By Tom H. Brooks 3

? + ? = ?        0x0=0           Nothing divided by nothing is still nothing…..and there`s nothing left to subtract…

…I think you get the point…
“The way to create Art
is to burn and destroy
ordinary concepts and to substitute
them with New Truths
that run down from the
top of the head
and out from the heart.”
Charles Bukowski
Kahlil Gibran
SYNERGY: combined interaction of elements, factors, etc., that are greater than the sum of their effects individually…
Everything`s already been done….
I`m just trying to put a new sick-ass twist on it…
Jim Morrison
10/23/07   6:30am  Santa Monica and Venice; Indian Summer….
There are wildfires EVERYWHERE this week…LA BURNS….
it seems the Apocalypse, you can feel the madness in the air.  I`m waiting for the second coming of Jesus the Messiah,
or pigs to fly or some such madness.  The sunrise was AMAZING.  Fires and smoke really do something for spectacular
sunrise and sunset spectacles.  It was a hazy purple, pink, electric-blue, smoky sky of fire….
I`m sitting on the Santa Monica Pier at 7:00am; just had a beautiful skateboard run down my 4th St. parking structure and
nonstop all the way down to where I sit now, all green lights.  Dave was right; “You can`t buy THAT in a pill.”  I`m watching
the surfers lazily ride the glassy swells in the surreal morning fire-light; the ferris wheel is in the foreground, rolling swells in
offshore winds, surfers like seals on the sun-dappled water while southern California burns all around us…
Dogtown Hill; a carving and ripping downhill run at 7:20am….
Venice Beach Dawn of the Dead  7:30am  (Rise of the Scumbags)
I skate along with a cigarette lit; “do you have an extra cigarette?” is uttered 25 times within a quarter mile or less.
Sometimes, I reply, “If I had an extra cigarette, I`d burn you a second asshole in your forehead before you could smoke it.”
Or maybe I say, “Disappear, scumbag.”  Or, I just ignore them and keep rolling swiftly by.  A black dude with GIANT hobbit feet
and pasty, crack-white lips shuffles along, chanting, “ONE, ONE, ONE, ONE, ONE,” in a guttural demon-growl.  Disturbing, yes?
Smoke is all around.  Out of the blue, a fat girl demands that I get her high.  I give her a cookie instead and tell her to get
some sleep.  A 6 foot 8 inch Viking of a motherfucker from Texas yells at me, “SKATEBOARD GUY, JOHN DEERE BELT
BUCKLE!  NOTHING RUNS LIKE A DEERE!!  HUH, HUH, HA, HA!!”  He is a malicious, scary beast, but I know I`m faster than him
(or I HOPE I am) so I shout, “FUCK YOU AND FUCK TEXAS!!”  And, of course, I take off, FULL SPEED>>>>>
Later, I almost break my arm ripping the mini skateboard park at the Venice graffiti walls.  I`m too old for this shit.  But,
still I ride, the cops give ME dirty looks, yet I`m surrounded by zombies.  I laugh and keep riding further south and east,
into the gradually ascending apocalyptic eye of the sun….
MOFOs…`s gonna be a HOT day…..
Last time I was down here, I saw sea lions.  This time, it`s a huge pod of dolphins…
Venice Beach t-shirt;
“Venice Beach;
Where Art meets Crime…”
The strangest thing about the Wind-Up Bird Alley in Venice Beach, is that it is ALWAYS empty.  In the hundreds of times
I have been here for a smoke and a beer, I have seen maybe….6 people, tops.  It`s usually just me….and a myriad of birds…
Hinano`s sign:
Went and talked to my African friend, Fred (from Kenya) at his store, “Gonzo Africa”
“journey to the end of the night”
A good epitaph:
I remember one time after Taco Surf, Chiharu said she was gonna have a “taco baby”…….HA!!
I`d love to sit here and blow sunshine up each other`s asses, but
“It`s ok if you blow sunshine up my ass…”
“Don`t piss on my back and tell me it`s raining…”
“LA without a car is like being in New York without legs.”
A Chiharu quote:
“I love you, honey.  You are taller than me, your eyes….ocean blue.
I love ocean.  You have artist hands and fingers…”
a CLASSIC t-shirt:
a real photo of Hunter S. Thompson as the bald badass sheriff in Colorado that says…
Copper is worth more than actual money nowadays.  People are stealing
old copper pipes and fittings from old houses.  The penny is THE COIN
to collect for a grim, resource-depleted future…..
Pennies melted into a GIANT PENNY …..”A penny for your thoughts….”
Quotes from my friend, Jean Edward (from Haiti)
“There`s a difference between poison and power, but
it is sometimes a very hard thing to distinguish…”
“4 years ago, I had a six pack (stomach);
now I got the whole liquor store.”
a t-shirt I want to make…..
“If the Pilgrims could see us now…”
Loren Crawford, a friend and I are going shooting up in the desert in Apple Valley…
we`re using a Ruger Red Label 12-gauge shotgun and it`s gonna be fucking great….
BEER and SHOOTING GUNS; what could be more fun?
I have good fucking aim…
I could have been an assassin…
11/3/07  an e-mail from Chiharu received at 12:15am….
“Follow your dream; don`t follow me–this is smart way..”
this is pure heartbreak
laughter is the best medicine
(but even that doesn`t always work…)
driving down broken boulevards
both rich and poor
everyone isolated
chasing dreams
that die when you die
chasing dreams
that mean nothing
when you have no one
to share them with…
Today`s Pig is Tomorrow`s Bacon”
Hunter S. Thompson
“I`ll kill ya and make ya famous…”
“How`s the amnesia?”
amnesia?  Oh, I forgot!!
Chiharu is back and I am so happy to be with her again…
Sunday 11/11/07
Chiharu and Tom; early Thanksgiving celebration together….beautiful……
Cheeky Chiharu and I for a Leo Carillo Dawn; spectacular sunrise.  I drove her
down here by going up the 101 Fwy and cutting up route 23 through the mountains.
I have photos of all of this…
We went up to OJAI to a place called Lake Casitas by taking the 33 north…
We had a late lunch at the Inn of the Seventh Ray in Topanga Canyon…
“See you on the Dark Side of the Moon…”
We spent the day in San Pedro on Cabrillo Beach until 3pm.  Then we took a coastal drive
to San Diego on PCH.  We had a beautiful sunset in San Clemente.  Then, we continued
Spent the night in Ocean Beach at the Ocean Villa Inn; just she and I, by the ocean….excellent…
Misty morning in Ocean Beach in our room above the sea, just my lovely wife and I…
TACO SURF!!!  Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!
The ULTIMATE in the Mexican food dining experience; best salsa in the world, no question about it….
Presidio Park, San Diego,  BEAUTIFUL….
Old Town; Chiharu with the laughing eyes…
Tweaker Mike`s t-shirt:
2 short weeks just FLY by; stupid fucking MS!!  Chiharu has to go back to Japan again for more medical treatment.
Stupid insanely EXPENSIVE American medical care system!  Stupid EVERYTHING!!
We take our farewell-for-now day trip…….
Cafe Verona at 2nd and La Brea
Cabrillo Beach
White`s Point picnic by the sea…
Drive over and around the Palos Verdes Peninsula
return to Cabrillo
Royal Palms sunset with 100 unusually FAT stray cats (somebody`s GOT to be feeding these fat felines…)
Chiharu, I love you, baby……see you soon….
As I drive Chiharu to the airport AGAIN, the first song that comes on the radio (101.1 fm) is Louis Armstrong, “What a Wonderful World”….
She and I had breakfast at Pann`s Original 50s diner, the classic one from “Pulp Fiction”….
10:23 to 10:30am; our last cellphone conversation for now….her flight is leaving right now.  This is so goddamned depressing.  I miss her already…
one more surprise call from her at 10:36 to 10:38…..I guess she`s already missing me too….she`s on the plane….waiting to take off; I really do love that girl….
Again, I watched her flight take off into the clouds at precisely 11:03am from Dockweiler Beach, United Flight 891…I`m a sentimental fool…….see you soon, my love….
I was teaching an English class at Nissin-Kogyo factory in Tomi City.  I am always bitching about the lack of Mexican food here
and they all laugh at me.  Bless their hearts, one of them (Atsuta) brought some “Death Sauce” from Costa Rica.  The bottle comes
with a little skull hanging around it and the label says “FEEL ALIVE”; this one has the jolokia pepper from India, one of the hottest
and spiciest in the world.  In their innocence and lack of Mexican food knowledge, they brought potato chips.  They don`t really know
about tortillas up here in the country either.  Anyway, I wasn’t gonna complain.  It was so nice of them to surprise me that way.  So,
I get right into it, taking a HUGE pour of the sauce on a big potato chip.  Delicious and hot as hell.  But I can take it.  Then Taketo
pours almost as much as me onto a potato chip.  If you could have seen his face when it registered the burn, it would have been branded
in your memory forever as it is in mine.  Priceless.  Shock, eyes bugging out and watering, deep breaths.  Running to the vending machine
for a drink.  You cannot imagine the comedy of watching everyone in turn try the hot sauce with potato chips, Takeru, Endo, Shinji, Yuki,
etc……hysterical.  Good kids though, every one of them….
The next morning, Chiharu and I took a walk through the forest beneath Mount Asama and laughed about my stories….
things are not perfect, but are they ever?  I am happy to be with her…
FLASH BACK to 2007 in Los Angeles:
Dockweiler Beach in El Segundo….
I love pelicans–the way they glide soundlessly just above the surface of the water, flying just in front of a breaking wave, wings just
almost touching the water, but not quite, the glassy water reflecting their image as they float across the ocean on a breeze…
1:25pm  Wind-Up Bird Alley sunbeam: Perfect solitude
Chiharu is chasing the sun………
“Most smart people tend to feel queasy when the conversation turns to things like `certain death` and `total failure` and the idea
of a `doomed generation.`  But not me.  I am comfortable with these themes.”
“In a nation ruled by swine, all pigs are upward-mobile–and the rest of us are fucked until we can put our acts together:  Not necessarily
to win, but mainly to keep from losing completely.  We owe that to ourselves and our crippled self-image as something better than a
nation of panicked sheep…but we owe it especially to our children, who will have to live with our loss and all its long-term consequences.”
Hunter S. Thompson
sea foam green…
Kern Canyon, CA
Hobo Fishing Trail
Sandy Flat Campground
“you move 16 tons and what do ya get?
another day older and deeper in debt…”
What an LA disgrace;  an ARMY of tow trucks and parking ticket FUCKS assaulting
all the cars in Hollywood on a Sunday fucking morning.  Lucky for me, I always read the signs….
The gang from Yucca Estates and I went down to Hollywood Blvd to see the LA Cop Parade,
oh, I`m sorry, I meant the CHRISTMAS Parade….it was fun, quite a spectacle.  However, before
you saw ANYTHING related to Christmas they had like 100 motorcycle policemen roaring down
the street on their motorcycles doing tricks and making sure that everyone knew they were there
and you`d better not get out of line.  We did get out of line, though, with our flasks of whiskey,
our marijuana etc….and then we went back to the compound to get into more night madness….
the cracking of a 24oz Budweiser…..still…..the sound of angels falling from heaven……
Korean Friendship Bell at dawn
sunrise shining upon the ocean in the mystical light
surrounded by a lonely garden above the sea
seagulls and crows
I saw a teardrop on a rose…
Averill Park  9th St. and Weymouth in San Pedro…
more madness at the Estates that night…..
So, I fell asleep in a bathtub full of water last night while listening to Peter Gabriel`s soundtrack
to The Last Temptation of Christ.  I was still drunk as a lord and high as a mofo when I woke up
hours later in FREEZING cold water in the middle of the night.  I laughed and laughed….
Jonny said “no more baths for you without a snorkel…”
“No YLEMS!  It scares the baby…”
“Well the only advice I have for you
is to get ahold of your own self…”
“Always look at her the way you look at her now, and you`ll always be in love.”
Gila Bend, Arizona
” `Allow me to introduce myself,
  I`m a man of wealth and taste…`
Not for me.  No mercy for a criminal freak in Las Vegas.  This place is like the Army:
the shark ethic prevails–eat the wounded.  In a closed society where everybody`s 
guilty, the only crime is getting caught.  In a world of thieves, the only final sin
is stupidity.
Hunter S. Thompson
“meet me at the bank of the beautiful river,
our journey has ended…”
Burning Spear
That scary Mexican dude character actor from all the Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez films
and “Triple X” came into El Tarasco in Venice Beach on Thursday, 11/29/07 at 4:30pm….
(His name is Danny Trejo, and I was to see him again about a year from this time in Marina del Rey;
he must live around here somewhere….he was talking to some Hollywood hotshots and I think they
were pitching him on “Breaking Bad” or “Sons of Anarchy” when I think about what I overheard, in
Driving south on the 110 fwy at high speed surrounded by skyscrapers and chaos while Iggy and the Stooges
scream “Search and Destroy”… THAT is something…….
“What did you guys do yesterday?”
Dave and I  “Oh, we just stood around in front of Victoria`s Secret, Hollywood and watched all the girls
come out with their nice, new, fresh, lacy panties……..”
” `cause I`m a million miles away,
and at the same time
I`m right here in your picture frame…”
Jimi Hendrix
“Voodoo Chile”
1:30 to 5am INSOMNIA
Insane dreams
loneliness and worry
separation anxiety
distant love in the darkness
across the vast ocean
of forever
severe insomnia
lying awake
thinking about EVERYTHING
the waking dreams
trash everywhere
broken things
windy night
rattling glass
like someone trying to get in
my second floor windows
flashing lights
extreme depression
night demons
tossing and turning
a feeling of utter despair
time for work
now I have to go pretend I care
Well, this should be just fucking GREAT…
“We`re killing people faster than we can make new enemies”
“War is terrorism with a bigger budget”
“Kill one, and it`s murder; kill thousands, and it`s foreign policy”
dark cloud followed by sunshine
My life is riddled
with useless ironies…
MacGyver can build an airplane out of chewed gum, rubber bands, paperclips, and cardboard,
but Chuck Norris can kill him with a single roundhouse kick to the face and take it…
Chuck Norris doesn`t read books, he just stares them down until he gets the information he wants.
Chuck Norris only masturbates to pictures of Chuck Norris.
Chuck Norris wasn`t birthed like a normal baby; instead, he punched his way out of his mother`s
womb.  Shortly thereafter, he grew a beard.
Chuck Norris doesn`t go hunting.  He goes killing.
“We may be through with the past,
but the past ain`t through with us.”
Paul Thomas Anderson
Dave and I, shady characters, dawn, Santa Monica piggly wiggly, “no lights on bike,”     “the sun`s coming up in 20 minutes!” we say…
whatever…..I`m writing on little pieces of paper, “admit one” and handing them out to the crazies like us…”what`s this?” they say;
“The instructions are simple; buy the ticket, take the ride….DO IT!”  they don`t know what to make of us, utter and complete bafflement.
Rent-a-cop watching us, “Why don`t you go take a donut break?!”  We ride off.  I know nothing.  Call my attorney.  That`ll never hold up in court without video.
See you in hell…..
“I just feel better
and it`s good to feel better
whenever you can
not needing a reason.”
Charles Bukowski
“I remembered Baudelaire`s warning that the city changes faster than the human heart.  I thought of my grandfather saying that `progress` was a zero-sum
game in which every improvement carried with it an equivalent loss and decided that the reverse was also true.”
Luc Sante
“My Lost City”
“A heart that`s
full up like
a landfill
A job
that slowly
kills you
that won`t heal…”
The mother of my children with the reason for my children!”
Homer Simpson
12/18/07  Hollywood
Safari Sam`s at Sunset and Western
A 3 piece band of cute Japanese chicks with burlesque dancers as an opener…..very performance art style, electro-pop….
“when you think of someone else, think of ME…”
The name of the band was Jean Paul Yamamoto  (you can find them on YouTube if you`re curious what the fuck I`m talking about…weird…
type in   “Man Automated” Jean Paul Yamamoto   …..this is the very show that I was at…….)  SASSY>>>>>>>
“…just like a Paper Tiger
torn apart by idle hands,
through the helter skelter morning,
fix yourself while you still can…
no more ashes to ashes,
no more cinders from the sky,
not all the laws of creation
could tell a dead man how to die…
looking through a broken diamond
to make the past what it should be…”
The Light
The moon bled tears
as the dirty palms
waved in the dark wind
their unheard song
of lost nights
and shattered glass
and booze-stained clouds
in a smothering blackness–
the valley of emptiness
the pit of despair
the heights of redemption
the depths of insanity–
Is that a light in the darkness?
Yes, it is….
and now I will use it
to light my pipe
and take another hit of the dream….
excerpt from a joke document composed by myself at Blake`s apartment on
another drunken night with the whole gang at Yucca Estates…it was called The Manifesto….
We believe in the power of Chaos,
in its ability to reign supreme
over everything we do, even when
we think we have control.
t-shirt idea from 12/21/07
“Out here there are no stars,
out here we is stoned,
Jim Morrison
mix a beer and a “Sparks” (Sparx?) whatever…
street lingo……”Sidewalk Slammer”
“Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground”
Jack White
“If you start out kinda depressed,
then everything`s kind of a pleasant surprise…”
“Say Anything”
Blake on Sunken City;
Me “Now you know where you can live if all else fails…”
Blake “Shit, I MIGHT fail all else….!”
“I put my pants on one leg at a time like everyone else, but when my
pants are on, I make gold records.  I`ve got a fever, and the only prescription is
Saturday Night Live
told me I was wrong
but I countered with
and then the A.D.D kicked in
and we all forgot
what we were arguing about
and we realized
for a moment
that all this nonsense
was taking us NOWHERE
as we uncapped the next bottle
chopped the next line
cracked the next beer
smoked the next joint
the vicious circle continues
and here we are again
at the fucking beginning
which as I`ve said before,
so maybe it all means something
after all……
(NOTHING conveys the madness of Yucca Estates as well as this……)
regarding Savannah, Georgia;
“I`ve been here 3 days and it`s just a shooting, but give it time.  This place is fantastic!
It`s like Gone With the Wind  on mescaline.  Listen to me; they walk imaginary pets here
on a fucking leash, ok?!?  And they`re all heavily armed and drunk.  New York is boring.
I`ll call ya later….”
“Truth, like Art, is in the eye of the beholder.  You believe what you choose.  I`ll believe what I KNOW.”
“Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”
“wanna have a beer?”
the first line that starts all the madness anew………
“wanna have a beer?”
I`d love to, but I drank my beers for today last night…
2007  Year of the Pig
2008  Year of the Rat
like I always say…it just gets better and better…
Ordained as a minister for the Universal Life Church Monastery
(going on the idea that I might be able to marry people if I were to move to Japan)
Reverend Thomas Henry Brooks 3       HA!!
Tony  “Fuck the future!”
Boss “No, Tony; you can`t fuck the future….the future fucks you!”
“Saturday Night Fever”
Well, you seem to know everything about me already…
why don`t I interview you and you can tell me all about myself?!?
“Not being able
to create Art,
they will not
understand Art”
Charles Bukowski
Sell crazy somewhere else, Jack;
we`re all stocked up here…
“How terrible is wisdom
when it does not profit the wise…”
“they say there`s just enough religion in the world
to make men hate one another,
but not enough to make them love…”
LA just west of Downtown;
Temple to Edgeware and a left on Carroll….
OLD Victorian Houses all over….amazing….
It`s called “Angelino Heights”
“I don`t have any stress at all.  If you can`t pay cash,
it means you`re not ready for it.  I never had a mortgage.
I count my blessings.”
Julius Shulman
97-year-old living legend
LA architectural photographer
(people should LISTEN to this man!)
2 executive assholes in MY private room at Phillipe`s French Dip, downtown, on a LAPTOP!
“A fool`s voice is known by a multitude of words.”
“All great things must first wear a terrifying and monstrous mask
in order to inscribe themselves on the hearts of humanity.”
Jim Morrison
Sunken City, San Pedro 7:59am 1/15/08
white bird
another sky dark
one more day doing my
before we know, it will be
(this crap makes no sense;  I`m gonna go lie down…)
I felt the vibe at the crumbled Sunken City….TIME TO GO…
but I lingered, because it`s hard to leave such a nice spot.
My mistake, because the whole goddamned LA Fire Department showed up,
no exaggeration, like 400 of `em, some kind of drill or something.  They
just looked at me as I suspiciously sidled out…
Sunken City, another magic place, slowly disappears behind me in the mists of time…
Gangs of New York Names lifted from the archives of REAL history from 1840 to 1920 (Luc Sante`s Low Life)
These names are fucking CLASSIC……(they used to call Doyers Street in modern day Chinatown “The Bloody Angle” because of all the killings….
The Shirt Tails                   The Five Pointers                 The Dead Rabbits
The Chichesters                 The Swamp Angels              The Whyos
The Bowery Boys               Baxter Street Dudes             True Blue Americans
The Hudson Dusters            The Forty Thieves                The Daybreak Boys (most under 20, stole $100,000 in one year!  A fortune in those times…)
The Whitehallers                 The Frog Hollows                 The Shanghai Sailors
The Plug Uglies
Here`s some bar names:
Tub of Blood
The Green Dragon
Snug Harbor
Cat Alley
McGurk`s Suicide Hall
Here`s some hysterical names of actual people and characters that inhabited this remote time:
Bill The Butcher Poole
William “Boss” Tweed            Kit Burns                  Shang Draper                       Hellcat Maggie                         Sadie the Goat
Slobbery Jim                         Patsy the Barber       Sow Madden                        Cowlegged Sam McCarthy        Brian Boru (eaten by rats when passed out drunk)
Skinner Mehan                      Dutch Hen                 Sweeney the Boy                 Jack Cody                               Hop-Along Peter
Kid Shanahan                        Kid Twist                  Spanish Louie                      Pugsey Hurley                          Wreck Donovan
Tom the Mick                        Nigger Wallace          Beany Kane                         Piggy Noles                              Suds Merrick
Wild Bill Lovett                      Red Leary                 Banjo Pete Emerson             Johnny Dobbs                          Big Mary
Ellen Clegg                           Queen Liz                 Black Lena                           Pretty Kitty McGowan               Lizzie the Dove
Paul Kelly                             Monk Eastman          Biff Ellison                           Stumpy Malarkey                     Eat-em-Up Jack McManus
Goo Goo Knox                      One-Lung Curran        Dry Dollar Sullivan               Hoggy Walsh                             Fig McGerald
Bull Hurley                            Googy Corcoran         Baboon Dooley                    Red Rocks Farrell                      Slops Connolly
Piker Ryan                           Dorsey Doyle              Big Josh Hynes                   The Lobster Kid                         The Grabber
Kid Dropper                          Johnny Spanish          Newburg Gallagher               Marty Brennan                           Rubber Shaw
Honey Stewart                      Mock Duck                 Happy Jack Mulraney           Crazy Butch                             Ding Dong (a Hudson Dusters legendary thief)
Chick Tricker                        Lefty Lewis                 Dago Frank                          Dan the Dude                           Louie the Lump Pioggi (killed Kid Twist in Coney Island in May of 1908)
Whitey Lewis                        Lupo the Wolf (Ignacio Lupo, one of the earliest representatives of what later became known as La Cosa Nostra, or the Mafia.  He is credited with having personally carried out more than 60 murders for the Black Hand….)
in a word……PRICELESS
you can`t make up fictional characters this good!
“New York`s clock is directed by a moral spring, and it binds pleasure and harm inextricably together in the night.
Night is the repository of unfinished business in NYC.  It is the text of its secret history, the monument to its
victims and failures, its predators and police.  It is the time of inversion and misrule, the province of vice and
intemperance, of misery and blight.  Night is forgotten and endlessly repeated; it is glorious and it sits next
door to death.”
Luc Sante
“Low Life”
(This makes me want to go back there again now….what is wrong with me?!
Nevermind, I`ll answer that…..I will NEVER be satisfied.)
“If there`s one thing life-experience has taught me, it`s that it`s better to have a gun
and not need it, than to need a gun and not have it.”
Quentin Tarantino
“True Romance”
“If you sit by the river long enough,
you will see the body of your enemy float by…”
Now THAT`S patience!
Reach for the stars
and end up
with a handful of leaves…
 If you had 8 arms and 8 legs and a robotic capacity for memory,
you STILL wouldn`t be able to do half the job I can do blindfolded
with 1 hand behind my back……..don`t even try…..
(not YOU…..I was talking about somebody else…)
The Art of Improv…..
We don`t need no stinkin` script…..
There`s no script here, BELIEVE ME…..
Same story, many different versions…
DWP true life story from Bakersfield…(he`s telling these jokes at a bar…)
“What do you call 4 Mexicans sinking in a boat?
Quatro Cinco.”
“What do you call a Mexican quarterback?
El Paso.”
Old drunk Mexican guy raises his head from the bar and interrupts ….”What do you call a redneck?
A redneck…”
” `Hey Curly, what`re you doin`?`
`You were doin that yesterday…`
`I`m not done…..`
“The Three Stooges”
“The squeaky wheel gets the oil.”
Cavorting with nefarious characters…
“Listen, you don`t even know what you`re talking about.  I don`t
come over to your house and talk about boys and dresses.”
Blake St. John
” Dad, are you ok?”
“Honey, I don`t know.  I`m enjoying my life too much to care.”
Homer Simpson
Great t-shirt;
picture of George Bush
“Instant asshole–
just add oil.”
Marge “11 years ago, is this how you imagined we`d spend our Saturdays together–driving
out to the boondocks for a new refrigerator motor?”
Homer “I never thought I`d live this long.”
“The Man in Black fled across the desert and the Gunslinger followed.”
Stephen King
“The Dark Tower”  (first line)
Destructive smashing Art….jars of paint thrown violently at a canvas against a wall…
multicolored erratic madness….
“No masterpiece was ever created by a lazy artist.”
Salvador Dali
(I don`t see how much lazier you can get than throwing jars of paint against a wall….)
Ironically, this month I`m $420 short on rent…..hmmmm, I wonder where it could have gone….
Count Jackula
“What`s the difference between Pakistan and a pancake?
I don`t know any pancakes that were ever threatened by nukes from India…”
We`re starting a band: name?  Jack Sprack and the Heart Attacks
Sunset and Gardner
a guy in a hoodie sweatshirt, boxer shorts and black socks…..
Safari Sam`s….again…..
Virginia City Revival  (” there`s a problem with the drugs…`s gonna make you love me …..”)
Jean Paul Yamamoto (“sex never looked so good….”)
“The Tango Room”
7th and Alvarado
muy excellente!
“See dad? The lesson is, when you seek revenge, you become as bad as they are.”
“No, Lisa, the lesson is never put down your weapon….REVENGE!”
Homer Simpson
 “He doesn`t care about anything.  He`s a nihilist.”
The Dude  “Oh, that must be exhausting.”
“The Big Lebowski”
“What did one saggy tit say to the other saggy tit?
We gotta get some support or people are gonna think we`re nuts.”
“What did one ass cheek say to the other ass cheek?
If we stick together, we can stop this shit.”
“How do you keep a roomful of assholes in suspense?
I`ll tell ya tomorrow…”
“The Simpsons”
Woman of the winds
riding your warm flow
to the end of time
                   and beyond
woke up alone and confused
the only compass of reality
is the simple smile
that actually gets me
Angels never proclaim their appearance
but you always miss them
                                  when they`re gone…
Brooks and St. John    2/5/08  Midnight
“I`ll be seeing you in all the old, familiar places…”
” `One night, when I was a boy, I saw a thousand shooting stars.  I thought, where did they all go?
I used to look for stars alone.  I thought if I rode to the other end of the desert, I`d find them.  I`ve
been riding in the desert ever since.`
`So, you are still that little boy, looking for shooting stars.`
`I am a man.  And now, I`ve found the brightest star of all.` “
“Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”
“If you believe, it WILL happen.  A faithful heart makes wishes come true.”
“The things we touch have no permanence.  There is nothing we can hold
onto in this world.  Only by letting go can we truly possess what is real.”
“Our passions are not the unions of blind matter.”
Octavio Paz
“The cowards never started,
the weak died on the way,
only the strong arrived…
they were the pioneers…”
“7 is the key number here, think about it; 7-11s, 7 doors, 7 chipmunks twirling on a branch,
eating lots of sunflowers on my uncle`s ranch–you know that old children`s tale from the sea?!
It`s like you`re dreaming of gorgonzola cheese when it`s clearly brie time, baby!!  Step into my office…!”
“…`cause you`re fuckin` FIRED !….”
“There`s Something About Mary”
Sunken City
just sitting on the curb
of the lonely
forgotten street to nowhere
of glass
like jewels
in the white light
of morning
The spraypainted stones
like altars to some
forgotten god
Only the sound of the sea
and the brittle sound
of wind through dirty palms….
“A man finds a magic lamp, and a genie comes out and says, `You get three wishes,
but whatever you get for each wish, your wife gets 2.`
The guy says, `fine, fine, I want a new car.`
Genie says, `Ok, but your wife gets 2.`
Guy says, `Great, I want a new house.`
Genie replies, `You got it and your wife gets 2.`
Guy says, `Super, WISH NUMBER 3…I want you to beat me half to death.`
Genie says, `Ahhhhh, a tricky one, aren`t ya?`
So the genie does…and then he beats the guy`s wife to death….”
The future irritates the fuck outta me
high tech ripoffs
identity theft
corporate entities
incomprehensible…..all of it……
Where do we go from here?
Best Hollywood work I ever had; just sitting on the roof in the sun.  James and Sam, my neighbors
are making some cheesy short film that requires a 40oz.  James is hungover so he gives me the
beer and fills the 40oz with apple juice or something while I drink the beer and relax and watch this
horrific acting, laughing hysterically inside.  I am a NON-UNION STUNT DRINKER.
“I wake upon a shore
that knows no conquests
weighs upon my cheek
and asks no remorse
What do I do?
Do I wake up, or do I sleep?
enveloped by no answers,
yet they linger all around me…
chase me through my dreams
When I reach that farthest shore,
my family will be
waiting for me,
and our love….
Blake St. John
“Cast me away
try to find me
I may be here
or there,
My pain,
I hope it`s overdue…”
Blake St. John
This is about Blake in his most ridiculous naked, drunken state (which is CLASSIC, if not a bit disturbing……but who am I to judge?…I won`t judge….he is FUNNY….)
Jabba the Hut
lurches around the room
like a fat pinball
in a rubber room
bouncing off the walls
balls swinging
in a rancid wind–
This place
smells like crap…
now it has all been written…
“Holding these truths to be judged forever the mark, the string, the skin and the vibration all set and aiming to please.
This sister with her hands, and this brother with his knees.  The slide is in the pocket and this neighborhood is showing
up more than that.  Our friends aren`t here to help, but maybe that`s the best help they could give.  An old song is also
best but sometimes too easy.  `How else can we help you?` the brother said, and the sister replied, `I don`t know.`  The
south is there and always will be.  The north is home whether it`s friendly or not.  Something`s going to let us know that
these are the good old days to remember, after children take up our time and take our place.  But pride and happiness
are always the same distance from our hands…”
Jack White
“Two tampons walk into a bar; what do they say to each other?
Nothing, they were stuck up bitches.”
Tim Hudock
“They all talk fast
but they all think slow…”
Mos Def
Life is so beautiful
and so terrible
She lifts us up
on the wings of doves
and grips our hearts
in an iron vice
The days burn our eyes
symbols of fire
The nights are fleeting neon voids
a soul vacuum
It is lonely to be alone
but sometimes even one is a crowd
The candle flickers
across white walls–
nothing discovered
nothing forgotten
nothing said–
just emptiness….
and a distant siren
in the enveloping darkness…
Thursday 2/21/08
“Every man dies, but not every man really lives…”
“Close your eyes and pretend it`s all a bad dream;
that`s how I get by…”
“Captain Jack Sparrow”
(“Do you think he plans it all out?…or just makes it up as he goes along…?”)
“Dying is the day worth living for…”
“It`s not about living forever;
the trick is living with yourself forever.”
Chiharu and I, together to the farthest shore…
(this one came a little more true than I expected….)
#207 Temple of Inwardness   2/21—2/22/08
It`s like I`ve been to the deepest Amazon jungle to see a Shaman and taken a mind-bending
hallucinogenic like ayahuasca; each face I see in my dreams floats like a candle flame into eternity….
(damn, that is some GOOD HERB!)
Shadow Lives
I have the ability to learn
from EVERYTHING I see,
both good AND bad,
to soak it up like a sponge
and spit it out like a cobra–
verbal missiles
you WILL listen
you will not…
but I will still
say these things
from within my shadow…
” `what do you want in life?`
from Dave Chappelle Show`s Playa Haters Ball:
Silky Johnson   “Buck Nasty–what can I say about that coat that hasn`t already been said
about Afghanistan?  It looks bombed out and depleted.
And the so-called Beautiful….why don`t ya click your heels together three times and go…back to Africa?
Now if you`ll excuse me, I gotta go put some food in Buck Nasty`s Mama`s dish…..”
“States will never be happy until rulers become philosophers or philosophers become rulers…”
“The Republic”
500BC  Heraclitus
400BC  Socrates
300BC  Zeno
100AD  Epictetus
169AD  Marcus Aurelius
A river runs through it… APARTMENT I mean!!  (shitty old pipes in this fucking rundown DUMP of a building!)
“In searching out the Truth be ready for the unexpected,
for it is difficult to find and puzzling when you find it.”
“Keep in mind how fast things pass by and are gone–those that are now, and those to come.  Existence flows past us
like a river: the `what` is in constant flux, the `why` with a thousand variations.  Nothing is stable, not even what`s right
here.  The infinity of past and future gapes before us–a chasm whose depths we cannot see.”
Marcus Aurelius
“Well, opinions are like assholes; everybody has one.”
“Dirty Harry Callahan”
the shadow is faint
the proof is in the puddin`
“The station`s packed with people streaming in and out, all of them dressed in their favorite clothes, bags or briefcases
in hand, each one dashing off to take care of some pressing business.  I stare at this ceaseless, rushing crowd and
imagine a time a hundred years from now.  In a hundred years everybody here–me included–will have disappeared from
the face of the earth and turned into ashes or dust.  A weird thought, but everything in front of me starts to seem unreal,
like a gust of wind could blow it all away.”
Haruki Murakami
“Kafka on the Shore”
“I always thought I was gonna be rich by the time I was 30 years old.  Then I moved
it back to 40.  Well…. now I`m 60.”
Eddie Arnold Polston
(Dave`s Dad)
Damnit, I want the keys to the Kingdom!!
“yo mama so greasy, she use bacon for a band-aid”
3/4/08  8pm
“…..over the hills and far away…..”
“The pure present is an ungraspable advance of the past devouring the future.
In truth, all sensation is already memory.”
Henri Bergson
“Matter and Memory”
“At the same time that `I` am the content of a relation, `I` am also that which does the relating.”
(…projection of the self via meditation upon an object)
“If a pistol appears in a story, eventually, it`s got to be fired.”
Anton Chekhov
“If a pussy appears in a story, eventually, it`s got to be fucked.”
Xavier Zenith
That damn queer next door…always on the cell phone, yak yak yak and singing fucking show tunes….
It`s like I`m living in a bad dream that I can`t wake up from….
…regarding the White Stripes and Meg White with her cute titties bouncing while she plays….
“She plays the drums like he`s
playing the guitar up her ass…”
A little yellow parakeet flew down and landed on the roof and hung out with us for a while.
We gave him some bread, he sat on our fingers, he was obviously very tame, someone`s
lost pet.  After about 20 minutes, he flew off into the trees of Ivar Hill.  We wish him well.
We named him Lemon Drop.
(My latest t-shirt I made; with my long hair and beard, it`s perfect….)
“No matter how I struggle and strive,
I`ll never get outta this world alive…”
Hank Williams
3/11/08  Washington St. and the Pier, Venice Beach
I just saw Fidel fucking CASTRO!!
(or the spitting image of him…)
Cornell`s idea for a t-shirt
mango kush……”thanks Snappler”  DWP
Japanese proverbs…..
“The nail that sticks out gets hammered down.”
“For want of a nail,
the horseshoe was lost.
For want of a horseshoe,
the steed was lost.
For want of a steed,
the message was not delivered.
For want of an undelivered message,
the war was lost.”
“For want of some chopsticks,
the hunk of raw, dead fish went uneaten.”
(ok, I made this one up….)
“And I head off, deeper into the heart of the forest…”
 a good wifebeater shirt idea:
“THIS MODERN WORLD  by Tom Tomorrow
At first they told us the war would pay for itself.  `The only problem Iraqis will have is figuring out
what to DO with all their oil revenues AFTER they have fully financed reconstruction of their country.`
`Perhaps they can purchase additional ROSE PETALS with which to shower visiting Americans.`
An early estimate of $50 billion was scoffed at…Larry Lindsey was forced to resign after putting the
number at an unheard of $200 billion.  `Clearly no one has informed him that we create our OWN reality…`
`…one in which this war will be as successful as it was inexpensive!`
As it turns out, the war is costing $10 billion a MONTH.  That comes to $333 million a DAY, or if you prefer,
about $4000 a SECOND.  `Well, Saddam Hussein was a very bad man.`
`Whoops, there goes another $8000!`
Nobel-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz estimates the total cost of the war will be more than 3 TRILLION DOLLARS!
If you taped three trillion $1 bills end to end, they`d reach the moon and back more than 600 times.  It would
be almost as effective a use of our resources.  A few other things we could have done with an extra three trillion
dollars: Funded Social Security for the next fifty years.  Paid for health care for 530 million children for a year.
Not flushed our entire economy down the crapper.  But hey, Saddam DID have those very threatening drone planes
and stuff.  `And there`s nothing scarier than a dictator with a fleet of remote control model airplanes!`
`Until my home was foreclosed, I slept MUCH more soundly at night knowing it was safe from the threat they posed!` “
“You almost had me?!?  You never had me…you never had your car!
You were granny shifting when you should have been double-clutching–listen kid,
I live my life a quarter mile at a time (one Budweiser at a time…)……”
“Fast and Furious”
“Given that we can live only a small part of what there is inside us–what happens with the rest?”
“Of the thousand experiences we have, we find language for one at most and even this one, merely
by chance and without the care it deserves.  Buried under all the mute experiences are those unseen
ones that give our life its form, its color, and its melody.  Then, we turn to these treasures, as archaeologists
of the soul, we discover how confusing they are.  The object of contemplation refuses to stand still, the
words bounce off the experience, and in the end, pure contradictions stand on the paper.  For a long
time, I thought it was a defeat, something to be overcome.  Today I think it is different: That recognition
of the confusion is the ideal path to understanding these intimate yet enigmatic experiences.  That sounds
strange, even bizarre, I know.  But ever since I have seen the issue in this light, I have the feeling of being
really awake and alive for the first time.”
`Amadeu Inacia`  A goldsmith of words
from “NIght Train to Lisbon” by Pascal Mercier
“You`ll never plow a field by overturning it in your mind.”
“Burning embers are easily kindled.”
“It`s for her own good that the cat purrs.”
“Better an idle household than a bad tenant.”
My cell phone photos….
remanipulation of a remanipulation….
floating in golden sunlight
on a dragonfly`s wings
the flutter of an eyelid
the sky opens up
in endless azure
the dust blows
in tiny whirlwinds
the sparrow
lives in a raingutter
the gold digger
lives in a mansion on the hill
the acid rain falls
the smoke belches
from a trillion pipes
the fish choke
in chemical rivers
the bee lands
on a poisoned flower
the fool sits
in a grassy alley with a beer
Well, to sum this up;
things are looking great!
Wind Up Bird Alley at High Noon on 3/20/08
tiny lives and tiny routines
and madness all around us
like little mountain creeks
flowing into the great River of Time….
“Part of human dignity consists of the strength to look your fate,
even a hard one, in the eye.”
“The real director of our life is accident–a director full of cruelty,
compassion and bewitching charm…”
Fleeting Faces in the Night
Don`t our looks perpetually bounce off others, as in the hasty encounter
of the night, and leave us behind with nothing but conjectures, slivers of
thoughts and fictional qualities?  Isn`t it true that it`s not people who meet
but rather the shadows cast by their imaginations?”
Pascal Mercier
“Night Train to Lisbon”
The Harder You Try
The waste of words
continues with a stunning
as the waiter runs by carrying
the loaded tray
for all the wise white boys
who laugh at us.
no matter, no matter,
as long as your shoes are tied and
nobody is walking too close
Just being able to scratch yourself
and be nonchalant is victory enough.
Those constipated minds that seek
larger meaning
will be dispatched with the other garbage.
Back off.
If there is a light, it will find you.”
Charles Bukowski
so happy to be happy
so glad to be mad
so mad to be sad…
“Hard to Admit and Harder to Escape”
“How the Water Feels to the Fishes”
Jean Joseph Monfort
an amazing Venice Beach artist from Haiti….
Obsolete Art Gallery on Main Street in Santa Monica:
saw a crazy film called “Dust Money” directed by Baker Smith… had to be there….
Blood Pressure on 3/28/08
Systolic          Diastolic          Pulse
114                 71                   68
Well, it turns out my heart IS still beating….
Hollywood Concert at the Knitting Factory
Guru…..Gangstar   “All the ladies look soul…”
RZA…..Wu Tang, bitches!!
“The entire morning passes but I`m already tired of all the old themes.  In the afternoon, still we love and are unloved, still we understand no one,
still we and our love will die, still reality is hard to admit and harder to escape, still the essential moments are unexpected yet nothing is new, still
we were wrong about the past but the future is about to begin, still things make sense, still there is but one reliance.”
Sarah Manguso
“I have been meaning to speak to you.  I have many pages of notes, instructions, quarrels.  On weighty matters I will speak without notes, freely
and passionately, as if inspired, at night, in a rage, slapping myself, great tremendous slaps to the brow which will fell me to the earth.”
Donald Barthelme
“Overnight to Many Distant Cities”
“All of us found ourselves at the same stoplights in different cities at the same time.
When the lights changed, we all crossed the streets.”
Donald Barthelme
Heathcliff  (RZA`s publicist……)  cell 773-***-8216  (that`s right, I`m doing business with RZA…)
The Yucca Estates Crew invades the Silverlake Cheese Store…….
IN THE WORLD OF CHEESE, THERE`S NO ROOM FOR SECOND BEST….       (Comte cheese from France is my favorite)
WE GOT CHEESE!!  (we were actually yelling this out the window of the car at sexy girls; needless to say, they had NO IDEA what to make of us…)
Trader Joe`s for some Charles Shaw Pinot Noir (two buck Chuck)…
…and presto….CHEESE PARTY!!
great t-shirt:
North Hyperion off Fountain in Silverlake….Casita del Campo  Mexican Food
“There`s No Place Like Home” restaurant at Hillhurst and Prospect (Chiharu will love it when she gets back….)
Getting paid as a location scout for the upcoming movie, “500 Days of Summer”…..
Florida legislators passed a bill allowing citizens to bring their guns to work.
Here are some of the other pro-gun laws enacted recently;
Alaska–Members of endangered species now permitted to carry concealed firearms for self-protection.
Louisiana–Now legal for residents to shoot at hurricanes.
Minnesota–Any resident may fire a single shot every five years, or when the Vikings win.
Idaho–You can have a gun, or a grenade, but not both.
Virginia–Non-gun-owning residents must apply for a permit to NOT own and operate a firearm.
New York–Guest stars on Law and Order  may bring their own guns to the set.
Kansas–Children as young as 8 can bring guns to school on the condition that there`s no funny business.
Texas–That huge cattle gun used by Javier Bardem`s character in No Country For Old Men now legally available at Fiesta Mart grocery stores.
California–Automatic weapons can now be purchased at 7-11 convenience stores citywide.”
“40 is the new 30…”
4/26/08  Yucca Estates
Pico to Manning to Motor to Palms through Cheviot Hills and Palms is a great way to the beach….
“burn Hollywood BURN!”  4/30/05
“The money and the tight pussy came too late.”
Charles Bukowski
Black Flag
“If you tell the truth, you don`t have to remember anything.”
“Success usually comes to those who are too busy to look for it.”
Henry David Thoreau
(I don`t know about THIS one, Henry…)
“If you lend someone $20 and never see that person again, it was probably worth it.”
“Never miss a good chance to shut up.”
“Experience is something you don`t get until just after you need it.”
I don`t think ANYBODY I know realizes how much I hate it when EVERYONE is yelling at the same time
and NO ONE is listening to anyone else.  I wrote this while sitting in the vortex of a crowded room at
Yucca Estates in the previously-mentioned situation….OH YEAH….good times.  You know what I`m thinking now?
I wish I was in Trinidad…
Movies on American Airlines flight 169 to Tokyo: (couldn`t sleep a wink, even after drinks…)
“There Will Be Blood”
“The Bucket List”
“The Fugitive”
Just flew over icebergs in the Bering Sea, possibly north of the Aleutian Islands….!
2 questions from the ancient Egyptians to be admitted to the afterlife; (from “The Bucket List”)
“Did you find joy in your life?”
“Did your life bring joy to others?”
“So, we live to die another day.”
On top of the world (Mount Everest)…”…stars so bright, like you could reach out and touch them,
SO BRIGHT, like little holes in the floor of Heaven.”
“3 Things to Remember When You Get Old;
1  Never pass up a bathroom
2  Never waste a hard-on
3  Never trust a fart”
“Close your eyes and let the waters take you.”
“The Bucket List”
Flew into Narita airport in Chiba Prefecture just outside Tokyo.  My first visit to Japan.  Stayed at a hotel
in Shibuya.  So GREAT to see Chiharu again!  Perhaps we`ll make it to Harajuku or Shinjuku, but who
knows or cares?  This city is endlessly crazy.
1st night, met Chiharu`s friends, Kumi and Marie and they took me to Outback Steakhouse in Shibuya….
Then we went and took those cute, tiny little pictures that the Japanese call purikura (print club).
Domo arrigato, Mr. Roboto…….
Saw a “love hotel” called “HOTEL SLIT”…..HA!!!
Did you know that in Tokyo hotels, the toilet seats are often HEATED?!?  I could have sat there all day.
Their toilets are really high-tech here…
Went to HOME CAFE in Akihabara Electric Town.  The sexy teen girls dress up in little baby doll outfits and as cute
little Japanese Anime and Manga characters and they serve expensive coffee and desserts and they call you, “Master”…..classic….WEIRD…..
(It`s cool, a few years later, I was to read, “Ghost Train to the Eastern Star” by Paul Theroux and he came here
as well with Haruki Murakami when they met in Tokyo.  I was here around the same time as a couple of my favorite writers….excellent!)
We did get to see Shinjuku and Harajuku but during the day only.  I hear Shinjuku is crazier at night.  Doesn`t matter.
We caught the bullet train (the shinkansen) to Kyoto….
Tokyo and what I`ve seen of Japan in general, has the best and most extensive and clean railway system I`ve ever seen…
The smoking car on the bullet train; me, in a t-shirt and jeans, a head and a half taller than anyone else, and a bunch of tiny
little robot businessmen in blue suits ….staring at me.  I just laugh…..
New Miyako Hotel, Kyoto;  beautiful and playing classical music in the hallways….
New Orleans Cafe DuMonde in KYOTO?!?!  Believe it, baby….it was the genuine article too; I had no idea.  It was in a giant futuristic-looking
shopping mall called “The Cube” and it had New Orleans style lanterns and architecture and the same food and chicory coffee….excellent…..
Sanjusan-Gen-Do  Temple from 1164…incredible…..
one thousand kannons (gods of mercy) are enshrined here.  Basically, a thousand gold statues that have the same general shape and design but of all different sizes….
at one end is the Thunder God and at the other is the Wind God…..
I lit incense for Ghanda, the Guardian of Heavenly Wine…
Kiyomizu Temple in the hills….beautiful…..
The Golden Pavilion Temple
As I kneel painfully in this gorgeous traditional tea house by the Golden Pavilion Temple, I realize one thing with intense certainty–
there is something to be said for a Lazy-Boy Armchair.  Japan is a country steeped in tradition.  America has hamburger and pizza
and football tradition….great things, to be sure, but not quite the same at all….
Schoolgirl uniforms everywhere and many of the girls are wearing thigh-high stockings and knee socks that have little Playboy bunnies on them…..
how in the hell did Hefner pull that one off?!?
A sight to behold….a group of OLD Japanese men on badass Harley Davidson motorcycles roaring by….
Tenryuji Temple from 1364
Arashiyama, Kyoto…..I found the REAL Wind-Up Bird Alley…..
The Kyoto Romantic open-air train to Umahori…I yelled YLEM in the tunnel but everyone pretended they didn`t notice because they are so polite….
Japan is beautiful but they have A LOT of rules…You can easily get tired of being so fucking polite.  There`s something to be said for good old American rudeness….
Kyoto movie studio, the Japanese version of Universal Studios….
They have blue street signs that look like a cowboy crossing the street….weird…..
Monday bullet train to Osaka; along the coast for a lot of the way….(after Osaka, we go back to Tokyo, and then to Nagano.  Chiharu planned all this; she did good….)
Japanese TV is weird.
Osaka has a lot of Yakuza types…
American stars that I saw on billboards and advertisements or on TV in Japan;  Ewan MacGregor, Tommy Lee Jones, Scarlett Johannsen
“If there were no clouds, we would not enjoy the sun.”  (I WOULD)
Tokyo and Osaka have “Women Only” pink subway cars, because when they are overcrowded, which they often are, they don`t want to get groped and molested by Japanese perverts…..HA!!
wrong spelling in Osaka …….Los Angels……….enything………..Maribu………….
A beautiful moment; a bloated, huge, dead rat floating down a river canal in Osaka….
Traditional Osaka and Hiroshima style food called okonomiyaki at a local place translated as Windy Moon….delicious….
Gloomy, gray skies as we take the bullet train back to Tokyo and then on to Nagano.  Japan is quite an amazing place.  Chiharu sleeps, and as usual, I am restless.  I gaze out the window
at the Japan I`ve always seen in my mind, in my vivid imagination……old style homes, lush green countryside, rice paddies and mystical mountains wreathed in mist.  It`s like shooting through
a dream at 200 mph.  There are many unexpected surprises here too, but I`ll get into all that soon enough……
Everything in Japan seems to be automated….car doors on taxis, toilet seats lift themselves with the push of a button, doors, lights……EVERYTHING….no joke….
Nagano-ken at last, Chiharu`s hometown of Miyota.  It is beautiful.  Frogs croak at night by her house….
Nagano Prefecture…a beautiful and mystical Japanese rain falling lightly across the land….
Chiharu`s neighborhood is without a doubt, the most beautiful place I have seen yet in Japan.  It is quiet with amazing birds and sounds, wind in the trees, misty clouds floating by lush green mountains
and crystalline rivers and everything is clear and fresh….AMAZING.  As I write this, a giant Japanese raven, my spirit bird, lands on a nearby telephone pole and calls to me, “YOU WILL BE BACK.”
5/20/08  My first experience of a Japanese hot springs spa (they call it an onsen) on the side of Mount Asama Volcano.  It is in nearby Karuizawa resort town and it is called Hoshino Onsen.
i like cheese!!!





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