By Tom H. Brooks 3

1.  Music From a Distant Room
     strange diagrams and esoteric texts
2.  Cerebral Snapshots
     genius and idiocy, all in one
3.  Dead Celebrity Quotes
     words of wisdom and folly
4.  New and Original Innovations
     straight from me to you
5.  Word Paintings
     stories of faraway lands
6.  Visceral Imagery
     stomach-churning anecdotes
7.  Dreams and Nightmares
     in other words–EVERY DAY
8.  Random Thoughts
     eccentric ramblings and severe dementia
9.  Life As You Know It
     contradictions, coincidence and paradox
10. Philosophical Ruminations
      trying to get to the root of the matter
and MORE in this exciting issue!!
“…everyone will be shuffling around in slippers, boiling chicken.”
Jay Bearden  (referring to the problem with living in an apartment building in Chinatown, NYC)
Young Japanese dudes in “Hello Kitty” slippers and wearing girl`s hair clips really piss me off for some reason….
I just wanna karate-chop `em in the throat….
I don`t like those goddamned face masks either…
Adventure drive to Yunomarukogen, Unnojuku, a pizza place in Komoro and Miyota Ghost Town and finally….a NICE pool at Tomi Chuo Park…..
Later that night, a beautiful full orange moonrise on a humid summer night…
And the finale……FIREWORKS….(you can buy `em at the supermarket..)
Last thing, a drunken viewing of Charlie Chaplin in City Lights on YouTube….
“We all swirl slowly down into the muck.  We all go back to the mud.  Until we rise again in threads of light.”
Anthony Doerr
“Memory Wall”
With a few rare exceptions, people just seem to get dumber and dumber…
I weep for the future.  It`s like we`re DEvolving…
maybe we`ll slowly turn back into amphibious creatures and then crawl back
into the filthy oceans to live in fish-like, ignorant bliss in the pollution at the
bottom of the sea.  Anything can happen and it will…..
As I`ve said before, when I first came to Japan, I had thought that cuckoo birds were just stupid Swiss clocks.
But now, I hear one every morning outside with its monotonous call–CUCKOO!  CUCKOO!  CUCKOO!  Somehow,
its SO appropriate…and NOISY.  Now I WISH they were just clocks!  ( I mean…they actually fucking EXIST! )
Up at 4am before a fiery peach sunrise.  Skateboarded west through emerald-green rice fields to Komoro.  There is NOTHING in the world
like the FREEDOM-feeling of setting off on a limitless skateboard adventure in the cool early morning air.  40+ years of skateboarding has
taken me full circle from early Dogtown-style boards in the 70s, through many other shapes and sizes and trends up to the Sector 9 longboards
and then BACK to Dogtown in an innovative improvement on the originals.  My trusty Arbor “Pocket Rocket” skateboard.  Yes, me and my
skateboards….we`ve come a  L O N G  way together, baby.  Now I`m 42 fucking years old and skateboarding through the remote mountains
of Nagano, Japan.  Who saw THAT coming, eh?!?
I think I was an explorer in another life (as well as THIS one, obviously…).  I find the damnedest places and things with NO MAPS!  I am a
walking GPS.
It is now 6:31 am and I am on the train to Karuizawa, back-tracking in the direction I have just ridden through.  East, east…higher in the lush,
green forests of Mount Asama Volcano.
7:40am–Kumoba-Ike Pond, taking some new MASTERPIECE photos.  It is beautiful, just me and the birds.  As usual, I do more before 9am
than most people will do in their entire lives.
9:00am–Wandering aimlessly through the forest.  I couldn`t care less exactly WHERE I am.  It just doesn`t matter.  It is GORGEOUS…
10:00am–A small observation for you…I am on a famous shopping street in Karuizawa.  All the myths about Japanese tourists are true:
They shuffle around in slippers, they wear funny hats and arm covers, even on the hottest days (like today) to protect pasty, white flesh
from the sun.  They say `domo` a lot, and they travel in packs of 10 or more on average.
10:30am–Video games and bowling at the Prince Shopping Mall, a short walkabout through the crowds to check out the sexy chicks and
then back to the quiet of the forest.  I bowled 2 strikes in a row for a double, and then later…3 strikes in a row for a turkey.  I tied my previous
record of 172.  Not bad, not bad at all.  However, my bowling is very INCONSISTENT….next time I might bowl a 99…who cares?
12pm High Noon–These rides just aren`t the same without my herb.  I still have fun though.  I am at my one and only Mexican restaurant in
Nagano Prefecture…El Pancho.  I am having cheese enchiladas, tacos de pollo, refried beans, rice, chips and salsa and a Negra Modelo beer.
Cesar, the new waiter, and his wife, Lareina–both totally cool and genuine Mexicans from Mexico City.  My heart is filled with joy.
1:30pm– Met a sexy blonde girl named Mercy who is here for the summer from the vicinity of Dallas, Texas.  RANDOM sighting…
1:40pm– Bathing in the afterglow of Mexican Food bliss, I sit in green forest glades drinking beer for dessert.  My cup runneth over….indeed….
I`m getting a little tired, so I`ll go home soon.  No hurry though, no hurry at all…
4:00pm– EPIC run down the mountain from Miyota station–I told you before; this place was made for downhill skateboarding.  Right as I turned
onto my street, a light summer rain started falling with soft, rumbling thunder sounding in the distance.  An excellent day of escape and euphoria,
topped off with a belt of whiskey and a beer on my porch…YESSUH!
7/19/11  2:00am
I wake up with an unsettling feeling.  A BIG, white moon behind swiftly moving gray clouds.  A cool, haunting wind howls across the land and
crazy dreams…
7/19 and 7/20……..DREAMSCAPE
It`s fun to be crazy like me…
ME, MYSELF, and I……
The three of us, yeah, we have some FASCINATING conversations…
“The self cannot be escaped, but it can be, with some ingenuity and hard work, distracted.”
Donald Barthelme
Adventure to Takaminekogen Heights and Tomi City pool and Komoro….another excellent day…
Good photo series titles for Japan:
What Goes Up, Must Come Down
A Million Shades of Green
2011–Summer of Scotch
Another epic skateboard run… I was WAY UP in the Karuizawa mountains.  From below it looks like rugged wilderness but if you have the energy
and willpower to get up there, you will find many houses nestled and hidden beneath the shade of the trees.  A Garden of Eden, indeed…
Signed an old, forgotten visitor book at the top of the mountain at Hanareyama Park (1255.9 meters) in bear country.  I`m never afraid, but when my
instincts say turn around, I listen.  I feel like there was a BIG-ASS BEAR waiting for me around the bend.  Or maybe that was just my vivid imagination
kicking into overdrive.  It`s really of no consequence one way or another.
Later, I was pulling on the locked doors in an abandoned shopping mall and one of `em OPENED.  To my extreme surprise, I think it was someone`s
apartment.  I RAN AWAY LAUGHING.
10:20am– Most people are drinking coffee about now, but I am drinking BEER.
12:00 noon– Another delicious lunch with Cesar and Lareina at El Pancho.  My day is made.
7/24/11  (continued…)
Amy Winehouse: REST IN PEACE
While I was out skateboarding around Nagano, she was found dead in her London apartment at 27 years old.  A long time ago, I used to think I`d be dead
at 27.  I was wrong.  I`m glad I`m still here.  I would have missed so much.  Amy, with your crazy, lovable beehive hair and your tattoos…sleep well, baby.
I hope it`s better over there on the other side for you.  I still think you have an amazing, beautiful voice…
If you don`t know her music, Google    Amy Winehouse–Love Is a Losing Game (live)    and watch it on YouTube (uploaded by powderbaby25)
It`s got some SERIOUS soul…
Another Installment of Funny Japanese Bad Grammar and Spelling (t-shirts, signs, products etc…)
t-shirt  “EVERLUBE PERMA-SLIK G”  (Don`t ask me; I`m just reporting what I saw…)
massage place  “RELAXASION REPOSER”  (I don`t think `reposer` is even a word…it`s REPOSE, not `reposer`)
a disgusting fish sausage product  “HOMO SAUSAGE”  (This is the one that made me laugh the hardest…it exists…)
           TELL ME HOW DO IT”                           (This doesn`t make sense no matter how I try to decipher it…)
t-shirt  “THE TRUE TO LIFE
           THE TIME WHEN IT IS FILLED”    (I hope you realize that I couldn`t possibly make this shit up…)
Again, doesn`t ANYONE even consider getting a proofreader if they`re going to make these appalling attempts at English?!?
My minibar (updated 7/25/11)
Jack Daniels
Wild Turkey
Cutty Sark
Bowmore Islay Single Malt
The MACALLAN Single Malt
Glenfiddich (Valley of the Deer)
If you haven`t noticed, I`m a whiskey man….
“I feel that art has something to do with the achievement of stillness in the midst of chaos.  A stillness which characterizes prayer
too, and the eye of the storm.  I think that art has something to do with an arrest of attention in the midst of distraction.”
“People can lose their lives in libraries.  They ought to be warned.”
Saul Bellow
Friday, 7/29/11   JAPANNIVERSARY
I have been living in Japan exactly one year TODAY…
Reflections On My First Year in Japan
What a long, strange trip it`s been, to quote the Grateful Dead.  Only one year in Japan and it feels like a lifetime.  So many strange
experiences, utterly and completely FOREIGN in their nature.  I`ve lived a crazy life, but I never saw THIS coming.  NOTHING could
have prepared me for the onslaught of culture shock that I have been living every day.
I have had many good days and many bad ones; in other words, the same as life anywhere.  But it`s NOT the same as America…not
in any way.  I`ve learned a lot and have much still to learn.  Whole new worlds have been opened up to me and others, I`m afraid, have
been closed off forever.  Years of working in restaurants has somehow led me to teaching English, of all things.  I am utterly and
completely alone, but I have always been alone, especially on my manic skateboard adventures (with the notable exceptions of Dave
and Ronnie…).  With few people to speak English with, besides Chiharu, of course, my best conversations are talking to myself.  But
then again, I`ve always done THAT too.
There are many new photo opportunities for me and I have a lot of time to work on my writing and other artistic pursuits because life here
is lacking in the myriad of distractions that I love and yet that send one off course from projected goals and dreams.  There are many new
dreams to live here.  The possibilities are limitless as I step through new doors every day.  My solitude really does give me a lot of time
for philosophical reflection and creativity.  I write new stories and my visions are refreshed in a whole new way.  Who among us really
knows what the future holds?  Surely, not I…………
I have a few Brazilian, and Peruvian acquaintances here who speak Japanese and Spanish and a little English.  So, I find myself have conversations
mixed up into 3 languages, comical indeed, but if I wave my arms around like a monkey, I usually manage to get my point across.  How do I
understand what they say to me?  I don`t know, but I`m getting better at it every day.
Ryujin o Matsuri Festival, Miyota, Japan  7/30/11
One year, everything comes full circle…it was pissing rain all evening, but that only made it more dramatic and hallucinatory; samurais
fighting in the mist and dragons breathing fire and all…..SPECTACULAR!  Something about the primal beat of the drums stirs my heart
and makes my eyes water and my mind wanders….
So I`m skateboarding down an EMPTY country road at 5:09 in the goddamned morning and some stupid cop in Mickey Mouse gloves has the
NERVE to actually pull me over…ON A SKATEBOARD–HA!!  He tells me I can`t skateboard in the street, and yet, there are NO SIDEWALKS!
I was in the middle of a fucking rice field, I mean, come on!  So I give him a fake smile and a fake sorry.  As soon as his car was out of sight,
I jumped back on my board and road away laughing hysterically.  I didn`t listen to cops in America, so why in the hell would I listen to these
clowns here?  They don`t even have guns!  SAKU CITY BLUE!!  jackasses…..
Oh, but you can ride BIKES in the street.  I see 89-year-old farmers who can barely see, weaving all over the road, creating danger for themselves
AND the people in cars who are passing them.  I, on the other hand, have PERFECT control of my board and I CAN see and I know EXACTLY
what I`m doing.  Of course, the irony of this would go over the head of those brainless little piggies.  Those idiots just wanted something to do.
To hell with `em…..CARPE DIEM!!
7:40am–It`s pissing rain in Karuizawa and foggy; beautiful, but not ideal for skating.  So then, I`ll walk.  All this for MEXICAN FOOD….HA!!  If there
was a taco shop at the top of Mount fucking Fuji, I would climb it every week!  I couldn`t be stopped.  Meanwhile, it`s still raining….
I`ll go buy a beer for breakfast and an umbrella and begin my rainy morning adventure.  I`m still laughing about that dumb, little piggy.  No street
presence whatsoever.  He looked like a librarian in a funny little blue uniform.  Some crazy niggas from Compton or some hard-hitting esses
from Boyle Heights would skin him alive.  He`s lucky the hardest thing he has to deal with is me or someone stealing a bag of rice…
7:55am–I saw a crow pecking at something on the side of the road and trying to pick it up.  Then, as I got closer, I saw why he couldn`t grab it
as he flew away.  It was the BIGGEST damn frog or toad I`ve EVER seen!….reddish-brown with a slight green tinge.  As big as a baseball
catcher`s mit, he was, and he proceeded to shuffle/walk across the street instead of hopping, to sit under a nice bush in the gutter.  Hey….
did you ever hear the one about why the frog crossed the street?  He got tired of waiting for Miss Piggy, so he went to get a whore!  HA!
9:02am–I love the smell of freshly fallen rain in the trees, everything so unbelievably green…
10:50am–I`m in that abandoned shopping mall again, having a smoke.  I hear relentless muzak piping from unseen speakers.  I`m on my third beer–
wait a minute, I KNOW this song….!…`s the muzak version of Christopher Cross, “caught between the moon and New York City…..”
PRICELESS.  As I always say, irony is EVERYWHERE, if you`re paying attention….
12:03pm–The finale.  The REAL reason I came up here.  MEXICAN FOOD.  As I do every Sunday lately, I ate a delicious meal at El Pancho.  Cesar
and Lareina really hooked me up…2 special salsas, fresh guacamole, an amazing carnitas taco with enchiladas, a free shot of Don Julio tequila with
lime for dessert, AND two bottles of El Yucateco green habanero sauce TO GO!  I love those two!  Time out for a siesta.  Today was a slice of heaven…
over and OUT……
“Everything that we see around us, everything that we discover in our past, or which could possibly
comprise the future–all of this is a limitless world of projects.”
Ilya Kabakov
(Russian Installation Artist)
School #6 in Marfa, Texas
regarding his interest in the natural world….
“All of it,
all the way out…”
Donald Judd
(Marfa, Texas)
from SOHO, NYC to Marfa…..
Japan 7/30, 7/31, 8/1, 8/2 ( a bad one…)
(I had a great face drawn in my book, but I can`t recreate it here so the above
cute little things will have to suffice to get my point across….)
brief intermission 
SATORI  悟り  enlightenment; a special moment of clarity   ( occurs from 3 to 5 am when you wake up constantly from rumblers….{we`re all going to DIE} )
Voting for ANY politician kills angels…
There is absolutely NO REASON to be alive unless you are having fun and enjoying yourself…
maybe if words are really small they will read better
because they will force you to concentrate
or maybe they will seem
more important if they are
or maybe they will say more if they are in red
or perhaps blue
or , I guess it could be best to present them underlined for clarity of purpose…
but, in the end, I suspect that leaving them alone and letting the words speak for themselves is probably enough….
“The Circus Elephants Look Sad Because They Are”
John Warner
Sitting on the porch in the POURING rain in swim trunks with a beer and a cigarette, cackling like a lunatic hyena
with every bolt of lightning and crash of thunder……..pure lunacy……INVIGORATING!
“Imagine an alcoholic with a barrel of wine in front of him.  Suppose he starts saying to himself, `Wine isn`t bad for you if used
in moderation.  Why, they say small amounts are even good for you!  It won`t do me any harm if I take one little drink…`
Well, you know what is going to happen.
“The system does not and cannot exist to satisfy human needs.  Instead, it is human behavior that has to be modified to fit
the needs of the system.  This has nothing to do with the political or social ideology that may pretend to guide the technological
system.  It is the fault of technology, because the system is guided not by ideology but by technical necessity.  Of course the
system does satisfy many human needs, but generally speaking it does this only to the extent that it is to the advantage of the
system to do it.  It is the needs of the system that are paramount, not those of the human being.
Theodore J. Kaczynski (“The Unabomber”)
“Industrial Society and Its Future”
(doesn`t really sound THAT crazy, does it?)
Of course, he was BOMBING people….so I can`t say I approve of his methods….
It is kind of a ridiculous irony too, isn`t it, reading the Unabomber`s Manifesto ONLINE on a computer, you know, TECHNOLOGY and the SYSTEM and all?……
I haven`t gotten any e-mails or phone calls for MANY days from any of my friends in America.  “Outta sight, outta mind,” isn`t that what they say?  It seems
that I`ve been all but completely forgotten.  I`m so far off the grid here in the mountains of Japan that I might as well have disappeared off the face of the earth.
I could have moved to one of the remote moons of Jupiter or the outer rings of Saturn and it wouldn`t have made any difference at all…
To top it off, it appears that my Mexican restaurant in Karuizawa has already closed down after only a 5 week run.  Goddamn these Japanese for not embracing
the culinary magic of enchiladas!  Well, this is shaping up to be a great fucking Monday, isn`t it?!?
You know, I would learn to make my own Mex food if I could possibly find the goddamned ingredients.
But you can`t.  All you can find here are noodles and rice and fucking fish…
T     S E    W         D   S     C     U L D    B E      A        S~N~A~K~E     , A   PARASITE………….A PLAGUE……..::::::********
 H E             O  R                  O                                                                                                       ::::::::::::::::::::::::::
“Moral gray areas…learn to accept them.  Learn to swim in them.”
Jack Daniel`s……it`ll cure what ails ya…..
“I Curse the River of Time”
Per Petterson
I am the invisible man…
people see through me
they don`t see what I am
I am a phantom
amongst robots
I walk alone
I speak
I write
I send words
into a disinterested universe
while everyone reads comic books
and watches TV
The waves crash on a distant shore
The rivers flow
I am misunderstood
in a deep green valley
boxed in by mountains
I am isolated
empty air
a puff of wind
I`m gone
I am the invisible man…
8/14/11  5:30pm
The most intense thunderstorm EVER!  Lightning in a black sky, typhoon winds, TURBULENCE.  It moves
overhead towards Karuizawa and then…..SUNLIGHT…..just like that, the sky is blue again as the sun sets.
To the east, an ebony darkness.  WEATHER; the most fascinating show on earth….
No one even notices.  They are all inside WATCHING TV.
My favorite hobby in Miyota….SLEEPING for 12 hours a day.  Dreams, the other world…..because THERE IS NOTHING ELSE TO DO!
Chuck Norris once ordered a Big Mac at Burger King…..and got one.
“The best way to prepare for travel is to throw some bread and wine
in a sack and jump over the backyard fence.”
John Muir
(I know I`ve written this before–I DON`T CARE–truer words were never spoken…)
“How can we sing our song in a strange land?…”
“By the Rivers of Babylon” and from Psalms in the Bible…
Happy birthday Charles Bukowski; I may be the only person alive who STILL celebrates
the birthday of this rare character, the one and only, the BUKOWSKI…
You wouldn`t believe it here in Japan at the finale of the Obon festival for the dead….
orange moon rising, heat lightning beyond it and crazy traditional Japanese music
and drums rolling across the valley in waves of sound…surreal, nothing less…..
I raise my drink to the warm night and I smile, knowingly…..
I`ve been OBONED…..(meaning the vacation we had planned has fallen through….goddamnit!!)
8/17/11  Modern Day Magellan…..
Somehow, with no maps or GPS, as usual, I made it all the way from Miyota to Ueda in the car today
on back mountain and valley roads without even touching Route 18.  Now if you saw the landscape
here, you would realize that this is quite a feat, indeed, being that the few signs I saw were in
Japanese…How do I do it?  BUILT-IN GPS, JACK!!
RADIO SILENCE…..10 days…….
1969–the year of Woodstock, Altamont Speedway, the Moon-landing and so much more, oh yeah, and I WAS ALSO BORN.
A lot happened in 1969.  I was born in a fascinating time, the world`s transition from the Industrial Age to the Age of Technology,
the so-called `Information Age.`  I`d say, I`ve adapted nicely–a flower child to a robot child in an ever-changing worldscape
that moves faster and faster every year.  All I want to know is when the FUCK will we see flying cars?!?  SERIOUSLY!
Something I`ve never seen before….in the east, PINK lightning in a cobalt-blue twilight sky…..hallucinatory…
He was always a HELL OF A DRINKER…
“Like a Tiger in a Cage”
Saturday 8/20/11  Matsubarako Lake  (with Chiharu; a beautiful day; I helped her escape from the hospital for a few hours, where she`s staying AGAIN, goddamnit ! )
Sunday   8/21/11  Nagano City–Ohara Museum of Art  (alone)
8/21/11  Nagano City
Patio Daimon Kuraniwa–
The bathroom I used in Nagano City smelled distinctly of wasabi…strange, yes?  Better than smelling like SHIT, I suppose…
So fucking weird to hear Astrud Gilberto Brasilia in there too…
Later, I found a little logcabin-looking bar called INDIA on a narrow backstreet.  It had a very low doorway so I had to duck when I pulled on the door.
It was closed apparently, but the door pulled open.  It was dim and dark inside with a full bar beckoning to me.  I could`ve poured myself a few drinks,
I suspect, and gotten away with it, but I gave `em a break.  I used the pisser and left.  I`d already had plenty of beers anyway.
Some stupid, half-blind older guy hit my arm really hard with his bike and knocked my stuff out of my hand–NO APOLOGY–just a nasty glare in my
direction.  What a fucking scumbag.  He`s lucky I`m in a fairly good mood.  So I picked up my bag, gave him a look of death and walked away.
I hope he got hit by a car later in the day…
You see, not EVERYONE in Japan is polite….it`s a myth….
Shitstain McGee
Many people seem to think of music as background or an accompaniment to life, but I think of it as a main attraction,
something you really LISTEN to and concentrate on like you watch a movie…
I`m telling ya, man, if you want something done right, you gotta do it YOURSELF…
Watching these people drive in Japan, I`ve come to the conclusion that the whole `kamikaze` pilot concept in WW2 was NOT intentional.
The just CRASHED the planes because they COULDN`T FLY THE GODDAMNED THINGS!
So, I pick up the dry-cleaning for Ryoko.  They give me 7 items.  Only 2 were ours, how was I to know?  A guy comes to pick it up at the house
and takes 5 back.  15 minutes later, he returns with 1 item–WRONG AGAIN.  I trade him for something else.  A lot of bowing and apologies on his
part, I smile and say no problem.  He gives me a tall, ice-cold Asahi Super Dry.  What just happened?!?
 “This is the end, beautiful friend,
this is the end, my only friend, the end,
the end of laughter and soft lies,
the end of nights we tried to die,
this is THE END…”
Jim Morrison
something I saw on YouTube during Hurricane Irene…
Slip n Slide in Times Square….leave it to a bunch of crazy New Yorkers to make a hurricane fun…HA!!
crazy fuckers, damn, I miss `em!
“If our thoughts can imprison us, it stands to reason that they can also set us free…”
“Suffering is borne of desire.”
Cletus McGillicuddy is so stupid…
1) that he washes his dishes with a garden hose and his underwear in the toilet
2) he once went into a church DURING MASS and tried to order some bread and wine….TO GO….
3) he once drove his pick-up truck through the front wall of a police station drunk
    with a bottle of Jack Daniels between his legs and proceeded to order a Big Mac
    from the desk sergeant.  I think WE KNOW what happened next…
“Hence it comes that all armed prophets have been victorious and all unarmed prophets have been destroyed.”
“I`m not interested in preserving the status quo; I want to overthrow it.”
“If we must choose between them, it is far safer to be feared than loved.”
“Never was anything great achieved without danger.”
“If an injury has to be done to a man it should be so severe that his vengeance need not be feared.”
“Everyone sees what you appear to be, few experience what you really are.”
“A prince being thus obliged to know well how to act as a beast must imitate the fox and the lion, for the lion
cannot protect himself from snares, and the fox cannot defend himself from wolves.  One must therefore be
a fox to recognize snares, and a lion to frighten wolves.  Those who wish to be only lions DO NOT UNDERSTAND
Niccolo Machiavelli
“The Prince”
“Be extremely subtle, even to the point of formlessness; be extremely mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness.”
“What is essential to war is VICTORY, not prolonged operations.”
“Victorious warriors win FIRST and THEN go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.”
“The Art of War”
7-11 sandwich and salad picnic by a bamboo forest–things could be worse.  A typhoon is on the way.  GIANT spiders and a hornet`s nest…
A temple in the rock face of a cliff…
Trial and error, trial and error, baby….I can find my way ANYWHERE….
Dreams do come true……..yume ga kana u…….
I just never know what`s gonna happen next…
Life is absolutely unpredictable and so am I….
“Key to the Highway   by Big Bill Broonzy (also covered by Little Walter and Eric Clapton)
             A                E                 D                                D7
I got the key to the highway, I`m booked out and bound to go,
                 A                           E                                 A     E
I`m gonna leave here running, `cause walking`s much to slow…
(same throughout with blues riffs)
I`m going back to the bottom (border?), where I belong,
`cause you ain`t done nothing, but drive a good man from his home,
Gimme one more kiss, mama, just before I go,
when I leave this time, girl, I won`t be back no more,
When the moon come over the mountain, I`ll be on my way,
I`m gonna roam this highway, until the break of day,
Well then so long, so long, babe, I must say goodbye,
I`m gonna roam this highway, till the day I die…”
YouTube   Mississippi Blues by RL Burnside
trust me, if you like blues, you`ll love this…
One of my students, Yujiro Terao, gave me a beauty of an acoustic guitar…what a great guy!
Christmas has come very early this year, indeed…..
Oh man, life is such a fucking JOKE!  You HAVE to laugh because the only other option is to cry yourself to sleep
every night and, of course, THAT would do no good at all.  Just keep plugging away and hope for the best.  2012–
I guess we`ll see what happens next…
After reading books about Obama AND Bush (for ironic contrast), I`ve concluded that the current state of affairs is no
one man`s fault nor is there any easy solution.  It is the world itself, religious conflicts at the forefront, political differences,
the constant struggle for power, and the big one….OVERPOPULATION.  The world, this world… is a snake pit of souls…
I weep for the future…
“We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand.”
Randy Pausch
“The Last Lecture”
but they can be nice too…
For those who don`t know, for people who do not understand……..
The most difficult, tedious, BORING job on earth; working a 12 hour shift in a CLOCK STORE…
an earthly version of HELL, if you will….
“If your left foot hurts, my right foot will hurt.  If you`re suffocated by life, my breathing will cease too.  If, when you want to
express your love, there`s nothing but a black hole, then I won`t be able to love either.  If you sell your soul to the devil, a
dagger will stab my chest too.”
Miguel de Unamono
“It was a day in March.
Never, never begin a story this way when you write one.  No opening could possibly be worse.  It is unimaginative, flat, dry, and
likely to consist of mere wind.  But, in this instance it is allowable.  For the following paragraph, which should have inaugurated
the narrative, is too wildly extravagant and preposterous to be flaunted in the face of the reader without preparation.”
“Women are the natural enemies of clocks.”
O. Henry
 Sure, it`s true, things could be worse…
but they could be better too….
A pleasant, but  L O N G  Sunday drive….
First, Chiharu and I went to Musee le Vent Museum in Karuizawa (founded by Isaku Nishimura)….nice, but not as great as Sezon Museum.
Then we went to Onioshidashi (1322 meters) Lava Fields, on the northern side of Mount Asama Volcano
Then we drove to Kusatsu in Gunma Prefecture.  Beautiful old buildings and a lingering sulfur stink from the natural hot springs  (a lovely, stinky town)
I can`t forget the `Melody Line`, these crazy ridges on the road that made a distinct musical tune as we drove over them.  Craziest thing I`ve ever heard!
I can barely describe it….
Gunma!!  I finally got out of Nagano!!
And we got LOST for a while on the way home, but as usual, I found our way back eventually…
Hot Pepper Science
The Scoville Scale   (SHU)=Scoville Heat Units
It indicates the amount of capsaicin (a chemical compound) that is in the pepper…
Hottest Peppers in the world as of 9/20/11
Pepper                                                 (SHU)
Trinidad Scorpion Butch T                    1,463,700
Naga Viper Pepper                               1,382,118
Bhut Jolokia (I have a sauce with this)   1,000,000   {this one is also known as the `Ghost Pepper` from India}
Red Savina Habanero                            577,000
Pure Capsaicin                                    15,000,000   (this might kill you)
oh, Wild Turkey, you Devil Bird….
“Making love with a woman and sleeping with a woman are two separate passions, not merely different but opposite.
Love does not make itself felt in the desire for copulation (a desire that extends to an infinite number of women)
but in the desire for shared sleep (a desire limited to one woman).”
Milan Kundera
“The Unbearable Lightness of Being”
“I am a genius and nobody knows it but me.”
Charles Bukowski
“A man who knows the price of everything
and the value of nothing.”
Oscar Wilde
Whether I stay here in Japan or go back to America, I don`t think I will ever be truly happy again.  All innocence is long
lost, youth slips away, love falters, dreams are shattered, and I sink slowly beneath the raging waters and fall deeper
into the darkness of the endless abyss…
It`s all meaningless…empty gestures on the road to nowhere…
The Dead Flower
My love
like a fallen flower
rotting in the dead grass
going back to the earth
from whence it came…
It seems as if
there is no meaning
to this life
All things are lost
in the mists of time
Everything dies
the sun sets
the moon rises
We are shrouded in darkness
I sit here
staring at a dead flower
with a heavy heart
A cold wind blows
and tells me nothing,
nothing at all…
Miyota, Japan
Ahh, what`s the point?!?
9/23/11  Travel Time
FINALLY got to drive to Ishikawa Prefecture with Chiharu after the last hospital stay.  Flying down the expressway until Niigata where the lingering typhoon
rains had us stuck in a 2000 meter tunnel under a mountain for AT LEAST an hour.  TORTURE.  Talk about claustrophobia!!  I flipped a u-turn when we came
out of the tunnel before we went into the next one, backtracked and found a coast road and rejoined the freeway WAY LATER.  It was further than we thought
but we made it by 5pm.  BEAUTIFUL.  We stayed at a minshuku (a Japanese Inn) or maybe it was a ryokan (what`s the difference?).  Oh, my beloved ocean…
we are here in a room with a view of the Sea of Japan as the sun sets over the ocean.  A great dinner and an amazing adventure in progress….
I was lulled to sleep by the soft rhythm of the waves lapping gently at the shore and was stirred awake in the morning by the same peaceful sound.  4am and
a billion stars and a crescent moon are shining brightly overhead in the cool darkness of dawn an hour before sunrise….GORGEOUS….
We made it to Hachigasaki Beach, an amazing place with trees right down to the shore.  It`s about 7am and there is no one in sight.  I wade into the water
in my swim trunks and it is warm and peaceful, but I have to be careful because I am told there are thousands of jellyfish at this time.  That`s the last thing
I need…
Later, after driving through the mountains aimlessly, we found an old place called Tokukunike House from 1185 A.D. or 1634 A.D…..I`m not sure, these Japanese
dates are all FUCKED UP.  Either way, it`s OLD and beautifully preserved….
Finding spectacular places on your own, NO tour buses or pamphlets or GPS, OFF the beaten path–THIS is the most rewarding kind of travel…
Sosogi Coast–a waterfall into the sea, something I`ve never seen…
Rokkozaki Point–the very END of the fish hook that is this peninsula…
I saw PALM trees in Ishikawa, LONG TIME NO SEE……
2pm–back to Hachigasaki Beach for a picnic…still nobody….IDYLLIC…
Ishikawa–so many lovely and dramatic mountains, so many hidden treasures, unbelievable coastlines, so many stars in the sky–my favorite part of Japan….SO FAR….
Farewell for now, Ishikawa….
Anamizu Town….driving through crazy places on the way home….following the coast all the way back to Niigata until I HAVE TO go back inland….
Seriously, this weekend, I had 3 separate incidents with suicidal cats running in front of the car, barely escaping death because of my lightning quick reactions….WTF?!?
Is this a bad sign?
Home at last.  Drove 665 kilometers.  I wish I was still on that beach.
Japan: Well one thing`s for sure…this place is NOT lacking in comedic episodes…
Wednesday 9/28/11
Driving to work down some crazy backroads that I have discovered, I found the most amazing temple I have yet seen in Japan.  I found out later that it is called NUNOBIKIKANNON.
It is in Komoro at the edge of the Tomi City border.  I climbed a long and difficult stairway up a rocky gorge in the mountain with deep green trees and tangled vines and bamboo,
making it feel like a holy pilgrimage.  The path was strewn with little statues and guardians and mystical symbols and little caves and tiny, streaming waterfalls.  After an extremely
arduous monk`s journey, I finally made it to the top and found a few VERY OLD temple buildings and then the prize, a bright red temple structure built on stilts right into the rugged
rock face of the cliff.  It was pristine and holy and surrounded by bamboo forest.  The most incredible place I`ve yet found because it seemed forgotten.  Of course, no one but a crazy
bastard such as myself would want to climb that many fucking stairs up a mountain just to see a temple when there are hundreds of temples in Japan right next to a parking lot.  This
place will continue to live on in my dreams, never to be forgotten and naturally, I will be back anyway to take photos…
(if you don`t already know, my friends, ALL OF THESE THINGS I talk about in these crazy books are photographed and in slideshows on My YouTube Channel;
just go to Google and type in   tomhbrooks3   all as one word, NO SPACES, and it will come up.  This place, Nunobikikannon is spectacular…)
The message of the 1000 steps:
Enlightenment is a long and difficult journey and can only be found with much effort, willpower, and persistence….but the reward….well, THAT is beyond mere words…
“When the world is on your shoulders
gotta straighten up your act and boogie down
If you can`t hang with the feeling
then there ain`t no room for you this part of town…
…`cause we`re the party people night and day,
 living crazy, that`s the only way…”
Michael Jackson
“Off the Wall”  (one of my favorites when I was a kid; playing as I finished driving to work…)
Saw a snake on my second visit to the temple for photos…is that a symbol of a deeper meaning?
“Each day just goes so fast
I turn around, it`s passed
A lifetime is so short
A new one can`t be bought.”
George Harrison
Saturday 10/1/11
A quiet day ALONE at home.  Loud music, reading peacefully in the garden, tuna rolls, miso soup and mugi-cha (barley tea) for lunch;
I`ve taken to playing guitar in the shower room because the acoustics are EXCELLENT, like a little recording studio.  Crazy, yes?
But….very effective…SHOWER GUITAR SESSIONS……!
“Biological form is the meeting point between the inside and the outside.  The inside is where the transformation of flux takes place; flux coming
from and back to the outside, in a continuous process.  Biological form assigns their place both to the inside and to the outside, and allows the
two sides to be separated as well as bound together.  In doing so it displays a vital function because without exchange between the two sides
there can be no life.  Biological form is open on both sides.
The process of biological transformation takes place by temporal cycles, and to multiply itself the inside grows into the outside.  The biological
form is part of this process, and if seen isolated in space it changes during the course of time.  But the form`s function, which is fulfilled by
temporal series of different space structures, remains as an invariant.  The form function is to allow the inside to be forever bound to the outside,
to keep this connection while the two sides are changing.
In a cactus in the desert, we first see the thorns, next the flower, and next again the fruit, full of seeds.  The fruit is given to the outside in order
to let the process repeat itself with the same rhythms, so as to multiply itself.  We cannot locate the vital process of the cactus in one of its forms
only.  All of its forms together can offer the meaning of its vital unity, as a continuous growth of order.
Artistic form is the area of impact between the artist and the outside world.  A shape is placed on the canvas to be transformed by a play
of relations in space and time, until finally it is recognized by the artist as the new shape, as his completed work.  It is on the canvas
(we must look at the `canvas` in a broader sense here) where the artist meets his outside world; it is on the canvas also where we can meet
his inside world.  Artistic form is an opening between him and us.
Artistic form when still in the artist`s hands, belongs to him personally as the thorn and the flower to the cactus in the desert.  His completed work
is the fruit full of seeds, to be given to the outside in order to allow a similar process to be repeated.  The work of art has the function of a sign
outside of space and time, a sign meant as symbolic expression of a transforming process, able to be communicated by producing a process
analogous to the one which created that sign.”
Giorgio Careri
Rome, Italy 1978
Professor of Physics
(for the British abstract artist, Victor Pasmore, in Malta…LOOK HIM UP)
“Once there was a way…to get back home….”
The Beatles
“Abbey Road”
I love my BUDWEISER coffee cup…
When I take the bullet train (shinkansen) I pay for a regular seat (jiyuseki), but I ride in the fancy green car every time until they find me and kick me out.
That is the great thing about being a foreigner (gai-jin) in Japan; you can just play dumb, even though I know exactly what I am doing…
10/7/11  8:25am
Just got off the shinkansen at Tokyo station for the first time ALONE.  HA!  I can`t stop laughing; this is the CRAZIEST goddamned station labyrinth
I`ve ever seen in my life.  It makes Grand Central Station in NYC look like a walk in the park and, of course, NO ENGLISH.  Well now, let`s just see
how lost I can get…
The underground tunnels in Tokyo with people pushing and shoving are a perfect example of a hideously overcrowded future hell…full of assholes, but I`m still laughing…
I stand here, baffled, and STILL laughing with my red face and towering above all these little people; hundreds and thousands of little robot men in their little blue
suits rushing to and fro with their soulless eyes and their expressionless mask faces….it is absolutely INSANE…
Akasaka, Tokyo…..Let`s see…the embassy for Spain, the embassy for Micronesia, OH, here it is!  The United States Embassy….found it with no mistakes, 9:30am…
I`m WAY too early for my appointment…
robot, worker drone, robot, worker drone, robot, SEXY GIRL, worker drone…..etc……
forgotten shrines and temples in the middle of chaotic Tokyo from the Jomon Period…
Ahhh, Dr. Pepper, long time, no see….
12 noon–picnic lunch at Hie-Jinja Shrine right in the middle of Akasaka…`thank heaven for 7-11`…
Ok, I found another side to Akasaka….pretty cool, but NOT GOOD ENOUGH…..where are the people with SPIRIT?!?
I`ve seen more gai-jins today than I`ve seen in an entire year in the country boondocks…..didn`t talk to one of `em, though; I think they`ve lost their souls too….
About 1:15pm, only 45 minutes to my embassy appointment.  I`ve spent the whole goddamned morning wandering around this functional soulless nightmare part of the city…
I`M SICK OF IT….I can`t wait to get to Shibuya, Harajuku and Shinjuku…..
Security at the embassy is tough.  They got this shit LOCKED DOWN.  I would expect no less from the good old US of A….
(they`ve sealed off a whole block around the place…)
The U.S. Embassy was very efficient here…2:30pm and I`m already finished… FREEDOM!  I`m going walkabout……
Hotel Unizo in Shibuya is my spot for the weekend, room 421…..I just found it at random like I always do…..NO PLANNING….
Shibuya, SBARRO Pizza… reminds me of NYC….
Hare Krishnas in Tokyo….YES!!  I couldn`t believe my eyes….I talked to `em….characters, as always….
Easily walked 20 kilometers today….SO FAR…..maybe not so easily.  My right knee is killing me…..TAKE THE PAIN, BITCH!!
Skateboarding is MUCH easier….NEXT TIME….
A weekend alone in a hideous, anonymous MASS of people….a fascinating experiment in desolation….Friday, 10pm….
12 midnight….Tokyo is a CLUSTERFUCK
With this damnable language barrier, there`s a whole wealth of secrets behind closed doors that I may never know…
SCRAMBLE…Chiharu and I visited for breakfast about 3 years ago when I first came here on a vacation….it`s not just a cafe but also a happening nightspot… the hook!
They have fucking beer and highballs at Burger King….HA!!
Saturday morning 10/8/11—–I feel like crap and my legs are killing me.  I hate to admit it but these old bones are starting to FEEL old… time I`m skateboarding…
The Apple Store in Shibuya has hundreds of flowers and mementos dedicated to Steve Jobs who died on October 5th.  I imagine that this may happening everywhere at Mac Stores….
I was looking for the beer garden on the roof of Tokyu Department Store (which I later found on the 9th floor side of the roof) and instead I discovered a fucking miniature soccer field
on the 10th floor with a game in progress…
bought a new badass pair of shades in Harajuku
There`s A LOT of African dudes from Ghana in Tokyo…
I`m taking some shitty photos this trip because I`m fucking exhausted; that`s my excuse and I`m sticking to it…(turned out they weren`t so bad after all…)
I found Fonda de la Madrugada UNDERGROUND near the Turkish Embassy in Harajuku…..YES!  I finally made it…
Ahhh, the lengths I will go to for Mexican food…
DELICIOUS food from a genuine Mexican chef; I ate 3 enchiladas with different sauces (beef, chicken and cheese) and refried beans , carne asada tacos,  tortilla soup, guacamole, chips and salsa (of course!)
and drank Negro Modelo beer.  My bill was 7000¥ (about $88.00)….HA!  Expensive, I DON`T CARE.  I had to have it.  Great music and a waiter who spoke English from Sri Lanka, of all places….
Oh yes, I`ll be back…what RIDICULOUS prices though…..imports, I guess…whatever…they had to pay for those Mexicans to get here somehow…I couldn`t wipe that stupid grin off my face while eating…
Takeshita Street and Harajuku Street…I was getting seriously claustrophobic and irritated after awhile….the most hideously overcrowded place on earth…
Very difficult to triangulate a position in Tokyo…
7000¥ worth of Mexican food = RIP OFF……INSANE….do the math….I`ll still go back though….7000¥ ?!?  DAMN!!  It was A LOT of food though, HUGE portions….
Red light district in Shibuya, sexy underworld, massage, touchy-feely bars, Yakuza shit, girls wearing lingerie in doorways, loitering babes….”special massage for you, happy ending..” OH SHIT, I`m going to the
hotel, I love my wife… but?  NOOOOOO! , ?  no, can`t do it, oh, but look at HER!!  Jesus Christ!!  How am I supposed to….?  Nope, I`m leaving…..
JB is in Tokyo.  He`s been real busy but we found some time to meet up and had a great time catching up on the past few years and talking about the good, old days.  It is midnight now and I`m standing
outside my hotel having a beer and a smoke.  I`m going to bed, I can`t take anymore, EXHAUSTION!  The problem with a city like this is when you go to bed, you always feel like you`re missing something.
My legs feel like spastic rubber bands and my feet ache and are as heavy as lead weights.  The time has come for sleep.  I will sleep till 10am, have pizza for breakfast after 11am checkout time and then
I`m heading home to the lovely mountains of Nagano and my beautiful character of a wife, Chiharu…..Goodbye for now, Tokyo…
Sunday morning coming down….10/9/11
Even in Tokyo, another example of bad English:   “NO SMORKING”     Jesus H. Christ, really?!?
One thing that stands out in the myriad of fashion styles in Tokyo; these little trendy girls just love the whole LMFAO thing, you know, the BIG red or white glasses frames with NO lenses; just for the look, got it?
Oh yeah, and let`s not forget the sexy thigh-high stockings and the Converse sneakers…..`PARTY ROCKIN` IN THE HOUSE TONIGHT…..`
Oh yeah, almost ALL of `em wear thigh-high stockings… and I have no problem with that.
The bullet train ride and ALL the trains on Friday at rush hour were PACKED.  Today, a quiet Sunday afternoon at 1:16pm, it is nearly empty.  A MIRACLE.  Even Tokyo can be a little quiet if you know WHEN to do
your traveling. I get it now.  Live and learn.  I am in an almost private car on the bullet train now, with the seat reclined, sipping on a beer and smiling.  I have the confidence and newly acquired knowledge for future
trips to Tokyo.  I will be back.  What an excellent trip.  5pm….home at last…….
go forth and prosper…
Monday   10/10/11    10:10am
The craziest fucking dream EVER!  At least that I remembered…
I was at a party in some place that resembled LA, but wasn`t exactly the same, as dreamscapes will be.  Perhaps it was a mix of many places I`ve been.  Everyone was WASTED,
but I WASN`T (that`s a first, eh?).  People I haven`t seen in years, girls from Hollywood movies, and girls that I was in music videos with, etcetera….
When I say wasted, I mean falling down on face, fighting, DRUNK.  I watched everything with a lucid and isolated detachment, viewed from a lonely distance, almost as if I
were invisible.  Then, I suddenly left.  I was walking down a desolate, dark street that looked like inland Venice Blvd. between Lincoln and Sepulveda.  It was night.  As I crossed under
an overpass (the 405 Freeway?) in a time-elapsed sequence, I was terrified to see huge meteors or asteroids coming down in the distance to the east, hundreds of them!  The night was
lit up with fiery destruction, I mean Day After Tomorrow and 2012 special effects–I thought I was hallucinating IN THE DREAM, it was SO crazy!  I turned around to go back to the ocean
and saw the GIANT whitewash from a tsunami approaching.  I was thinking to myself, “I love you, Chiharu.  I love you, Mom.  Goodbye everyone,”  as I tried desperately to find somewhere
to take shelter between the approaching twin disasters.  Strangely, with the effect that only a dream could have, the tidal wave never reached me and the rolling wave of fire and smoke
that was billowing towards me never reached me either.  I was positioned perfectly right between the catastrophes.  I was standing alone in a numb state of shock when out of the fields
of fire, an unmanned burning truck approached in an eerie silence, rolling perfectly down the road in the center of a lane, 18 wheels of desolation, burning and rolling onward into oblivion…
Then, I woke up.  I went straight to my book to write this down.
What the FUCK did this dream MEAN?!?  I mean, I`m rattled.  Is this what the chaos of Tokyo does to me?  Or is it the constant earthquakes in Japan?  Damn, I`m glad I woke up alive…
at home with my woman…
Same day;  later.  After hours of introspection, I think I know what this dream meant.  I was grappling with my exceedingly difficult situation.
No matter what I do, I`M FUCKED; however, somehow…I will survive…
If I ever get another chance at life in this crazy world or another, I will be sure to get a guitar as soon as I learn to TALK…
My goal is to become a mid-life, 45-year-old, guitar GENIUS…(at least, I`LL TRY>>>)
Samsara….the wheel of life….
Chiharu… little Asama-Mama…..
I heard it from the other side of the house …it`s GOT TO be an American movie with all the gunshots.  Yeah, I was right, it`s a Steven Seagal movie….
Google   Peter Griffin Sushi Restaurant   and watch it on YouTube… is ridiculous  (and they DO yell at you when you go into stores and restaurants…..IRRASHAIMASE!!  fucking crazy, man…)
“Living consciousness somehow is the influence that turns the possibility of something into something real.
The most essential ingredient in creating our universe is the consciousness that observes it.”
“To live in a world without becoming aware of the meaning of the world is
like wandering about in a great library without touching the books.”
The Secret Teachings of All Ages
Turning my Japanese, English language students on to the genius of Jack White guitar…..HA!  That`s what I`m here for, kids.  Turn off that J-pop.  Listen to some REAL music.
You`re welcome, my friends…..YOU`RE WELCOME….
My other goal is to get this WHOLE COUNTRY to stop speaking Japanese and to start speaking ENGLISH.  Their language is just TOO DIFFICULT.  I`m tellin ya, it`s CRAZY, man!!  I hear it EVERY DAY!!
“God created man in HIS OWN image.”
“The Kingdom of God is WITHIN YOU.”
Luke 17:20
I can use these against Jesus-freaks when they get on my nerves…(oh yeah, they have `em here too…)
Wakita Museum of Art in Karuizawa specializing in Wood Sculpture on the first floor….AMAZING…
There were some paintings upstairs by one, Kazu Wakita.  They are quite stunning fields of color abstractions…He may be a new favorite as far as Japanese artists go…
My favorite museum is still Sezon Museum, though…
Google    Clutch The Regulator Acoustic   and watch it on YouTube…..(it`s not about the video, it`s just a picture; it`s about the music.  It was uploaded by TheStonerSoul)
SO MANY PICTURES in this Journal that I can`t share with you here……oh well; I doubt you`ll cry yourselves to sleep….
” `Why is anger the only emotion you can ever express?`
Stan Smith    `Because, people make me mad ALL THE TIME for being STUPID about EVERYTHING!` “
“American Dad”
I may be in Japan, but I DON`T stand on ceremony…..GOOD OLD AMERICAN RUDENESS!!
“That which is impenetrable to us really exists.  Behind the secrets of nature remains something subtle, intangible, and inexplicable.
Veneration for this force beyond anything we can comprehend is my religion.  The religion of the future will be a cosmic religion.
It will transcend personal God and avoid dogma and theology.”
Albert Einstein
“Unto you is given to KNOW the MYSTERY…
but it will be told in parable.”
Jesus of Nazareth
The Gospel of Mark 4:11  (another good one…)
It`s hidden somewhere between $pain and Africa…
“Life need not be a story, but it DOES need to be an adventure.”
Douglas Coupland
“Player One”
(I think I`ll make my life BOTH…)
“You can stuff your sorries in a sack, mister!”
A surprise waiting to happen…
“With the first drink comes the truth, with the second drink comes wishful thinking, and with the third drink
come the lies.  What would we do without sweet, nourishing alcohol?”
Douglas Coupland
“Player One”
Okay, I have nothing but time today so I`m gonna make this CRYPTIC BIBLE STUDY THURSDAY.  Fascinating stuff!
In the book of Matthew 10, verses 35 to 37, it says something CRAZY about turning sons against fathers and daughters
against mothers and enemies in the household.  Read it for yourself.
Now tell me, my fundamentalist Christian friends, WHAT THE HELL IS THAT ALL ABOUT?!?  That doesn`t seem like a “Christian value…”
Oh, and let`s not forget THIS GEM straight from the mouth of Jesus H. Christ himself…..
“Do not think that I came to bring peace on earth.  I did NOT come to bring peace but a sword.”
Matthew 10:34
“But I want you to know that the head of every man is Christ, and the head of Christ is God.
1 Corinthians 11:3
(Now you see, like my previous quote, it is ALL TOLD IN PARABLE.  The Book is fascinating,
albeit contradictory and at times, baffling; it`s a hell of an interesting read.  This previous quote
is further proof that many believe that we are all collectively part of `GOD.`  In a book full of
symbolism, doublespeak, and conflicting stories, the clues are endless, IF YOU LOOK….)
“I am the Alpha and the Omega.”
Revelation 1:8
“So I looked, and behold, a pale horse.  And the name of him who sat on it
was Death, and hell followed with him.”
Revelation 6:8
There is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed, there is nothing
in the darkness that will not come into the light.
The Gospel of Matthew
Thanks for stopping by; please exit through the side door….
“Dead men are heavier than broken hearts.”
Raymond Chandler
“The Big Sleep”
“You don`t know NOTHING…about ANYTHING…”
Peter Griffin
(talking to his wife…)
Life is just a tangled web of idiots
from which the only escape is death…
“Shake your business up and pour it.  I haven`t got all day.”
Raymond Chandler
“Philip Marlowe” in “The Big Sleep”
“He wore a blue uniform coat that fitted him the way a stall fits a horse.”
Raymond Chandler
“There will never be more than a thin glass barrier between your present and the wreckage of your past.”
Wei Hui
“Shanghai Baby”
“A person can do anything, including those things that should be done, and those that ought not.”
“Oppose monotony, support diversity, oppose inhibitions, support wild passion, oppose unanimity, support hierarchy,
oppose spinach, support snails in their shells…”
Salvador Dali
Without all the dumbass idiots in the world, what would we have to laugh at?
“Give not that which is holy unto dogs neither cast ye pearls before swine,
lest they trample them underfoot and turn again and tear you to pieces.”
Matthew 7:6
(This is a favorite…)
10/31/11  (Japan Anti-Halloween)
I can`t really say why, but all the loudspeakers in the streets of Ueda were playing Italian accordion music tonight….
do they think it`s an Italian holiday or something?  Strange….very, very strange…
“She gave me a smile I could feel in my hip pocket.”
“He was so polite I wanted to carry him out of the room just to show my appreciation.”
Raymond Chandler
“Farewell, My Lovely”
Shibumi–understated elegance
Gen wo katsugu–Be superstitious
Sore wa genjitsu desu–That`s life (or) It is what it is
11/4/11  I saw a bat fluttering around the temple in Ueda by my office.  It wasn`t even dark yet, the sun was setting and a half-moon was rising in a purple sky….SURREAL….
“The Last Lecture” by Randy Pausch  (RIP, brother…) is an amazing and heartbreaking book.  Somehow, it manages to be a life-affirming experience reading
through the tears, because, INCREDIBLY, he is positive, so vital, EVEN THOUGH HE IS DYING.  Unbelievable!  I only hope I have even a FRACTION of his
attitude and courage when my number is up, be it slow death or fast and sudden.  Give me that strength, PLEASE, give me that inner power…
11/5/11   HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MAMA!!  (from a faraway land…)
Monday  11/7/11    A BRAND NEW APPLE COMPUTER!!
The impressions and opinions of a native in his hometown are always colored by a sense of history and often, nostalgia as well…
“But as with all kisses, it was not without a certain element of danger.”
Haruki Murakami
“Norwegian Wood”
“…manic-depression is a frustrating mess…”
Jimi Hendrix
Well, I put on my socks today and to my utter and complete astonishment and pain, I was stung by a BEE that was INSIDE MY FUCKING LEFT SOCK!!
I mean, HOW THE HELL DOES THAT EVEN HAPPEN?!?  Without a doubt, the stupidest beginning I`ve ever had to a day.  AND, it was the third bee sting of my life…
This could only happen to ME.  Having a LIVE bee IN one`s sock has roughly the same odds as being struck by a meteor from space or winning the damned lottery…
“He who cannot draw on 3000 years is living from hand to mouth.”
“A toad in a well only gets to see part of the sky.”
A Chinese Proverb
“The only thing we require to be good philosophers is the faculty of WONDER.”
“If the human body was simple enough for us to understand, we would still be
so stupid that we couldn`t understand it.”
Jostein Gaarder
“Sophie`s World”
“Everything FLOWS…
We cannot step into the same river twice.
When I step into the river the second time,
neither I nor the river are the same.”
Heraclitus  (540 to 480 B.C.)
Sunday  11/27/11
A drive with Chiharu to Yamanashi Prefecture….
we found a GIANT Buddha statue on a hillside in the town of Nirasaki with a view of Mount Fuji….
“You can only see the true beauty of the mountain when it is far away.”
“Common sense is not so common.”
December 1, 2011….
and it is SNOWING……how appropriate….my least favorite season, and, HERE WE GO AGAIN….
“All the world`s a stage
And all the men and women merely players:
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts.”
William Shakespeare
“As You Like It”
“Life`s but a walking shadow, a poor player
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,
And then is heard no more; it is a tale
told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
signifying nothing.”
William Shakespeare
“If you`re living the dream, how do you know if you`re awake or asleep?”
Karl Pilkington
“An Idiot Abroad”
“I think, therefore I am.”
Rene Descartes
Sunday  12/4/11
A walk with Chiharu through Miyota;  she can still walk, but we got her a wheelchair because she`s really slow; this way I can take her further…
My recent completely original idea;  pushing her wheelchair WHILE on my SKATEBOARD….HA!!  THAT turned some heads, BELIEVE ME…
“I believe that there is something of the divine mystery in everything that exists.  We can see it sparkle in a sunflower or a poppy.  We sense
more of the unfathomable mystery in a butterfly that flutters from a twig–or in a goldfish swimming in a bowl.  But we are closest to God in our
own soul.  Only there can we become one with the greatest mystery of life.  In truth, at very rare moments we can experience that
“The world becomes a dream, and the dream becomes reality…”
(wrote a book about a dream of a blue flower; and he spends his entire life searching for it…)
{I`ve found that very blue flower here in Japan…really….}
“What if you slept?  And what if, in
your sleep, you dreamed?  And what if,
in your dream, you went to heaven and
there plucked a strange and beautiful
flower?  And what if, when you awoke,
you had the flower in your hand?
Ah, what then?”
“Tired of the eternal efforts to fight our way through raw matter, we chose another way and sought
to embrace the infinite.  We went inside ourselves and created a new world.”
Henrik Steffens
(of Norway)
YouTube     Seasick Steve  Started Out With Nothin`     (Trust me…)  It is live on Jools Holland…
“Hobos are people who move around looking for work, tramps are people who move around
but don`t look for work, and bums are people who don`t move and don`t work.  I`ve been all three.”
Seasick Steve
MY TIME is infinitely more valuable than so-called `money`…..
12/7/11  My first YouTube upload….you can Google my name   tomhbrooks3     and this video will come up;    Radiohead-Motion Picture Soundtrack–GATEWAY
Alright, it`s morning…I`m gonna try and finish this one before work…
A very evocative description of SoCal…back in the day, so to speak….
“Those were the endless summers.
Each day seemed to last forever, Frank thinks as he watches a wave roll in and smack the pier.  You`d get up before dawn, just like now, and work hard all
day on the old man`s tuna boat.  But you`d get back by the middle of the afternoon; then it was off to meet your buddies at the beach.  You`d surf until dark,
laughing and talking shit out there in the lineup, goofing on one another, showing off for the bunnies watching you from the beach.  Those were the longboard
days, plenty of time and plenty of space.  Days of `hanging ten` and `ho-dadding` and those fat Dick Dale guitar riffs and Beach Boys songs, and they were
singing about you, they were singing about your life, your sweet summer days on the beach.
You`d always stop and watch the sunset together.  You and your buddies and the girls had that ritual, a common acknowledgement of–what, wonder?  A few
quiet, respectful moments watching the sun sink over the horizon, the water glowing orange, pink, and red, and you`d think to yourself how lucky you were.
Even as a kid, you knew you were just damn lucky to be in that place at that time, and you were just wise enough to know that you`d better enjoy it.
Then the last sliver of red would slide over the edge, and you`d all gather firewood and build a bonfire and cook fish or hot dogs or hamburgers or whatever you
could scare up, and you`d eat and sit around the fire and someone would pull out a guitar and sing, and later, if you were lucky, you`d slip away from the firelight
with a blanket and one of the girls and you`d make out, and the girl smelled of salt water and suntan lotion, and maybe she`d let you slide your hand under her
bikini top, and there was nothing like that feeling.  And you might lie with her all night on that blanket, and then wake up and hustle down to the docks just in
time to catch the boat and get to work and then do the whole thing all over again.
But you could do that in those days–get a couple hours of sleep, work all day, surf all afternoon, play all night and shake it off.  Can`t do that anymore–now you
put in a short night and you ache the next morning.
But those were the golden days, Frank thinks, and suddenly he feels sad.  Nostalgia, isn`t that what they call it? he thinks as he shakes himself from his reverie
and walks towards the bait shack, remembering summer on a cold, wet winter day.
We thought those summers would never end.
Never thought we`d ever feel the cold in our bones.”
Don Winslow
“The Winter of Frankie Machine”
This full moon is making me CRAZY!!
December 10, 2011
Full eclipse (geshoku) of the moon…
Amazing up here in the mountains…
stars surround a reddish-orange sphere in the sky….
It`s fucking FREEZING though…I can`t feel my hands.
I have NO IDEA how the pictures I took of this event turned
out so good because I was SHAKING the whole time…
creative flow….working OVERTIME… YouTube videos coming out every few days….
“We too are stardust…”
Jostein Gaarder
“Sophie`s World”
“The music of the spheres”
Galileo Galilei
Okay, I just discovered Garage Band on my Mac; now I`m dropping some beats….what`s NEXT?!?
busy little people
in a busy little life
where we come from
where we go
no one really knows
let`s face it
no one knows SHIT
HA HA…it`s funny `cause it`s TRUE!
Chiharu is the best alarm clock I could ever have–no BEEP BEEP BEEP….
just, `Tomu, ima ku ji desu, okinasai…` (`Tom, it`s 9am, wake up…`)
It`s sad if you get drunk enough and live long enough to become a gross parody of yourself.
“Everyone wants to go to Heaven,
but nobody wants to die.”
Douglas Coupland
“Player One”
“I have seen such beauty as one man has seldom seen
therefore will I be grateful to die in this little room
surrounded by the forests, the great green gloom
of trees my only gloom–and the sound, the sound of green.
Here amid the warmth of the rain, what might have been
is resolved into the tenderness of a tall doom
who says, `you did your best, rest–` and after you the bloom
of what you loved and planted still will whisper what you mean.
And the ghosts of the birds I loved, will attend me each a friend,
like them shall I have flown beyond the realm of words.
You, through the trees, shall hear them, long after the end
calling me beyond the river.  For the cries of the birds
continue; as–defended by the cortege of their wings–
my soul among strange silences yet sings.
Edward James
(English) 1907-1984
Surrealist Sculptor of
Xilitla, San Luis Potosi
“Las Pozas”  {LOOK IT UP}
I want to see Socotra Island in Yemen…it looks unbelievable, like an otherworldly place…
It`s hibernation season…
It`s true, I`m like a bear up here in the mountains…
Remembering that amazing art show back in NYC….Gregory Colbert, Ashes and Snow
“The airing of grievances…”
I strongly suggest that you go to Google and look up the amazing photographic images of Neil Krug…
“The thing about being poor is that it takes up all of your time.”
Oscar Wilde
I wish I was 17 again.  I would make ALL the same mistakes again…except twice as bad as the first time….HA!!
(well, maybe not ALL the same mistakes…but A LOT of `em…)
If I were to kick the bucket here in Japan, I`m gonna need someone to fly over here and take care of this for me;
The epitaph on my gravestone, WHEREVER it ends up should read (IN ENGLISH, please)…
“Time is the fire in which we burn.”
“…we are ready to enter the Third Testament.  Our time has come.  Now we move onward.  Fiction
and reality have married.  What we have MADE now exceeds what we ARE.  Now is the time to
erase the souls we damaged as we crawled down the twentieth century`s plastic radiant way.”
Douglas Coupland
“Player One”
“Dark of the invisible moon.  The nights now only slightly less black.  By day
the banished sun circles the earth like a grieving mother with a lamp.”
Cormac McCarthy
“The Road”
12/31/11  New Year`s Eve in Japan…..3 DAYS AND I`LL BE IN LA!
Most of the time, I`m just in my own world…
It`s lucky MY OWN WORLD is so damn FASCINATING…
2012  Year of the Dragon
As always, seems the same as last year to me…
“It`s foolish to ask for luxuries in times like these.”
Cormac McCarthy
“The Road”
The lifestyle you ordered 
is currently out of stock.”
“If a grail appears, the soul must follow…”
William Least Heat-Moon
Narita Airport…beautiful sunset…
damn, it`s been a long time since I`ve seen American money.
I went to the exchange and it seems so small…HA!!
Across the sea for 11 and a half hours>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Got to LA wearing my Terry Richardson sunglasses from Harajuku.
The sun is shining and my heart is filled with joy.  Mom picked me
up from the airport and we went to Budget rent-a-car and I picked up
a gold 2012 Chevy Impala.  And the adventure begins anew…
Night one, Farmer`s Market Bar followed by Molly Malone`s with William and Ronnie
Night two, Boardwalk 11 in Culver City near Ronnie`s house.  We got WAY to tore up.  I don`t even know what happened.
Whiskey, and beer and whiskey again, next thing I know, we`re skateboarding down the street all wobbly and spinning.
We both fell numerous times.  I actually twisted my knee and bloodied myself.  Next thing I know, Ronnie has disappeared
AGAIN and I am alone lying on the pavement.  I find his apartment eventually and his girlfriend tells me that I`m bleeding
when I come in, and sure enough, there is a big bloody wound on my nose, of all places.  And where is Ronnie.  We don`t
see him for three hours.  I have been here two nights and I`ve already turned myself into a trainwreck.  Spent the rest of
the week with a nasty scab on my nose.
The rest of this will be brief snippets and excerpts from the trip which may or may not make sense.  I admit it; I was just TOO DRUNK this trip to write…
Oildale, Bakersfield….
The Skylark
The Long Branch (Tweaker Bar….TROUBLE)  “Would you like a cherry?  I`ll bet you`d like a cherry…”
At the Long Branch, Ronnie almost got into a straight up nasty brawl with 10 angry tweakers.  We could have been killed in there.  I got photos of a fat,
toothless tweaker bitch with one shoe and a pink sock on the other foot, trying to dance in front of the juke.  What a ridiculous scene.  CHAOS….
The near deadly fight at the Long Branch will forever hereafter be known as The Oildale Incident…Dave walked up and spoke in my ear as I was talking to some ladies,
“Put your drink down; Ronnie`s in too deep.”
Carrere and CHINA GRADE LOOP….damn!  that name is MADE for tweakers, BY tweakers….
“CAN YOU DIG IT?!?”  (from “The Warriors”)  Dave`s CLASSIC rambling intro to his karaoke singing at the Skylark…
Ronnie, all seedy-like and in a deep, raspy voice….constantly….”gimme the lighter”….
Saw a band called, The Joker`s Wild at the Tiki Bar in Pacific Beach, San Diego….
A guy named Nick said something about, “…back when people used to like live music…”
“The Dog” a fun bar where we got into a lot of trouble in PB…
“Everybody knows
that a broken heart is blind…”
The Black Keys  “Little Black Submarines”
while choking (    )  “Do you love me as much as I love you?”
                            “There`s a pen and paper on the nightstand.  Don`t bother using it `cause I`m not gonna call you.”   RM
“The money and the tight pussy came too late.”  Bukowski
4 more minutes in the game….”That`s an hour in football time.”  DWP
San Diego…why?  “To relive our youth.”  DWP
“Once I made it halfway, I was committed.”  DWP
“When I`m no longer able to scratch my own balls or take a bong hit, pull the plug.”  DWP
“Ronnie used to work on the docks.”  (to the tune of Bon Jovi`s “Living on a Prayer”)  DWP
I predict that the album “El Camino” by the Black Keys will become an immortal rock classic and will stand the test of time…
“He tell me to shut the fuck up–I be quiet.  He leave–I be talkin` again…”   (from the movie “Friday”)
A lot of AGGRESSION in football; we`re all sitting around here with beer and herb and they`re out there beating the CRAP out of each other…
Wild Card Saturday
I`ll admit to NOTHING without my attorney present…
It`s hard to SEE at your 27th beer….
Fell asleep with a TALL 24oz Budweiser on my stomach.  Now THAT`S dedication.  Ronnie has a picture.
Dave “Have you ever been to Hennessey`s over there?”
Me  “I`ve never been anywhere but TACO SURF around here.”
Taco Surf is the ULTIMATE and it`s even BETTER after a ROUGH night of drinking…
“He called me a rapist and a recluse–I`m not a recluse.”  Mike Tyson
Back in Venice Beach…only Dave and I would have a nice hotel room and spend half the night sitting in an alley drinking beer…
Sat. 1/7  EXHAUSTION finally won out over paranoia…
“MY question, YOUR answer…”  Male tweaker to female tweaker in Venice on 1/8/12
point at someone and say, “CATCHPHRASE!”
“Boy, you betta gimme me my “Uptown” back!…”  (Dave, in a black dude`s voice about an urban-themed magazine…)
1/9/12  4pm  Goodbye Wind-Up Bird Alley beer….ALONE…
OCD FRENZY  (making sure I have everything for the trip home; bags and stuff ALL over the hotel room; a goddamned MESS…)
“This entire town smells like weed…”  A yuppie guy on a bike with a girl in Venice…
I love my friends, but I really don`t know if even I could take that kind of trip again…..(I could…)
I had fun reliving my youth on this trip, but I may also have finally become a real adult…..(No, never…)
The Black Keys “El Camino” will ALWAYS remind me of this crazy trip.  It was THE soundtrack…
Chiharu        “I see you…”
HA!  I saw old Bruce from the Oakwood….still a character.  Hasn`t changed a bit…he said,
“Some people save up their whole lives for what I do everyday.  I`m somebody`s `bucket list.` “
I need a bloody mary for the vegetable nutritional value…
The Inn at Venice Beach, room 103….goodbye for now….
1/10/12  Last morning with Mom, FOR NOW….last El Tarasco feast and a quick bloody mary at the airport bar…farewell Los Angeles…
on the plane I saw three excellent movies; Drive,  Crazy Stupid Love,  &    Sunset Boulevard ( Film Noir GENIUS…)
I have to admit, it is so good to be home….ALIVE, with my beautiful wife, Chiharu….
“The lunatics have taken over the asylum.”
“Oh yeah, sure, EVERYTHING that EVERYONE says about me is 100% TRUE.”
Jack White
“It`s a Barnum and Bailey world,
just as phony as it can be,
But it wouldn`t be make believe,
if you believed in me.”
“It`s Only a Paper Moon”
“At the time, no one knew what was coming.”
“And also, please remember,
things are not what they seem.”
Haruki Murakami
“Man does not weave the web of life;
He is merely a strand in it.
Whatever he does to the web,
he does to himself.”
A Native American Indian Chief
REAL COMMENTS FROM NYC SCHOOLTEACHERS TO THE PARENTS OF DUMB STUDENTS ( most of them got in trouble for these comments…)
“The wheel is turning but the hamster is definitely dead.”
“You have delusions of adequacy.”
“You set low personal standards and then consistently fail to achieve them.”
“A full six-pack but lacking the plastic thing to hold them all together.”
“The gates are down, the lights are flashing but the train ISN`T COMING.”
When I think back on my life, I HAVE lived MANY different lives in MANY different worlds….it`s true….
“It`s not so bad though:
no one remembers what the world was actually like…”
John Koethe
“True Art is characterized by an irresistible urge in the creative artist.”
Albert Einstein
Just snow-shoveling away my day…
“…the place where he is meant to be lost…”
Haruki Murakami
“The Town of Cats” tale…
“No one knows for certain what it means to die until they actually do it.”
I had a dream of blue skateboard wheels and then I found my new DOGTOWN board in Venice….see?  DREAMS DO COME TRUE….
Bears are really smart animals…
They live in the forest and on beautiful mountainsides, they eat a lot of fish, which is healthy, they stay away from people,
and when the FREEZING cold winter comes, they say, `FUCK THIS SHIT, I`M GOING TO BED!  Wake me up in the spring.`
Music truly stirs the heart and soul…
“Occam`s Razor”   The simplest explanation is most likely the correct one…
Snippet of Japan conversation:
Older Japanese businessman (44 years?)  “Where you come from?”
Me  “Los Angeles, CA”
J    “Ahhh, Sunset Strip!”
Me “Yes, you know!  Have you been to LA?”
J   “No, but I like heavy metal; Guns n Roses, Motley Crue…”
Me “Damn good music.  You don`t get that in Japan.”
J    “No, never…”
SEE, HE KNOWS….(there`s always a few that understand, J-POP IS CRAP!)
This year, 2012 is Leap Year.  So, the question is, what happens to someone who is born in Leap Year on February 29th?  I guess
the deal is that they only have a birthday every four or five years and the rest of the time they just ignore it, or celebrate on 2/28
or 3/1.  Weird, eh?  Did you ever think about that?
“Rampart” with Woody Harrelson…..a great flick….
There are countless worlds that it seems that only I am able to see…
“It`s a distance that can`t be measured.  Like the distance that separates one person`s heart from another`s.”
1/31/12  Last day teaching English at San-Ei Company in Komoro.  Everybody game me a nice letter signed by them all
and applause.  It was such a surprise.  It is nice to be appreciated and somewhat fulfilling when it comes to work…
People watching in Japan is fun because I can sit around inventing stories for things and words that I don`t understand…
“You know that old saying…`a drunk will steal your wallet and feel sorry for it, but an addict will steal your wallet and then help you look for it.` “
“Raylan Givens”
PHI 1.618   The Divine Proportion  (The Building Block of the Universe)
Did you know in Japan that there`s a band called “Bump of Chicken” ?!? HA!!  What a bunch of assholes!
“Time and tide stay for no man…”   (Kouin ya no gotoshi)
Remember ” YES, WE CAN ” from Barack Obama?
“Barack Obama`s Undersold 2012 Campaign Slogans:  (by Nathaniel Lozier)
1.  We Might Be Able To
2.  We`re Open To Suggestions
3.  If We Do, We`ll Let You Know
4.  I`d Like To See You Try
5.  I Wouldn`t Get Your Hopes Up
6.  There Are Only So Many Hours In A Day
7.  Worrying Isn`t Going To Solve Anything
8.  We Had Good Intentions
9.  For The Record, We Really Thought We Could Have
10.It Turns Out We Actually Can`t
“Many have made a trade of delusions and false miracles, deceiving the stupid multitude.”
Leonardo da Vinci
“What is history but a fable agreed upon?”
(The winners write the history books, the losers are obliterated)
All I ever really wanted of life is to enjoy it and to be as happy as I can…
“He stopped trying to get what he needed and just took what he could get.”
Art Spiegelman
(from a 1983 sketchbook)
This one accompanies a funny drawing…
“Upon my return from exile
I enter the town
riding a giant goose
                               The goose
                               will peck
                               the fuck out
                               of any
David Shrigley
This also accompanies a drawing…
“Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Saves Lives
I get paid for this….”
David Shrigley
My favorite drawing in my book is my imitation of one by Chris Johansen….
You have to see it to understand how ridiculously funny it is…
(one of the figures saying, `this workshop is excellent.` “
Chris Johansen  (You can Google image it; I attached it to this Journal as well…)
“Well, you know what they say; `Gettin` old ain`t for pussies.` “
“Raylan Givens”
“Pleasures of the Damned”
“Like a Flower in the Rain”
“Death Kiss of the Centipede”
“The Night Torn Mad With Footsteps”
Charles Bukowski
best beginning of a story EVER…
“For those of you interested in madness, yours or mine, I can tell you a little about mine…”
RIP Whitney Houston  (another one down…)  1/11/12
“Love is a form of prejudice.  You love what you need.  You love what makes you feel good.  How can you say you
love one person when there are 10,000 people in the world you would love more if you ever met them?  But you`ll
never meet them.  Love is just the result of a chance encounter.  Most people make too much of it.  On these grounds
a good fuck is not to be entirely scorned.”
Charles Bukowski
“Strokes to Nowhere”
on Hollywood Deal-making….(lines delivered rapid-fire…)
Peter Griffin  “We want everything.”
slick Hollywood type  “We`ll give you nothing.”
Peter  “We want something.”
Hollywood  “Deal.”
“Family Guy”
with British accent, “I gotta go take a YOKO…”   HA!!
Paul McCartney on “Family Guy”
They make the rules…
All the best kinds of crazy…
“Information is more gymnastic than encyclopedic; it requires a nimble intelligence.  Substitute a weathervane for a compass.
Every day requires a new vocabulary.  Never drink from the same faucet twice.  Truth can be cut with a knife to serve two.
Multiples.  Twins.  Doppelgängers.  Variations.”
Eric Hanson
“I have seen the universe!
It is made of poems…”
“All things change….nothing perishes.”
Ghost sun=The Moon
Crumbling Castle at the Edge of the World
charcoal-gray clouds
jagged mountains like crooked teeth
heartless cold wind of fiend`s breath
howling of imaginary wolves
cacophony of crows
lonely, isolated estate
crumbling walls of faded rust-colored brick
tangled creeping gray ivy
broken windows like sightless dark eyes
strange echoes in marble hallways
cobwebs in musty crawlspaces
forgotten piano with no music left to play
eyes of spiders
evil glitter of something reaching
for nothing
a once-majestic balcony offering views
to no one
drops of water falling somewhere
throne of black obsidian
icy fireplace filled with ashes
something taken
nothing given
a secret tunnel
spectral light of the ghost sun rising
bathing the night in a hollow glow
there is nothing
Miyota, Japan
Japan; a country with the WORST music in the world.  Well, you can`t expect any good music
to come out of a country that has so few black folks…..WHAT?!?  It`s TRUE!!
(For you foreigners that may be here reading this; I defy you to sit in a Sukiya restaurant and actually LISTEN to the CRAP music they are playing and then actually have the nerve to disagree with me on this…)
Humans; we are all just reeking bags of shit and piss and blood and puss and dirty water;
jelly-like pulps of fat wobbling around this earth like walking hunks of stinky cheese.  It a
wonder we can think at all with all this……BAGGAGE…..
2/25/12  Capsule Hotel in Shibuya, Tokyo…1st time (3500¥).  Fucking CLASSIC!  I`m sleeping in a BOX tonight!
Some of these people are such stiffs that you just wanna PUNCH `EM IN THE FACE, just to make `em FEEL SOMETHING…!
Kabukicho….in Shinjuku…..THIS CITY IS FUCKING CRAZY….(100s of aggressive African dudes, trying to get you to buy a hooker, relentlessly…THEY JUST NEVER STOP…)
You really CAN`T take a peaceful walk in this area, just minding your own business…
How appropriate is it for me to and sleep in a COFFIN tonight at the CAPSULE hotel?  Perfect, because I feel like a DEAD MAN….SO TIRED….
2/26/12  Sunday morning  7:30am….off and running.  It was easy to wake up because I was sleeping in a coffin and I could hear the snoring of all those other pig men in the capsules
nearby and one of them was mumbling in his sleep.  I said, `What the FUCK?!?` really loud, and then I couldn’t take anymore so I got up and got out of there.  Took the Ginza line
to Shimbashi 1st and went to the harbor.  Then I went to Akasaka to get JB who is visiting again.  I checked out his restaurant, Bubby`s.  Cool place.  Then we went to Asakusa to
see the Sky Tree and then Kanda, where I heard there were a lot of bookstores, but we couldn`t find `em.  Finally, we found the best bookstore by Tokyo Station called Maruzen.
HUGE.  Got all the books I wanted for now.  Then we went back to Shibuya and then Harajuku for Mexican food at Fonda de la Madrugada, OF COURSE.   Later, dropped JB
off in Roppongi and took a bus back to Shibuya.  Time for a little solo walk with beers and then relax time at Hotel Unizo.  One night in those capsules was enough.  Cheap or not,
I`ll take my own room any day.  Tomorrow, I`ll take the shinkansen back to Ueda and go straight to work.  When I got back to the room later, I saw a sign in my room by the TV that
said,” True Entrance of Relaxation Area.  Video on Demand System.”  In a way, as bad as this English may be, they are correct.  I am finally relaxed, although there is nothing I want
to watch.  This trip is over.  Good night.  See ya Tokyo…you crazy, fucking city….





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