By Tom H. Brooks 3

Digital Desolation is the title of the above work…..


Well, there you have it; fourteen years of insanity stuffed into one month for your reading pleasure.

By now, I have probably successfully offended everyone with insults, vulgarity, and blatant generalizations.  I`m sorry (but not THAT sorry).  If nothing else, these STREET JOURNALS are honest, and you can`t ask for much more than that.  They reflect the trials and tribulations, the highs and the lows, the endless variances of one man`s crazy life…MINE.  I have given you a piece of myself, but there is so much more that lies beneath the surface.

Hopefully, these STREET JOURNALS have, at times, also touched your heart and soul with their brute, in-your-face reality AND fantasy.  If you`re confused with what I`m speaking of here, or you started reading in the middle of the series, I suggest you go to my website blog homepage and start with the very first one in the archives, THE LA JOURNAL.  Start reading from the beginning and it will all start to make sense.

Last year, I realized once and for all that THE STREET JOURNALS are not likely to ever be published in any type of print.  They are too wild, random, and unpredictable.  It`s comparable to when a famous dead writer has his/her letters published – it`s only because he was ALREADY famous.  And I am NOT famous, nor am I published.  So I simply decided to put it out there myself for all who may be interested.  And now it`s yours to love or to hate.  That, of course, is your decision…

From here on out, we are in the present day for me.  I am going about my life in Japan.  Things are not as crazy as they used to be, but they are perhaps crazy in a new and refreshing way.

And here, I have to take a moment to say one thing.  All my irritation and complaints about this country where I now dwell; they are all starting to fade away.  I am starting to adjust….FINALLY.  This country has been good to me.  Japan has been nothing less than a fascinating experience that continues to surprise me in new ways everyday.  I have spent most of my time here writing, taking photos, and creating new things, in general.  I would have never found time for this in the chaos of my life back in America.  It has been the proverbial “blessing in disguise.”

I will soon follow up with my poems that I have been writing all throughout my life under many different conditions and in many different places.  I will continue to share my photographs with you.  And whenever a new STREET JOURNAL is completed, I will publish that as well.  I am in the midst of #75 as I write this.  I will continue to write until the day I die…because I HAVE TO.  It cannot be stopped.  And why would I want to stop anyway?!?

Thank you very much for reading along with me this far, those of you who have or continue to do so.  I hope I have given you something special, something different that you will NOT forget.  And to any new readers, welcome to my world.  Life goes on for all of us, my friends.  Let`s stand up and live it the best that we can.  Peace and love to all…

Tom Henry Brooks 3

Tokyo, Japan

March 9, 2014




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