!
So hip, you`re on the scene before there IS a scene…..
So `outsider art`, it`s like you don`t even exist….
Clinton south of Delancey is some RAW shit….LES DEEP, baby….
El Dar Restaurant at Ave A and 11th…..nice garden….
One voice
shouting into the void
one voice
whispering from the bottom of a well
one voice
screaming into a hollow wind
one voice
speaking to no one
     at the edge of everything
              at the end of time…
lingering on the fringes
walking alone through wastelands
where others fear to tread
seeking something more
in the midst of eternal chaos
Am I totally alone?
Most likely not
probably I will walk my road alone anyway
never knowing where it leads
until I get there
Never knowing
where I came from
or why I am here
or where it all ends…
one man
alone on his road
filled with uncertainties
unplanned for surprises
hazy beginnings
and unknown mysteries
that stack up like a pyramid to the sun….
NYC subway graffiti at City Hall R train station….
6/1/06  12:15am
FOGGIEST night ever on the ferry……black with a thick, white mist….soupy…..couldn`t see shit!
…and then, back on the island; the midnight mockingbird and the smell of gardenias….
In the entire history of the modern world, NO ONE has walked around with a virtual ART GALLERY
of photography in their pocket as I have on my cellphone.  I know it`s funny, you laugh, but seriously, you have NO IDEA…
6/1/01  high noon, Pleasant Plains, Staten Island…
not THAT pleasant…but better than working…
Hylan Blvd. in Pleasant Plains reminds me of PCH in Malibu with more trees…
I always suspect that places romanticized in myth (Paris, Rome, Venice…) are only such because certain writers chose to write
immortal novels that take place in their streets and cafes.  They are relentlessly glamorized and exaggerated in their beauty, an
artistic license, of course.  Now, I am NOT comparing fucking Staten Island to Venice, Italy….BUT……I am standing now on an
empty windswept stone beach next to a quiet blue bay of tranquility on this haunted island.  The waves lap at the shore, a heavy
fog/mist hangs in a crescent on the ocean`s green-blue horizon, sea birds wheel about above me in lazy spirals, the silence, the sea,
and me…it`s like I am standing at the edge of timelessness, to know the unknown, the edge of a continent, the edge of an era,
a place in time.  A life bygone, a million cries lost in the void, the repetition of spiral histories, everything–a changing festival of the
same old stories told a trillion different ways, a mob of riotous colors whirling together deliriously.  Storm the gates of the tower, the
ground rumbles, the flood gates are opened and the world teeters and spins on the carousel of time immemorial.  I stand here, that`s
right, on Staten fucking Island, at the edge of time and everything…..thinking of flowers and clouds and love and the nature of time
and space.  I stare at the deep, blue sea and ………….you, well… are very likely walking around SOHO in your trendy outfit….shopping
for things you don`t really need…..
Lemon Creek Park reminds me of Louisiana at Bay View Ave and Brokenshell Road….
I just dropped my skateboard and it landed right on the edge of a sewage water swamp of filthy brown-green milky colors.  I had to climb
down a rotten wooden pier that was crumbling into the water, clamber perilously close to the water`s edge through slippery poison red-clay
dirt and then wade through thorny bug-infested bramble bushes to get my trusty, precious Sector 9.  Oh yeah, I got it, baby.  I also got poison oak…
Seguine Ave. at Prince`s Bay…..John`s Sandbar….CLASSIC
northeast  “nice talkin to yous”
south       “nice talkin to ya`ll”
west coast “nice to talking to you guys”
Wolfe`s Pond Ravine
In the morning, our yard smells like the forest after a fresh summer rain…
Just rode down Hillside Ave with Chiharu off Van Duzer….like the Hollywood Hills without the glamor….
“everybody crazy, baby….we crazier, that`s all, that`s the secret…”
“Whatever appears on the television screen emerges as raw experience for those who watch it.  Therefore,
TV is reality, and reality is less than television…your reality is already half video hallucination.”
A consensual hallucination experienced daily by billions of legitimate operators, in every nation, by children being taught
mathematical concepts….a graphic representation of data abstracted from the banks of every computer in the human system.
Unthinkable complexity.  Lines of light ranged in the nonspace of the mind, clusters and constellations of data…like city lights, receding…”
William Gibson
“To be great is to be misunderstood.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson
40oz and a blunt before work helps
that nonsense drift by on a cloud of bliss…
6/4/06  2:43am
“you work two jobs right now, so sorry….”
A very common species in the NYC vicinity:
HOMO IDIOTOCUS  better known as crowd monkeys…
Those who sit RIGHT next to you when there are many other places to sit nearby;
in a broader context, those dummies that thoughtlessly invade your personal space
with no regard whatsoever….
NYC t-shirt
“How`s life treating ya?”
“Oh, it`s great, just the same as usual, life setting me up for my next great fall….”
on Ed Ruscha “…willed neutrality is his essence.  His slogans and trademarks shimmering on the warm day-glo Los Angeles
landscape, which once seemed ironic, are now reassuring advertisements for the postmodern condition.  Ruscha wants to
mirror the dream-like state which many people find typical of California living, to give the feeling there is no longer any hierarchy–
of ideas, emotions or events.  He is the essence of California cool.”
I just wanna find a way to get a piece of the pie for myself, that`s all….”get rich, or die tryin”, so to speak…..I want to travel and create, nothing less, nothing more….
“One can find in Los Angeles not only the high technology industrial complexes of the Silicon Valley and the erratic Sunbelt economy of Houston, but also the
far-reaching industrial decline and bankrupt urban neighborhoods of rustbelt Detroit or Cleveland.  There is a Boston in Los Angeles, a Lower Manhattan and
a South Bronx, a Sao Paolo and a Singapore.  There may be no other comparable urban region which presents so vividly such a composite assemblage and
articulation of urban restructuring processes.  Los Angeles seems to be conjugating the recent history of capitalist urbanization in virtually all its inflectional forms.”
Edward Soja
New Yourk
Lost Angeles
I`m sorry to say this, but so many old people smell like mothballs and death.
Maybe I`ll get there too.  I`m really looking forward to it.
…..number of the BEAST! HA!!  And I`m gonna go spend it in NEW JERSEY!!
Silver Lake, STATEN Island; I`m surrounded by metallic water under a slate-gray sky and wheeling, luminescent purple-blue birds…
Morningstar Road…riding across Bayonne Bridge across state lines to Bayonne, New Jersey…
Point of entry….West 4th and Margaret St….
Kicking it under the Jersey Turnpike (sounds like a little slice of heaven, doesn`t it?)
4:20 smoke in the rain in a graveyard in Jersey City by the train tracks.  Sitting at the grave of one, WINTERS;  can see NYC
skyscrapers from a new perspective.  A lost brown and white dog just walked by.  For the first time, I can see Lady Liberty`s ass.
Cherry`s Lounge Bar on Martin Luther King Boulevard  and Armstrong Ave in Jersey City…..SKETCHY area, seriously, I got the FUCK OUT….
you know you`re in a black ghetto neighborhood when there is a street named after M.L. King….reminds me of scenes from 007`s Live and Let Die,
except MORE dangerous…I keep thinking I`ll come across “Filet of Soul”….
Back in Bayonne…got a delicious slice of cheese pizza at 3 Brothers From Italy at West 25th and JFK Blvd, and it was only $1.35…..All pizza joints
in these Guido-towns are called “3 Brothers From Italy”, even if it`s NOT a franchise. If you added up all the brothers, it would be 16,666 Brothers From Italy!
Riding back over the bridge to Staten, a GIANT carship went right under me….
The Bayonne Bridge has a perilously thin bike path that seems to hover suspended high above the water, maybe… 180 feet?
Back in Staten at Clove Lakes Park….a dewy afternoon, the smell of gardenias, nostalgia of youth.  I think this may be my favorite park in all of NYC, even better than Inwood….
Took Chiharu to the Lake Club for dinner on the patio….
“…you know that old children`s tale from the sea?  Step into my office, `cause you`re fucking fired!”
“It`s like you`re dreaming of gorgonzola cheese when it`s clearly brie time, baby!”
There`s Something About Mary
Circus of Pain
Chiharu and I rode across Brooklyn; south, along water to Coney Island and back.
She is a little trooper….
Brooklyn, Carroll Street Bridge  1889
Canal Bar 270 3rd Ave, President and Union Street
Gowanus Canal………a very interesting area…..
Club 773  Coney Island Ave at Prospect Park
…then into the park where she and I have a drink and smoke at 4:20
Rain hits right when we get back to Staten Island…
Perfect timing as usual…
6/11/06 1:37am
full moon over Brooklyn and NY harbor…shining on the water, shimmering in a ghostly light….
there are fireworks tonight; both the ferry AND a cruise ship went AROUND Governor`s Island, unusual and amazing…
Classic altercation on the ferry between an angry gay man and a ferry crew member….something about his newspaper
trash flying all over in the wind; I couldn`t make heads or tails of it, to be honest; all I saw was this lispy queer
squealing and chasing papers around and 4 crew members and 3 cops…it was very funny but you had to be there…
How crazy are these troglodytic New Yorkers who pile by the millions, every day, elbow to elbow on these
hideously claustrophobic subway trains?  All this for what?  Overcrowded, too expensive, a potboiler, an
inferno of madness and chaos.  Some days I love it.  Some days I hate it.  Obviously, today is the latter
opinion.  I come from a big city and I always have the same mixed feeling about all big cities.  It seems
to be a real love/hate relationship.  I must admit, after being in that stinking subway car, I often long for
trains ABOVEground, on the open plains of America, across her deserts and over mountains, away from
the hordes of humanity that stink up cities with their filth and their noise pollution.  Yes, I will probably
change my tune again tomorrow.  No, there is nothing anyone can do about it.  I am a walking paradox
as I always have been.  I am afraid I will never be entirely satisfied with anything.  I am fascinated by
big cities but I often have a strong feeling that my final destiny lies somewhere else, away from the howling
mobs….(little did I know at this time how right I was…)
I spend 85% of my time in the city traveling to the EDGES, to the FRINGE.  You almost never find me
in Times Square or in busy shopping districts.  You will find me by the water, in strange and dangerous
neighborhoods, in the industrial wastelands at the outer limits…
“Who will guard the guards?”  (“Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?”)
Juvenal  “Satires”
NYC sticker graffiti;
6/13/06 4pm
Met up with the talented African-American artist, Lenny Stevens, at his studio/house on Monroe and Benzinger in St. George, Staten Island.
We had a nice conversation about many things.  He is a real first-class character.  My last visit I had poison oak.  This time he says, “How`s
your rash?”  He`s like 82 years old but seems about 55.  Then I went to Pizzalicious at Corson and Victory for a slab of sausage pizza…
Regarding the bullshit fakeness of work;  I`M ONLY NICE TO YOU BECAUSE I HAVE TO BE.
Nothing like an empty subway car when you`re drunk; you can yell or whatever you want…..YAAAAAAAAAAAAAKKKKKKKKK!!!  A V train car at 11pm…
Staten Island graffiti at Great Kills Station:
Great skateboarding run;  Barclay Avenue through Blue Heron Park in Annadale… excellent spot.  I was there.  This way to Palookaville.  Complete
the journeys….DON`T leave them unfinished.  I always do.  Went to an abandoned seaside village called Spanish Camp.
So many parts of Staten Island with broken walls, abandoned places and lush, overgrown greenery remind me of Narnia in the book Prince Caspian.
Now I`m standing at a coastal marsh in a duck-hunting hide in Tottenville.
Today it was St. George to Annadale to Tottenville by train, bus and skateboard.
White Castle  “What you crave”
Title of Village Voice article from 6/14
“When Did Staten Island Become So Cool?”
I was here first!
6/16  Working at BLT Fish……I wish I could shrink up into the wall and disappear…..
humans… MANY of us…….what the hell are we gonna do with ourselves?!
can`t tell fantasy from reality……
Old guy on the ferry, maybe 64 years old; musclebound with tattooed arms and a hat that says “Korea/Vietnam War Veteran”…..
looks like a tough, old bastard.  His weathered black t-shirt says….
“As the spirit wanes, the form appears.”
Charles Bukowski
BIG difference between the east and west coasts;
In New York, they put A LOT of ghetto projects by the ocean or the bay (examples: Coney Island, coastal Queens and Staten Island and the LES of Manhattan).
The rich are mostly centralized in the city money core of Manhattan….AWAY from the water.  On the west coast, they keep the poor inland, FAR away from the
sea, and the coast is inhabited by the rich and mostly white (examples: Malibu, Palos Verdes, Pacific Palisades, La Jolla).
Interesting……why is that?
Riding along the Verrazano Narrows at South Beach juncture….the sand and the sea, Coney Island Projects hazy on the horizon, an occasional helicopter, grayish sky,
and the errant drop of humidity rain.  One foot waves wash steadily at the shoreline, the birds are chirping in the lush forest behind me, the sun is a diamond behind a
misty veil, the ocean is a sheet of blue-gray glass, still and calm; mysterious and mesmerizing.  A plane drones across the sky far overhead and the sky is opened to
the sounds of the universe.  I am listening….
I am having a great time in NYC, but I tell ya, it has caused me to REALLY dislike the overload of large crowds……
Summer Solstice spent at that fucking fish shack….stuck all day….what a goddamned waste!
by the end of the day….GET ME AWAY FROM ALL THESE PEOPLE!!!
Oh yes, blissful solitude is what I seek…..
The day AFTER Summer Solstice, I am again on my beautiful, empty point at the Narrows.  I am thinking deeply about life.
I sense very strongly the circular patterns in everything, properties of roundness that encompass all that is our world.  Our lives,
everything is spherical, everything surrounds…..perspectives gained from lying on my back and staring at the blue dome of the
sky….globes of water, green trees and azure sky……molecules, atoms, quarks, electrons, neutrons, protons…..EVERYTHING–
spinning orbs of energy surrounding me with their whirling drones of meaninglessness, the music of the universe vibrating all around me….
I was REALLY HIGH when I wrote this^
The coolest, lightest summer rain ever….like the humid mountain air that tickles your skin anywhere in America……..
There is nothing left anymore but THIS moment in time, right now, still, frozen in amber;
This is the crystallization of meaning, of clarity;
This is where it all leads
This is where it all ends
This is where it all begins again
This moment of
pleasure and pain,
of ultimate freedom….
“Slavery was never eliminated…….
it was just EXPANDED to include 9/10 of the population.”
Charles Bukowski
Sometimes, “fighting the good fight” feels like an exercise in futility.
I feel like Sisyphus and that goddamned rock…..
Gay Pride 2006….I couldn`t help but see it.  It`s on my way to work up 5th Ave…..
“Seething city, saturated with dreams,
mysteries everywhere, run like sap”
Charles Baudelaire
6/28/06   BLT Fish  (Karl and Patty)
Even though I am manager, Karl palmed me a $20 bill tonight and said, “Do me a favor, I see you working harder than anyone
else in here.  Pocket this and don`t share it with anyone.”  Thanks, Karl.  You must not have seen me pounding those gin and tonics
from the bartender.
6/29/06  late night weirdness, super humid……
when it becomes 6/30 at midnight, I`m back on Staten.  Between T-storms, the windy night trees sound like a million banshees screaming
in the black void.  St. George is tinged with a silent, creeping menace; eerie shadows linger…..
7/2/06  8:30pm
An UNBELIEVABLE thunder and lightning show that will rival anything man could possibly do on the 4th of July……CRAZY>>>>>>>>
lightning OVER the setting sun that was VISIBLE, torrential downpours, tornado-like whirlwinds, menacing deep black sky….
Staten Island is nuts, you know, like Day After Tomorrow shit!
This is the second or third time I`ve seen a big ladybug on the rail of the ferry.  I guess they ride the ferry a lot……
Dada exhibit at MOMA….excellent…..go see it, before September 10th….
4th of July fireworks with Chiharu….we went up to our Staten Island rooftop with the excellent view, perched high above NY harbor.  It was a peach and lavender
sunset over New Jersey, container terminals in Bayonne glinting in the twilight….
later….GIANT timed firework explosions at 34th St, 14th St, and Battery Park surround NYC in a halo of explosive fire flowers.  I`ve never had a better view of
fireworks in a more surreal setting….best 4th ever…..unbelievable!
“I am alone among rickety substances,
the rain falls upon me and it seems like me,
like me with its madness alone in the dead world,
rejected as it falls and without persistent shape.”
Pablo Neruda
Orange full moon rising over Brooklyn….
Staten Island Ferry
Funniest New York Post headline ever….
“N.Y.P.D  JEW–
 NYPD hires first Hasidicop…”
check it out….it`s classic……
When you earnestly believe you can compensate for a lack
of skill by doubling your effort, there is no end to what you can`t do…”
“The purpose of your life might be
to serve as a warning to others.”
There are no stupid questions–BUT, there are A LOT of inquisitive idiots.”
“I`m gonna crimp your punill hairs!”
Despite my recent complaints about NYC crowds, I still love it.  I hate to admit it,
but in my business, crowds are my bread and butter, so to speak…
Classic NYC t-shirt….
Picture of old Prez Bush, lookin` stupid,
Another classic Staten solo ride.  I found a lot of new roads and cool spots.  Let`s see….rode through a HUGE Coast Guard
Homeland Security drill thing….all blocked off with cars…..I skateboarded right by like 40 of `em staring at me while they were
garbed in full-on gear and bulletproof vests.  I guess Homeland Security still needs a little work if I can just ride right in there….
what if I was wearing a bomb vest?  I just nonchalantly waved and kept going through Fort Wadsworth leaving them back there
slack-jawed.  Got to the beach and laid around for a while.  Rode by a 3-ring fucking circus in Oakwood Beach.  Seriously,
a CIRCUS.  Haven`t seen one of those in YEARS.  Carnies and scary clowns and the whole kit and caboodle.  It was called
“Cole Brothers Circus.”  And it WAS creepy.  I continued through New Dorp Beach, marsh, swamplands, and bayous.  Old Mill
Road, Kissam Rd., Guyon Rd….away from the beach again to St. George Ave. and then right on Lighthouse Rd.  Don`t forget
about Dragonfly Pond on St. George or the Cabin on Lighthouse.  Up, up, up….I went through Hollywood Hills-like houses and
mansions, lush greenery, houses on stilts, backyard swimming pools……Terrace Road became Meidner Rd and then Central.
Went by the abandoned mental hospital on Brielle Road to Manor Rd.  Through the Great Swamp, Bloodroot Valley, had some
pizza on Victory Blvd and then cut through Forest Ave and the Clove and Silver Lake Park.  Continued down Brighton and Jersey
Streets through the HOOD (Wu Tang Turf) and up Benzinger road to Westervelt to Hendricks and down Fort to Daniel Low Terrace,
our street……home sweet home……beer, herb, swim, exhaustion………
After all that, we had a killer Mexican taco dinner at my place on Victory Blvd…..
“`cause I am one hot little potato right now…”
Will Ferrell
August 15th to August 23rd…..Dave Polston is coming out for a visit……yessuh!
“you shouldn`t be on the phone right now.”  Steve  (asshole upstairs manager) at BLT Fish…
Me “oh, I`m sorry, I was just taking a call from your wife…”
name of my current photography phase
Mid July 2006
HOT night bike ride with Chiharu…down Hendricks past black folks and booming house parties, fire hydrant opened and
blasting water into the sickly humid night air.  We turned the corner onto Jersey Street and there was a HUGE fight;
I mean a riot……men, women, kids, all of `em screaming like monkeys, COMPLETE CHAOS….”Arrrrghhh, no Leroy,
don`t do it, boy!  She don`t know nothin`!  It was an accident!  Don`t be so crazy!  Arrrrrghh!!  ya ignant!!  Nooooooo!!”
We were already in the middle of it, we`re both totally scared but we couldn`t let it show.  I told Chiharu it was too late
to turn back…..JUST KEEP RIDING AND STAY CALM.  I was watching like a hawk to see that no one came near
her and we made it through.  Then we accelerated and got the FUCK out of there.  It was like bicycling through a
Hieronymus Bosch painting of hell filled with black folks.  What an adrenaline rush!  Staten Island by night is a strange
and dangerous place.  In contrast, Silver Lake was beautiful in the moonlight……
Needless to say, we took a different route home….
watched a beautiful thunder and lightning storm from the roof….SPECTACULAR…..never forget….
Stupid things I tend to do:
1) Skateboarding drunk
2) Riding my bike through hazardous ghetto areas at night (and bringing my girl….idiot!!)
3) Going to the roof in major lightning storms so I can get a closer look (watching the fireworks, so to speak…)
Night skating down Broadway…..left a dollar at an empty hot dog stand and took a bottled water….
The urinals on the Manhattan Side of the Staten Island Ferry say
City of Industry, California”
 The clever names for Marijuana I`ve been smoking recently….
Orion`s Mist
Ryan`s Fog
O`Brien`s Haze
Kelly`s Mist
Gaza Strip
bomb it so no one gets it…..
“It is like two bald men fighting over a comb.”
Jorge Luis Borges
If ANYONE in the city tries to talk to me about politics or religion or petitions or charities,
I just say, “Sprechen sie Deutsch?”
or ,”I`m Canadian,”  and they go away 95% of the time.  Otherwise, I just take off running….
I just accidentally interrupted a hot dog man as he was kneeling on a cardboard box (insta-prayer mat)
and praying towards Mecca… what?  I was fucking hungry….
“Nothing is sadder than the truly monstrous.”
Nathanel West
A mockingbird flying and chasing and pecking at a squirrel?  Now I`ve seen everything….
No, I haven`t….
Experience is the truest form of enlightenment
Met Jim in my building.  He is a Vietnam Vet.  He told me some amazing stories and he might be, perhaps, a little overly political for me.
Nonetheless, he is a really cool guy, smart and witty, and he has TONS of Staten Island historical anecdotes (he grew up here.)  Anyway,
he told me that our landlord/owner, Cocoa, is actually Michael J. Lazaroff, an old-school New York queen transsexual….I KNEW there was
something OFF about that old woman…..
Blonde Afro Ben from Indianapolis, Indiana…..staying for the summer at the old Victorian Mansion next door, built in 1883…..
The Set:
A hot and disgustingly humid day on Staten Island.  The streets are mostly empty.  A hot, oven-like wind from New Jersey to the west
blows old newspapers, flapping like dirty, gray pigeons across the burning asphalt.  Time stands motionless.  A fat, black woman walks
up the hill alone waving her flabby arms and screaming, “Praise Jesus!  Hallelujah!  Thank you, Lawd!  Thank ya, God!  Hallelujah!”
I don`t know what she`s thanking him for exactly but she seems quite serious in her praises.  It was an apocalyptic scene, to say the
least…..a vision not to be easily forgotten…..
I take it all in stride.  I just sit there by myself in the park, quietly smoking my herb.  The devil wind continues to howl……
Sometimes I get sentimental.  Alright, all the time….
Because I have a vivid imagination and I see things with an artist`s eye, things are burned into my memory as tiny paintings, photos, snippets
of conversation, and frankly, masterpieces of the Art that is Life.  I could pretty much reminisce fondly about any place I`ve ever lived or been…
Henry David Thoreau said, “I have traveled much in Concord” (Massachusetts)
I could say, I have traveled much in AMERICA.  (LA, NYC, New Orleans, Hawaii, Tennessee, Virginia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, New Mexico, Mexico…..etc……..)
I think I might be a little insane…..out of hand and unpredictably loony and I am loving every minute of it.  EVERYTHING is an adventure….
Big Mac attack at 6th Ave and 14th St……..soundtrack at McFuck`s is……..”summer breeze, makes me feel good….”
I had a late night cling-on on the ferry.  He wanted to be best friends, apparently, and he was really quite irritating, following me around
and yapping about nonsense.  Oh, but I turned the tables on him when I started up with some insane rantings and ravings; elongated
speeches on politics or religion or government conspiracies…….oh yeah, I drove him away alright, and I didn`t even have to throw him overboard…..
I`m sick of all those blowhards at the restaurant, slurping down oysters and flapping their lips about their pathetic, empty, inane, robot lives…..
7/29/06  MIDNIGHT
SPECTACULAR fall along East River….went F L Y I N G ^^^^^^^>>>>>>>>>________ off my skateboard…..
tumbled head over heels for like 16 fucking rolls!  After all that, I came out with only a cut on my elbow…..HA!!
I must have looked pretty fucked up, because a crack fiend offered me her spot on the back of the ferry, saying,
“You look like you could use a place to sit down!”
Then she proceeded to walk around in circles nearby, babbling incoherently and scratching at her sores…
Thanks for the seat, CRACKlin` Rosie….
I started to feel bad, but then I said to myself, FUCK IT!
I`ll never understand people that constantly wear the personalized sports jerseys of professional players…..what, they have no identity of their own?!
Oh, that`s right….OF COURSE NOT.
Home again, bleeding again, smoking again, smiling all the time…….101 Daniel Low Terrace 2B
                                                                                                   Staten Island, New York 10301
“Look thy last on all things lovely, every hour…”






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