By Tom H. Brooks 3  and William Case

Mr. Brooks,
I’m loving the street journals. What an absolutely awesome documentation of your life and experience! I can’t begin to tell you how impressed I am with the scope of your vision. Your dedication to capturing the ideas and moments that touched you is really admirable. I feel a great deal of inspiration when reading through your notes. I can only imagine the thoughts and feelings that you have been experiencing as you rehash all these memories.
What you are doing is capturing the past and bringing it into the now… and you know, it will no doubt alter your future. It reminds me of an interesting mental exercise I read about recently. It’s supposed to be a memory exercise that is practiced at the end of each day before bed. As you lie there thinking about your day you should trace the actions and experiences of your day in reverse remembering each and every detail that you can back through your day to the beginning. If you are still awake you can continue to remember the activities and experiences of the day prior, etc. The idea is that you give your conscious and unconscious mind the opportunity to grasp the elements and flow of your experience such that the past is recognized in the present. And then as the mind becomes more and more in-tune with the flow of your past into your present you ultimately give the mind a glimpse of the future.
Like a form of meditation that opens the proverbial third eye, I feel like your experience of remembering and recounting your past in these journals is going to open your mind to your future in a truly awesome way.
Sounds like a bunch of mumbo jumbo, right? Maybe. Skepticism is good. But don’t dismiss the possibility of mumbo jumbo being a serious driving force in our lives. There is a whole mess of mumbo jumbo stewing in our subconscious. Bring the past into the present into the future via these journals sets your mumbo jumbo free.
Hello Mr. Case,

William, my brother….thank you so much for your lofty compliments, sincerely….it means a lot coming from a well-read and intellectually dynamic man such as yourself.  I am so glad to hear
that you are enjoying my books.  I sure hope so because I have pretty much spent ALL of 2012 reliving my past, AND working REALLY HARD at it.  Hours and hours and hours of typing and
editing and smoothing out the kinks that are sure to exist in 13 years of stories and life.  I am actually going to bring all the originals out there in January to put in your care in the boxes, so you
will see how the originals are substantial, but they were written in the midst of madness, extreme duress, fighting through distractions and rolling on a skateboard.  It`s really quite possible that
there may never have been anything written under quite these conditions.  I have improved my typing skills to ULTRA HIGH SPEED, I have enjoyed the hell out of reading these crazy stories
and remembering things I may have forgotten, and I have had the opportunity to share them with my close friends who knew me before, but now REALLY know me.  I don`t think anyone, including
myself, realized how many of these things, I`ve actually written.  When you see them, you will laugh at the drunken scribbling and strange drawings inside of each and every Journal.  That is
the very reason they needed so much editing; to make them READABLE.  I want to leave them with you for a very specific reason, if you don`t mind, of course.  I`m not thinking about dying (YET,
anyway…) but someday, that day will come.  I don`t want these precious memories of mine to fester and die under the soulless, uncomprehending eyes of these Japanese farmers and philistines
who would rather read comic books than unlock the secrets of the universe.  I need to know that my books are in AMERICA, where they will be UNDERSTOOD by someone who can read English,
and perhaps even take on a magical life of their own when I`m gone.  This is my purpose, I realize now; to write and to take photos.  I am like a mad historian of a certain place and a certain time
in the history of the world.  It is as much a journey of the mind as of the body.  This is all I want.  Enough about that.  I will call you before I come out there on January 16th and we`ll make some
plans.  I can`t wait to see you.
Now, about your memory exercise; you should know after reading all this stuff I`ve sent that I am the LAST guy to call something like that `mumbo jumbo.`  The nature of time and memory is
something way beyond what we can possibly understand.  I feel like there are MANY quotes about that, let me think….oh yes, here`s one,
“Time moves in one direction, memory in another.”  (William Gibson)       Oh yeah, and …..”Memory: the space in which something happens for the second time.”  (Paul Auster)
You KNOW what I mean, brother.  The problem here is reconciling your past with your present; making the proper associations and such, trying to UNDERSTAND, to PUT IT ALL TOGETHER.
They say we only use 10% of our brain, right?!  I mean, what the hell is going on with the other 90% ?!?  ( I like to THINK you and I are using, let`s say, 20%).  Anyhoo, you get my point.  There
is no way that any type of exercise that expands our minds or memories could possibly be mumbo jumbo.  In fact, I`m gonna try that tonight.  I think, perhaps, I do it unconsciously every night.
Otherwise, I wouldn`t be able to write.  Many ideas come to me at strange hours.  Inspiration comes unannounced with no appointments.  It comes in a strange door with no prior notice.  Dreams
are the wellspring of my creation process.  The key is to get in touch with the deepest, untapped depths of the mind.  Therefore, I will REALLY try to FOCUS tonight.  I will try to go backwards
and forwards in time; try to bring together both past and future here in the present.  The future devours the past and the past shall give birth to a new future.  Time is not a line but rather, an explosion,
a big bang, expanding outwards in all directions.  Where it stops may be the very edges of the universe and beyond.  I think you are right in saying that this year of the Street Journal will open my mind
to a new future in an awesome way.  I think it has opened many doors in my mind, new rooms, secret stairways, a dusty attic with a hidden treasure under the floorboards.  I am quite pleased, which
is an understatement.  I just FEEL GOOD.  I am almost caught up to the present day.  In Street Journal 66, there will be personalized notes for my dearest friends, yourself included, of course.  There
will be a definition of FRAGMENTATIONISM.  There will be comedy.  There will be tragedy.  There will be haiku.  There will be LIFE.  All of it, contained between the black covers of a little notebook,
which has been digitized to share with you.  Ahhhh, the journey of words and their immense power.  There is just nothing like it, my friend.  I am so looking forward to our next meeting in just a couple
short months.  Now….I`m gonna go open my Third Eye.  Much love, brother………….TOM>>>>>>>>>>>>>





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