By Tom H. Brooks 3

Alright, I`m finished forever with that nightmare job.  I ALMOST killed a few people, but I didn`t, so I won`t be spending any time in a Japanese prison.  This one BITCH surprised me with English when she said,

“I`m not satisfied with that ice cream; it`s all crooked.  It needs more `structure.` ”  I could barely believe my ears.  I said, “Are you serious?  Do you know how difficult it is to get this right?!?  AND I had a
whole HOUR of training!”
She replies, “No really, I want another one.”  So, I had the girl I was working with do it.  MUCH better than mine.  The bitch looks at it and says with a snobbish air, “THAT`S more like it.”  And I said, “Well,
I gotta be honest with you, I`m not gonna lose any sleep over it.  I never promised you a rose garden.”  And then I walked away into the depths of the restaurant and left her looking like a deer in the headlights.
She just couldn`t believe I was so sarcastic.  BUT I AM.  `See you in hell,` I thought to myself as I laughed hysterically in a quiet corner.  I would rather wash cum-stained sheets in a Bangkok whorehouse.
I would rather clean the shitters at a homeless mission on the Bowery.  I would rather have my eyes forced open like A Clockwork Orange and forced to watch 6 hours of J-Pop videos and retarded Japanese television.
I would rather walk across the Sahara desert with the smallest available bottle of Evian water.  I would rather sleep on a bed of nails with a fat woman sitting on my face.  I will see that woman in hell and I will stick the point of the cone of that ice cream in her eye…and TWIST….HYAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!
(SOMEBODY was a little bitter here, eh?…)



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