By Tom H. Brooks 3

A VAST, FATHOMLESS GULF OF SILENCE…………………..……………………………………………….

(how much can you take, biaaatch?!?)
You never realize HOW MANY palm trees there really are in Los Angeles until you see
them stretching to the horizon in every direction from my balcony in Marina del Rey
on a slightly misty day.  In the low mist, it looks like a million palms and a dinosaur landscape
(if you ignore the buildings)
3/31/09  Tuesday
Chiharu and Tom; an especially good day
Saguaro Cacti
and its night-blooming desert flower
“Confused Firefighters Fail to Rescue Child Wearing Firefighter Costume”
Homer (crying)  “Greystash, Greystash….no man should have to outlive his fictional wizard.”
“Son, everybody has to do things they don`t want to do, like have jobs, and families, and responsibilities…”
“Damnit!  Don`t you think I`d rather be living naked in the forest like some ancient pagan?!?  Dancing
around playing a pan flute?!?”
Homer Simpson
“After centuries of the refinements, custom fittings, and mutations introduced by artistry and the marketplace,
the short story retains its fundamental power to frighten us with its recognition of the abyss at our backs,
and to warm us with its flickering light.”
Michael Chabon
“As long as there is wilderness, there is hope.”
Paul Theroux
“No one changes anything by playing it safe.”
You know,
I`m afraid I`m getting dumber as I get older…..
Horoscope for Taurus 4/7/09
“The stars indicate that it will be bigger than a breadbox, smaller than a dump truck,
and just about as angry as most baboons can get…”
Thursday 4/9/09  4:20pm  Wind-Up Bird Alley
So I`m sitting here smoking some herb, watching an epic fight
between a squirrel and a raven.  Then, 3 ducks fly by LOW,
right through the alley…..random, weird animal behavior while
stoned is so great….
I want a dark, oak-lined library and a giant, red-velvet sitting chair by a roaring fire.  I want to sit
in there on many a cold winter`s day with a Cuban cigar (and/or a joint) and a belt of scotch and
immerse myself in the beauty of profound words and deep thoughts.  Not all of my books would
be leather-bound antiquities but they would all be very good and worth reading again and again
until I am taken by the bony hands of Mr. D……….
I actually found the aforementioned place at Mariner`s Village in Marina del Rey, but, of course it`s not MINE (but I can pretend)…..
Oh yeah, and the books in there aren`t that good….just paperback bestsellers……so I have to bring my own book…..
Regarding the nightmare of `working`…..
Sooner or later, something`s got to give,
my patience or my health, I`m really not sure which…
“Stranger in a Strange Land”
A Will Ferrell sketch on Saturday Night Live….(as they stand over his corpse at a funeral, whiskey in hand…)
“To Bill Brasky!!
He was a son of a bitch…
He was a 10 foot monster who slept with all our wives…
He once had a four-day heart attack…
They said his heart was like a basketball filled with ricotta cheese…
You know, he used to shoot whiskey into his neck with a syringe…
He had dandruff the size of mice….
He did all the make up for Planet of the Apes…
To Bill Brasky!!
His poop is considered currency in Argentina…
I remember one time when we couldn`t find a bar, he took me to an empty lot;
we sat there for a year and a half until, sure enough, they constructed a bar!
We took a shot and then he burned the place to the ground.  He yelled, `Always
leave things the way ya found `em!`
He once punched a hole in a cow just so he could see who was coming down the road…
He was a terrible man…
He sired a whole baseball team…
and a basketball team if you take into account the bastards…
He once nursed an injured flamingo back to health…
To Bill Brasky!!”
Monday 4/20/09  12noon  THE National Holiday for potheads……
I`m HIGH as a kite with a GIANT Subway sandwich and the cool blue ocean…
It`s fucking hot as hell out here, I feel like a baked potato….
It feels like 420 DEGREES….
4/21/09  5:50am….AMAZING sunrise (what happened to everything in between yesterday and now?  I don`t know…)
I always think that if I return to a certain place again and again and I find it inspiring (such as Sunken City or the Alley),
my spirit lingers there.  Perhaps I died one of those places in a previous life?
“The harder the battle, the sweeter the victory…”
Fred (from Kenya)
Venice Beach
“Whatever I do, however I find a way to live, I will tell these stories.  I have spoken to every person I have encountered
these last difficult days, and every person who has entered this club during these awful morning hours, because to do
anything else would be something less than human.  I speak to these people, and I speak to you because I cannot help it.
It gives me strength, almost unbelievable strength to know that you are there.  I covet your eyes, your ears, the collapsible
space between us.  How blessed are we to have each other?  I am alive and you are alive so we must fill the air with our
words.  I will fill today, tomorrow, every day until I am taken back to God.  I will tell stories to people who will listen and to
people who don`t want to listen, to people who seek me out and to those who run.  All the while I will know that you are
there.  How can I pretend that you do not exist?  It would be almost as impossible as you pretending that I do not exist.”
Dave Eggers
“What is the What”
The story of Valentino Achak Deng (from Sudan)
4/25/09  written at work at the Hell Cafe (Marmalade)
I wish I could just start driving and never stop.  Just go, go, GO>>>>wherever my heart leads me, whichever direction my
instincts, impulses, whims will take me.  Travel; see America, see the world, never linger in one place too long, just keep
moving ever-forward, onward and upward as far as I can go, until I find that white sand shore and crystal blue lagoon that
fills my heart with joy and haunts my dreams.  At long last, the peace and tranquility I`ve longed for my whole life will become
a palm-lined reality on the edge of eternity…
(well, I`m about as far from that palm-lined reality as is physically possible now, and on top of that,
I can`t understand what the fuck these people are talking about….)
I truly believe I could buy a one-way ticket to ANYWHERE and find a way to thrive and prosper there,
based on kindness (theirs and mine), originality, my capabilities, and sheer charm…..
(again, halfway correct, but not quite what I was expecting….no, not at all…)
I had a lot of more youthful screenplay story ideas, but I never wrote them because I was too busy getting drunk….maybe later…
“Give me MY TIME,
let me be
Perry Farrell
Working Sunday Brunch at Marmalade Cafe;  THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING…
The best kind of Monday morning…
a foggy, empty one….
“The only infallible truth of our lives is that everything
we love in life will be taken from us…”
Dave Eggers
“You Shall Know Our Velocity”
“There is a whole tide,
a whole race of mad people,
starving, drunk, goofy, and miraculous;
I have seen many of them.
I am one of them.
There will be more.
This city has not yet been taken.
Death before death is sickening.
The strange ones will hold.
The war will continue.
Thank you.”
Charles Bukowski
Let`s see…..
West Nile Virus
Bird Flu
Mad Cow Disease
and now…the latest scare….
laugh now, cry later, die even later….
could be the beginning of the end etcetera……….
Everything, everywhere,
Spring turns to summer
summer to fall
and then
the cold deadness of winter
The seeds scatter
across the land
the flower petals
dry up and blow away
the green grass
withers and dies
emerald hills turn brown
soil becomes dust
only to blow away
and disperse
in dirty alleys
and gather again as
filth under trash bins
Ravens peck at small
white birds
on a morning winter wind
Eyes burn under
a cold heartless sun
The howl of the void
yawns indifferently
we are lost in it…
I am lost
The Alley in Venice
Piedra la Luna
” `So it`s not poor?`
`It says here that everyone has cell phones.`
`Shit, we`ll have to leave the city then.  We`ll find some real people.` “
Dave Eggers
“You Shall Know Our Velocity”
just sittin` in the bathtub thinkin`……
“Kid A” by Radiohead……….”Kid A“…..Atom?
Everything, everywhere, existing….
all at once…..
Think about the concept of the MULTIVERSE;
an ATOM, a shuttle from one world to the next..
The MULTIVERSE would explain dreaming, wouldn`t it?……
4/28/09  3pm
I love swimming with Chiharu; we become children again in the pool….
That guy`s really stupid;
That guy`s got one wheel in the sand…
That guy`s 3 fries short of a Happy Meal….
That guy`s missing a chip from the motherboard…
“I`m sorry I`m late…
I was driving over here and I put my hand out the window to make a turn signal
and someone took the olive outta my martini….I had to chase him down…”
Dean Martin
Funny name on Saturday Night Live…
Turd Ferguson
“People used to say a black man would be President when pigs fly; Now, 100 days
into Obama`s presidency….Swine FLU………..”
I will always dream of Staten Island….such a strange place….
“Cut the cheese and pour the wine….YIPPEEEE!!”
Kyle Busch
NASCAR win 5/22/09  (like a SNL sketch….great satire, but it was REAL…)
“I`m sorry I lied, honey…this gun had a hold on me.  When I held it, I felt an
incredible surge of power, like God must feel when he`s holding a gun….”
Homer Simpson
I`ll live in a mosquito net on the beach and live off bananas and beer….
When my time comes, I want a NEW ORLEANS JAZZ FUNERAL….
Thomas Henry Brooks 3
1969– ?
What`s next?
Chiharu….my little marshmallow….
5/11/09 Venice misty morning at 11am….
Ducks and ravens just chilling together on someone`s front lawn….
a VERY strange sight; like a Far Side cartoon by Gary Larson…
just give `em those little sequined, horn-rimmed eyeglasses….
I know, I`ve spent so many special moments in my life sitting in strange places
with some beer and herb, thinking….BUT, there IS something to be said for
JUST SITTING, noticing and loving the quiet subtleties of life and nature and
the things that often go unnoticed all around us…
5/12/09  12 noon
Warehouse Restaurant on the harbor front in Marina del Rey; Chiharu and I, celebrating
our birthdays  (5/9 and hers on 5/19)
5/14/09  El Tarasco Mexican Food in Venice Beach
Who would`ve thought John Denver`s song, “Country Road” would be translated into Spanish?
AND it has a reggae version that I`ve heard live from Toots and the Maytals….
“People don`t always send messages in order to communicate the truth, Mr. Okada, just as people
don`t always meet others in order to reveal their true selves.  Do you grasp my meaning, Mr. Okada?”
Haruki Murakami
“The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle”
5/18/09  5am
Ronnie and I set out on a 35 mile skateboard journey to good old Palos Verdes and back.  FIRST one
of my 40th year…..STRONGER than ever….
By the way, I was up BEFORE the birds at 4:30am.  They start at 5:30am….
On the way home, we got WASTED at the Poop Deck bar on the Strand in Hermosa Beach.  We fell
all the way home….We had two t-shirt ideas….Ronnie`s is better…..
I am psychic…..seriously…..
5/21/09  The Wind-Up Bird Alley
I was stung by a bee in the BACK, right on my vertebrae!  No shirt, I leaned back against the wall and crushed one
by accident and he stung me in his death throes.  CLASSIC Tom injury…totally random.  First sting I`ve had since
I was like 5 years old, when I got stung on the hand at Leo Carrillo Beach.  This new sting left a nice boil on my flesh
which I had a very difficult time seeing, but Fred at Gonzo Africa checked it out and we both laughed about the strange
location of it…just a little redness, nothing more, that little fucker….
Marge  “Don`t you have any follow through on anything?”
Homer “Ohh, what`s the point?  We`re all slowly dying anyway…”
“The Simpsons”
I love the quiet whispering music of the trees swaying in the gentle breeze
Humans are funny–here we are, teetering on the edge of destruction, yet spending MILLIONS of dollars on frivolous films about nonsensical
journeys to nowhere, gunshots being fired in every direction, robots, explosions, sex (you should be HAVING it, not watching it)—-
it goes on and on—-and at the same time we CUT funds for education, health care, mental care, city funds, etcetera…..
Make big movies and live life in the gutter….It seems that we may have our priorities a little mixed up.
The merry-go-round keeps turning….the circus is ALWAYS in town….
5/23/09  6:30pm
watching the NBA playoffs……LAKERS! versus stinkin` Denver…..
YELLING the whole time with my lovable character of a wife, Chiharu….she`s getting into it too….
Today`s ALLEY nature comedy show….
A squirrel with a whole fucking avocado in his mouth running along the top of the fence
while a raven swoops at him repeatedly and two mockingbirds are aggressively harassing the raven…
5/26/09  noon
Chiharu and I have lunch at Sushi Kirala in Beverly Hills where she has been working part-time.  Delicious with amazing presentation…
Living at the Oakwood is like living at a nice hotel…..and I LOVE hotels….
When I am working, all I can do is think about getting off and rushing back home to get some sun time
and a swim in the pool followed by a beer in the alley and a sunset skate along the ocean…
“I`m ok now, but last week I was in bad shape–I made love to an inflatable girl.  Now I`ve got an inflatable guy looking for me.”
“I said to my dad,` You never took me to the zoo.`  He said, `If they want you, they`ll come lookin` for ya.` “
Rodney Dangerfield
“The economy is so bad, Jiffy Lube is giving happy endings.
It`s so bad, I saw a gay bar in West Hollywood that had a ladies night.”
Jay Leno
Thursday nights this summer….Thursday Nights 7 to 9pm……The Jazz Series at Farmer`s Market…..
5/30/09  4pm  Marmalade Cafe
I got a fucking parking ticket for showing up at this work meeting.
This stupid goddamned meeting cost me $48.00!!  FOR NOTHING!
Just a bunch of bitching that got us nowhere…..
On places not yet visited …..
“I was not dismayed.  I turned them into ambitions.  It was something to dream about, for
unvisited places inspired greater dreams than places I had seen.  THE EXISTENCE OF
Paul Theroux
The ones who travel to the strangest places in LIFE
are the ones who go to the strangest and furthest places in the AFTERLIFE…..
they are the angels, gliding through the ether with the greatest of ease….
surely, this is true….
Intro to my forthcoming novel……
Los Angeles, City of the Angels, the City the Angels forgot; a place of incredible power
and wealth and ambition.  A place where dreams go to die and get shit out the bottom
of the porn industry.  My hometown.
I always wondered why I would come back here again after I`d left so many times and lived
elsewhere.  I would spend many hours musing on this and get nowhere.  It was only
much later in life when it occurred to me that I liked living on the edge–a place always
teetering on the brink of destruction; a twilight city of apocalypse and New World Order,
where riots happened at the drop of a hat, and gunshots and high-speed car chases were
the norm.  Urban wastelands, charming neighborhoods, 300 languages, 2500 square miles
of mini malls and parking lots and roads to nowhere.  And everything ends at the sea.
A dream factory.
A nightmare.
An enigma.
The hills with a veil of black smoke and eyes of fire, and every night, the sunset, blood-red
on an endless ocean.  Twilight.  The end of the world.  And I live here still….
Ok, maybe I`ll take that screenplay idea from earlier and write a trilogy of novellas with the following names….
(based on the Street Journals but fictionalized….)
1  Bitter Oranges (LA)
2  Acid Rain  (NYC)
3  Smog City (LA)
6/1/09  3pm   ME, MYSELF AND I…..
probably the last time before summer that I get to swim all ALONE in the pool and jacuzzi at the Oakwood…
“All my life I have hated being asked to explain what I am doing.  I hate the
question because I very seldom know the answer.”
Paul Theroux
“For a minute there
I lost myself
I lost myself….”
“Don`t become a monument or the people will piss on you.”
Paul Bowles
“Nothing is sadder than the truly monstrous.”
Nathanael West
“The Day of the Locust”
“Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it.”
On church attendance…..
“Don`t you think GOD has more important things to do than worry about what
ONE GUY does for ONE HOUR every week?!?  And what if we picked the
wrong religion?  Every week we`re just making God madder and madder!”
Homer Simpson
“Here`s a quote for ya from the greatest pimp of them all, and his name is GOD;
If you KNOW how much you got ($), then ya ain`t got much.”
A Pimp
from the documentary movie, “American Pimp”
“Lighthouses are more useful than churches.”
Benjamin Franklin
“This would be the best of all possible worlds if there were no religion in it.”
John Adams
“Christianity is the most perverted system that ever shone on man.”
Thomas Jefferson
It looks as if what we have today in America is not quite what the Founding Fathers had in mind….
“The Messiah will only come when He is no longer needed.”
Franz Kafka
“You know, it`s how you do your work, isn`t it?  You know, at the end of the day, whether
you`re the Messiah or Satan, it`s loving what you do, and giving it 100%.”
Bill Maher
Cairo, Egypt…..6/4/09…….Speech to the Muslim World…..
“We must ALL abandon violence.  Killing is wrong and it does NOT succeed.  It`s an often-told story
with a simple truth: violence is ALWAYS a dead end.  It is a sign neither of courage nor power to shoot
rockets at sleeping children, or to blow up old women on a bus.  That`s not how moral authority is claimed,
that`s how it is surrendered.
We cannot impose peace.  But privately, many Muslims recognize that Israel will not go away.  Likewise,
many Israelis recognize the need for a Palestinian State.”
President Barack Obama
(nice speech…)
(in retrospect, this speech, as eloquently as it was delivered, did absolutely no good whatsoever.
Egypt has gone to chaos, Algeria is still fighting after all these years, Libya has sunken into anarchy
as has Syria, & that chaos has spilled over into Lebanon, and the Jews and the Palestinians are STILL
fighting over that fucking hunk of desert land commonly known as the Gaza Strip.  Iraq and Afghanistan
are still war zones no matter what the news tells you, and Pakistan is a danger to us all as a safe haven
for the terrorists of the Taliban, Al-Qaeda and other random fanatic militant organizations. The Pakistan
government is weak & they have NUKES!  In summary, LIFE……it`s getting better all the time……)
“Lattise” for the ladies to lengthen and define their eyelashes….not that is bothers me to have the girls looking sexy,
but it`s just so funny…..
damaged goods
good time charlie
fun for awhile; after awhile, no fun
6/6/09  8:55am  Crescent Heights
I drive by 3 Jehovah`s Witnesses BLASTING Van Halen`s “Running With the Devil” on volume 10.
HA!  The irony is everywhere….
They`re probably on their knees praying for my soul as I write this….
excerpt from Venice Beach dialogue….
Some dude  “Hey man, I saw you in that stoner movie….”
Me   “I don`t know, bro….I guess I forgot….”
A homeless guy`s sign in Venice:
I found a loose cement slab outside the ice cream store,
tossed it aside and began to dig; the earth was
soft and full of worms and soon I was in to my
waist, size 36;
a crowd gathered but stepped back before my shots of mud,
and by the time the police came, I was in below my head,
frightening gophers, eels, and finding bits of golden inlaid skull,
and they asked me, are you looking for oil, treasure,
gold, the end of China?  are you looking for love, God,
a lost key chain?  and little girls dripping ice cream
peered into my darkness, and a psychiatrist came and a
college professor and a movie actress in a bikini, and a
Russian spy and a French spy and an English spy,
and a drama critic and a bill collector and an old
girlfriend, and they all asked me, what are you looking for?
and soon it began to rain, atomic submarines
changed course, Tuesday Weld hid behind a newspaper,
Jean-Paul Sartre rolled in his sleep, and my hole filled
with water; I came out black as Africa, shooting
stars and epitaphs, my pockets full of lovely worms,
and they took me to their jail and gave me a shower
and a nice cell, rent-free, and now the people
are picketing in my cause, and I have signed
contracts to appear on the stage and television,
to write a guest column for the local paper and
write a book and endorse some products, I have
enough money to last me several years at the best hotels,
but as soon as I get out of here,
I`m gonna find me another loose slab and begin to dig, dig,
dig, and this time I`m not coming back…rain, shine,
or bikini, and the reporters keep asking, why did you
do it?  but I just light my cigarette and smile…”
Charles Bukowski
“I look like a mermaid?”
“That`s right, huh huh, and I`m gonna stick it in your little fish hole….”
A comedic sketch about quitting smoking, SNL style; very physical, exaggerated comedy (Will Ferrell would be good for this one…)
Guy sits down at a cafe counter and orders a coffee in a take out cup.  Doesn`t know WHAT TO DO WITHOUT CIG.  He plays
with the lid like a frisbee or a top.  He is splashing in his coffee and burns himself.  He is chopping lines with Sweet and Low
and he sniffs a couple and sneezes.  A woman sits next to him and smokes.  He is getting real close, trying to eat the smoke,
sniffing her, sticking out his tongue like a sex pervert, but he`s doesn’t care about her cause she`s fat, he just likes the cigarette.
Now, everyone around him is smoking and he finally just FREAKS OUT.  Grabs every cigarette he get his hands on puffs on it like
a maniac, eyes bugging out of his head, stuffs like 7 in his mouth at once and lights em all, eats one, grabs a carton from a
ladies purse and RUNS out of there.  Everyone is shocked and their reactions to his buffoonery are as priceless as his crazy
behavior.  This one will be a classic….
Oh, I KNOW the Game,
I just don`t have anyone that`s on my side….
So much to give
and no forum
in which to give it….
Sometimes, I`m afraid the furiously buzzing electric utility pole
to the north of my apartment is gonna be the death of me….
Went to the Hash Bar above the Medical Kush Club in Venice with an ocean view and got REALLY HIGH>>….
Me to the SoCal Edison guys that were temporarily turning off our electricity….”I know they are necessary repairs,
guys, but my beers are gettin` warm.”
Edison guy “Well, I guess you should have drank `em BEFORE they got warm, eh?  You knew we were coming.  30 minutes buddy.”
Me (smiling) “Yeah sure, but it`s happy hour NOW.”
He just laughed and took off….
“Start every conversation with a compliment; that makes you a `giver.` “
“The Devil`s claw has five points.”
crazy quotes from a coked-up Gary Busey
I just found a nice little nugget of green bud in my belly button….well I wonder how that got there, guv`nor`……
“I don`t like jail.
They have the wrong kind of bars in there.”
Charles Bukowski
“The man who has no imagination has no wings.”
Muhammed Ali
In politics, even the best of intentions go bad…
WAKING up early is not a problem for me;
actually STANDING up…now, therein lies the problem…
It`s easy to get up for something FUN…..
but for work, it is next to impossible…
For some reason, Johnny Cash`s version of “The Green, Green Grass of Home” always brings a tear to my eye;
it conjures up some deep subconscious image of lost youth and memories and a long-lost happy home…….
Me “Gotta be careful carrying the herb in redneck country….them backwoods sheriffs` ain`t having no `prescription` bullshit…”
Ronnie “I`ll hide it in the barrel of my gun.  They`ll NEVER find it there.  `Why don`t ya look a little closer?` HA!”
“Long after the pool has swallowed my shadow, I stand staring at the water, until not a ripple remains.  The water
is as tranquil and blue as the eyes of the beasts.  I am alone at the furthest periphery of existence.  Here the 
world expires and is still.
Haruki Murakami
“Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World”
Sunday 6/28/09  SUMMER SOLSTICE
Monday 6/29/09  Pretty much a perfect day for me…
Tuesday 6/30/09  A perfect day with Chiharu…
June 2009
Goodbye Michael Jackson…(Don`t Stop Till You Get Enough)
He stopped because he`d had enough…
ALWAYS with the summer skateboard injury…..AAARRRGGHHHHH!!!
2009….another broken rib summer…..
Currently, I am using my wife`s foot as an icepack for my broken rib…
A harmless abstraction in a city of thieves…
Blue Fire, Morning Star and Western Wind…
With all the publicity surrounding Michael Jackson`s death, at his public memorial,
I was almost ready for him to pop out of his gold coffin and start dancing around singing, “Thriller.”
There was an amazing performance by Stevie Wonder  “They won`t go when I go…No one can save me from my destiny…”
“I saw the real coroner`s report on Michael Jackson–
He got run over by tricycles and big wheels…”
The thrill-ride……the gift that keeps on giving….
Remember “A Clockwork Orange?”
Stanley Kubrick`s film will always be more surreal than the copycats, but I must say,
there is a whole new breed of `ultraviolence` in films today; let`s say….
The Transporter
Pulp Fiction
Sin City
yes?  no?
piss off, then…..
Peter Griffin, hanging by his arms from a rope and surrounded by angry Planet of the Apes types…
“Heh, heh, heh, heh (laugh)…
so, how many dirty, stinkin` apes does it take to change a light bulb?
3…..1 dirty, stinkin` ape to screw in the bulb, and 2 dirty, stinkin` apes to throw feces at each other….heh, heh, heh, heh…”
Peter Griffin
“Family Guy”
I laughed for 20 fucking minutes over this one….
stealing guns on a battlefield from corpses; for some sick reason, it`s a funny image to me……
“I`d hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity, but
they`ve always worked for me….”
Hunter S. Thompson
Took a skateboard ride inland for a change….
Standing on top of a brown mountain in Culver City looking towards
Downtown LA across the badlands through a smoggy haze….magic….blessed silence…..
“Alcohol…isn`t that just a temporary solution?”
Homer  “It`s only temporary if you stop drinking!”
“The Simpsons”
Thursday, July 23rd, 2009  Santa Monica Pier
Saw the Squirrel Nut Zippers from North Carolina live….excellent music!
Cut all budgets in CA……..
$6 billion CUT on education
$1.5 billion CUT on healthcare
a whole lot of state parks are being closed too….
Nice….now our kids will be fucking idiots and they will probably die anyway
with such bad healthcare and on top of all that, they`ll have no parks to play in…..!!!
“When are people gonna realize?!?
Homer Simpson
THE END  12/21/12  11:11am
The exact moment of the
conjunction of the path of the winter solstice sun
and the galactic equator of the Milky Way…
The place where the December solstice sun crosses
the Milky Way is precisely the location of the “Dark Rift,”
the road to the underworld, according to the Mayans…
There will be giant sunspots and magnetic fields and MASSIVE solar storms,
which will in turn cause DRASTIC weather anomalies here on earth.
Our sun will be at the EXACT center of the galaxy.
To the Mayans, the center is the cosmic womb; the dead, rebirth…etc……
The end?
The beginning of a new era?
You decide.
We will see.
(how in the hell did the Mayans know so much about space anyway, without
high-powered telescopes and such?)
It`s a long road to the top,
and once you get there,
there`s not much to do
but stand around and wait
for the bottom to fall out again…
from “Eastbound and Down” (the Scream mask hooker episode)
“If there`s one thing I hate, it`s losing; if there`s two things I hate,
it`s losing AND getting cancer.”
Julius Shulman (master architectural photographer)
98 years old….RIP
“Get me another beer, dragon lady, this one`s empty…”
Clint Eastwood as “Walter Kowalski” in the movie, “Gran Torino”
“Chuck Norris doesn`t beg to differ; you beg–he differs.”
initiate sequence…
voice authorization required
“From this path blowing with wildflowers and loose snow, these far-off people
seemed tiny and rather pathetic in their need for witnesses.  `Bullshit!` I yelled
into the wind, smiling…”
Paul Theroux
“The Happy Isles of Oceania”
When I tickle her side, Chiharu is my little Pop n` Fresh…
So an Irishman, an Englishman, and a Scot walk into a bar….
the black bartender says, “Yo man, git the FUCK out!!”
“In dreams begin responsibilities…”
No matter what, I know that I am on the right path to
fulfilling my meaning, my purpose, as it were, because
I have always been true to myself.  I will not change who
I am for anyone or any reason….
In painting, LESS IS MORE…
“…same as it ever was…”
Talking Heads
The worst thing in the world for an old man who is getting older…
Saturday  8/15/09  2am to 4:45am….
Insomniac, reading Murakami`s Kafka on the Shore.
Like a waking dream
I could hear the buzz of the electric lines outside
the sound of automatic sprinklers in the night
silence   palm trees   silence
palms rising out of the morning mist
I could see their haloes
their aura
pure energy
rising out of this living dream
Where are we going?
Sunday August 16th,
Functioning Alcoholic
“…a hollow man, a void that devours all that`s substantial.  There is nothing
“A faint breeze is cutting through the woods making the leaves of the trees around me tremble.  That
anonymous rustling forms ripples on the folds of my mind.  I rest a hand against a tree trunk and close
my eyes.  Those ripples seem to be a sign, a signal of some sort.  These signs reconfigure themselves,
the metaphors transform, and I`m drifting away, away from myself.  I`m a butterfly, flitting along the edges
of creation.  Beyond the edge of the world there`s a space where emptiness and substance neatly overlap,
where past and future form a continuous, endless loop.  And hovering about there are signs no one has
ever read, chords no one has ever heard.”
Haruki Murakami
“Kafka on the Shore”
“Rain falling at the edge of the world”
“Listen to the wind”
 Don`t worry about it,
I`ve got my own mountains to climb…
“The old hometown looks the same
as I step down from the train,
and there to greet me
is my mama and my papa,
down the road I look and there runs Mary,
hair of gold and lips like cherries,
it`s good to touch the green, green grass of home…”
Johnny Cash
(written by Curly Putman  1964)
Great Bukowski Titles:
“It Catches My Heart in its Hands”
“In Defense of a Certain Type of Poetry, A Certain Type of Life,
A Certain Type of Blood-filled Creature Who Will Someday Die”
“A Rambling Essay on Poetics and the Bleeding Life
Written While Drinking a Six-Pack (Tall)”
“Upon the Mathematics of the Breath and the Way”
“Portions From a Wine-Stained Notebook”
“Style means no shield at all.  Style means no front at all.  Style
means ultimate naturalness.  Style means one man alone with
billions of men about.”
“Everything you own must be able to fit inside one suitcase; then
your mind might be free.”
“I hurled myself toward my personal god: SIMPLICITY.  The tighter
and smaller you got it, the less chance there was of error and the
lie.  Genius could be the ability to say a profound thing in a simple
way.  Words were bullets, words were sunbeams, words cracked
through doom and damnation.”
“The money and the tight pussy came too late.”
“There was the day at the corner of Haggerty and 8th when God tumbled
from the sky like a broken kite, falling, falling, the string of power broken…
wound about his throat, a piston-powered spear driven in His heart.
I ran to the vacant lot where He sprawled like a harpooned whale, golden
beads of sweat upon His brow and He winked at me, He winked a magnificent
eye upon me and spoke, `Old man, it`s all been a waste of time, hasn`t it?`
All I know is that I believe in the sound of music and the running of the
horses.  All else is squabble.  I don`t force the hand to write the lie for the
sake of creating another poem.  Death batters at my mind like a wild bat
enclosed in my skull.  I`m going to open another vottle.  Not a vottle, but
a bottle.  You open it and I`ll drink it.  And you try writing as much as I did
without falling off your chair.  Meanwhile, go to hell until you can understand
the desperateness of living art without a false mustache.  I know, I know,
this is not it, this is certainly not it: My head aches like a coconut rolling over
rocks, and the leaves crack under my feet.”
Charles Bukowski
RELIGION is humans trying DESPERATELY to assign meaning to MEANINGLESSNESS…
to assign some type of explanation to the chaos, so we can imagine we have a HAPPY PLACE to go to when we die…
It`s fucking FANTASYLAND….that`s what it is!
Around the Grove, Farmer`s Market, and CBS Studios, nothing says TOURIST like a set of matching t-shirts….
popular MEDIA
it tells us everything we need to know
And if you believe the previous statement, I wanted to tell you I am also opening a brand new
luxury hotel in the magical land of Shangri-La and I would like to send you and 3 of your closest
friends there for a dream vacation in the penthouse of the highest tower and everything will be comped…..
The best conversation I ever had was a quiet philosophical reflection with ME,MYSELF, AND I on an emerald-green
springtime cliff on an isolated promontory at the edge of the Pacific Ocean and the world in San Pedro, CA
in a place called Sunken City….
and that is fine with me….
I was remembering a cold winter night in NYC, slithering drunk down the Bowery through the snow on my belly…..
from McSweeney`s 31….
dates: 220–1912 A.D.
origin: China
practitioners: Duan Chengshi, Ji Yun, Hong Mai, Zhao Yi, Quian Douxin
characteristics: Musings, anecdotes, quotations, `believe it or not` fiction, social anthropology
THIS IS WHAT I DO!  I guess everytime I write a Street Journal, I am writing a BIJI….
The first beer of the day goes fastest…
The second (8th) beer of the day tastes best…
The fifth (11th) beer of the day gets spilled….
The sixth (12th) beer of the day you forget…
The ninth (17th) beer of the day you fall asleep with…
Always a fan of a circle instead of a straight line  (especially when it comes to skateboard adventures or bike rides…)
You are alone
in your dreaming.
You are running freely
through the corridors
of one Dream only,
which belongs to you…
Oh, never let them come
to steal our dreams…
Pablo Neruda
“The most immense thing about beauty is finding it gone.”
Charles Bukowski
“You don`t get rich writing Science Fiction.  If you want to get rich, you start a religion.”
“The only way you can control people is to lie to them.”
L. Ron Hubbard
(founder of “The Church of Scientology”)
(Well, now that I`ve read THAT, I`m gonna go join.  Surely, those fools in their little
blue air-force-looking uniforms have found the one TRUE way to salvation….HA!!)
Looks like Tom Cruise has been right all along…
I just remembered what I call the food runners Leo and Ramon at Marmalade Cafe….
My little Mexican Hamburger Helpers….
Guy with a 15-foot cross on wheels on Sunset…..THE HOLY ROLLER….
Alternate scenarios for an almost mugging……(Ronnie had an incident the other night in Hollywood and this was us laughing about it…)
`You want my money, motherfuckers?!?  I ain`t got no cash, but I got a little SMASH!!`
(Hit all 3 guys in face with baseball bat or 2X4)
`I can`t give you any money, but I can give you a blessing!`
(throw a bucket of acid in their faces)
`I can`t help ya with money, but I can make you look prettier, scumbags!`
(punches all three of them in the face with lightning speed, breaking noses)
Don`t say anything (shoot all three dead)
Mayor Adam West  (“Family Guy”)
Ain`t trespassing great?   Sunken City with Ronnie….8/31/09
The faster I can piss these beers out, the faster I can drink `em….
“You call this a park?!?  It doesn’t even have any graves!!”
Ronnie McCawley
“I got dead bodies in my basement that are better looking than you!”
Ronnie McCawley
“But another part of me can`t get rid of the idea that there is, all the same, a change, and energetic degradation,
a fall, and that we had never before seen a war so reduced to this clash of criminals and puppets, clones and
clowns.  Degree zero of politics.  Height of buffoonery and depth of naked, unadorned violence, reduced to the
bone of its bloody truth.  Even monsters are deflated when theological ages draw to a close.”
Bernard-Henri Levy
“War, Evil, and the End of History”
“You know there`s a lesson here for all of us…
it`s better to WATCH stuff than TO DO stuff…”
Homer Simpson
“History is a field of ruins…
nameless lamentations of individuals,
profound, inconsolable pain…”
Life is a comedy of errors,
of chance meetings,
of love and pain and hate and chaos,
ALL things–tangled, winding roads
leading us to an uncertain nowhere…
“…in the history of the world it might even be that there was more punishment than crime…”
Cormac McCarthy
“The Road”
“To a man with a hammer,
everything looks like a nail.”
Mark Twain
9/7/09  Labor Day
Chiharu and I are adventuring around Southern California…I ALWAYS follow my instincts…
Last night, I kept thinking, `Point Loma, Point Loma…` and now, here we sit at the Point Loma
Vagabond Inn on Scott St.  Only $64 a night.  I`m in my writing chair by the window in room 208.
It has a commanding view of the harbor and downtown San Diego which will be sparkling on the
water in the night later.  I started the day at 6:30am in the Imperial Beach Borderlands, San Ysidro,
skirted the desert on Otay Mesa and Alta roads, went back through Silver Strand, Coronado and
Downtown.  Now we relax at our charming and empty, CLASSIC hotel.  Once again, my traveler`s
instincts have brought us to the perfect spot, away from the crowds and the riffraff.  Tomorrow,
Ocean Beach, Pacific Beach and TACO SURF!!  Hyaaaaaahhhhhh!!  TIME FOR THE POOL NOW…..(after a couple drinks….)
Club Marina   “Home of Semi-Live Entertainment”
….a bar across the street from our hotel where I went alone to get a dose of the local flavor….
a great dive bar with a FULL cast of characters….
Crazy Frog
After the pool……that was the WHITEST shower I`ve ever had in my life…
the afternoon sunlight just BEAMING through the window and the water
was falling like shining crystals of light…..
I can see this place (Umi Sushi) in its previous incarnation as a diner–
50s or 60s style…CLASSIC….the food was fresh and delicious, genuine Japanese food….
(little did I know at this time that I would get MORE than enough of THAT kind of food soon enough…)
“Where in the Bible does it say a man can`t fire off some knuckle-children in the privacy
of his own home?  If it does say it, where is it?  The Bible is a pretty big book.”
Peter Griffin
“Family Guy”
“Hear the Wind Sing”
my day off AFTER San Diego…
lurking in Venice…
“Got to hold on to this feeling….”
Bob Marley and the Wailers
“Buddha Cheese” green herbal medicine…(a gift from Pacific Beach)
Thank you, Jennifer…
Sometimes, when driving through LA on a particularly irritating day, I notice all the drivers
in their stupid, shiny, little tin coffins…and imagine them as bobble-heads yapping nonsense
with their cellphones glued to their misshapen heads…..and then I laugh and turn up the music…
“All that you touch
and all that you see,
is all your life will ever be….”
Pink Floyd
“huh, huh, huh….you wanna play some pocket pool……?”
“Lovers of prostitutes
are happy, fresh and satisfied;
as for me,
my arms are broken
for having embraced the clouds…”
Charles Baudelaire
“For a minute there
I lost myself
I lost myself…”
Thursday 9/17/09  5:45am
Bike riding alone before dawn through Marina del Rey, the smell of blooming flowers permeates the morning mist
before the city traffic and smog comes to diminish this beautiful moment.  The streets are quiet, empty.  Howling
dogs across the channel of Ballona Creek, a tiny sliver of a crescent moon hangs low in the east over the rising
sun.  The sky is lavender, cobalt blue, indigo, tinged with streaks of peach and electric orange.  Seagulls cry out
and other seabirds fly low over the glassy water.  Brown mountains float in the distance across the great city.
The ocean next to me is majestic and endless and deep, deep blue.  I am alone and happy and free…
The palms, the sea, the beach…all bathed in a golden morning light…..IT`S SO BEAUTIFUL I CAN BARELY STAND IT….!
(It`s almost as if, deep down, I KNEW that I would be denied all these things very soon, that I was to be FAR AWAY from  my beloved ocean in a remote mountain town…)
“Do you think a man can change his destiny?”
“I think a man does what he can until his destiny is revealed…”
I`m not getting older….earth`s gravity is getting stronger…
Genius needs no reasons and no explanations…..
“All else can be lost…
In the end, the only thing you can really OWN is YOUR STORY…
I`m just trying to live a good one…”
Harmonic Convergence  and  Superstring Theory
That the universe is made up of 10 dimensions that interact and blend vibrations like violin or guitar strings….




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