By Tom H. Brooks 3


Started in Tokyo, Japan on 4/16/13
Let`s just agree to disagree…
Perfect Tokyo morning train music….FEAR, “I don`t care about you….FUCK YOU!!”
4/19/13   A horrible fucking day:
Chiharu was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance.  They called me at work and panic ensued because I had no idea what had happened.  Luckily, I had my skateboard, so I rode like a maniac to the train station and took the Namboku Line to Yotsuya and then transferred to the Chuo Line to Ochanomizu.  She was at Keio or Juntendo University Hospital.  I made it in like 22 minutes.  It turned out she had a really high fever and was having trouble breathing.  Basically, it sounds like some kind of a panic attack.  She was lying there, really hot, and kind of twitching in her sleep.  This is heartbreaking….
Now I`m taking her to Ueno Station and putting her on a bullet train for Nagano ken AGAIN to go to her family home and probably another stay at the hospital to be near her regular doctor.  This situation is just simply ridiculous.  Personally, I don`t see that her doctor is doing any good whatsoever, but she seems to have faith in him, so I have no choice.  He just prescribes medicine after she comes in for a checkup and says goodbye.  Useless.  I just want her to be happy and feeling secure and safe.  It`s better than panic attacks and ambulances.  I fucking HATE this shit!  Goddamned MS is ruining our life together.  I feel completely and utterly helpless.  There is NOTHING I can do.  Alone again in Tokyo.  Terrible days…
Tokyu Hands Department Store in Shibuya, Tokyo has EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN…
The stationery and cell phone accessories are especially cool….
“Your daddy`s rich and your mama`s good-looking,
you`re a REAL FINE GIRL……”
Iggy Pop
Google Glass?!?  Damn, we`re WEARING our computers now?!  What`s next?!?
Everyone`s gonna look like a bunch of cyborgs wearing that shit!  I`M waiting for holographs instead of Skype and FaceTime—I`m talking Star Wars shit here!  Believe me, it`s coming, sooner than later, no doubt……
“I could take the pitchfork from the Devil….
I`m the baddest man alive…”
The Black Keys/RZA
“There ain`t no grave, that can hold my body down..”
Johnny Cash
“Today men gaze with awe and reverence upon the mighty Memnons standing alone on the sands of Egypt or upon the strange terraced pyramids of Palanque.  Mute testimonies these are of the lost arts and sciences of antiquity; and concealed this wisdom must remain until this race has learned to read the universal language—SYMBOLISM.”
Manly P. Hall
“The Secret Teachings of All Ages”
“I am the Passenger
I ride through the city tonight
I see a bright and hollow sky
I see the city`s ripped backsides
And I ride and I ride…”
Iggy Pop
“You can run on for a long time
run on for a long time
run on for a long time
but sooner or later
gonna cut you down…”
Johnny Cash
“God`s Gonna Cut You Down”
“We make choices in life;
the hard thing is to live with `em—
there ain`t nobody that can help you with that.”
“The Words”
( a movie about a dirty plagiarist)
There`s a homeless man I see all the time in Azabu.  Everyone walks by him like he`s invisible.  But I see him.  For some reason, I felt an overwhelming urge this morning to give him some small measure of help.  He was smoking a cigarette butt he had found on the ground and digging through the recyclable trash bin looking for an unfinished drink.  I asked him in Japanese if he wanted a drink.  He said yes and gave him a couple hundred yen.  Not much, but really all I could afford.  The Japanese homeless must be amongst the loneliest people on earth.  They are completely ignored, like trash in the gutter.  At least in America, there are SO MANY homeless people that they are able to have their bum friends to get drunk with and such.  And people talk more to them.  I talk to them.  Heartbreaking.  The world just isn`t fair.  Not at all….
A bad company name for a document delivery company in Tokyo….
Their logo says:
Rapid and Speed
“Every passing moment is another chance to turn it all around.”
“Vanilla Sky”
“…tidal waves could save the world
from Californication…”
Red Hot Chili Peppers
“If you`re looking for hot water,
don`t act shocked if you get burned a little bit…”
Jack White
“Catch Hell Blues”
99% of the Japanese all have the same expressionless robot faces when they`re sober, but pump a few drinks in `em, and they`re loads of fun when they`re drunk….
By staying in Japan, not only do I prove how much I truly love Chiharu, but
I`m also proving that I`m a glutton for punishment…
4/25/13  10pm
I just thought of this for some reason:  my old classic painting, AfroChrist Superstar….
whatever happened to that one?  Where is it now?
Maybe He was resurrected and went back to Compton…
My latest INANE project at my ridiculous fucking job: SEPARATING RUSTY NAILS INTO CATEGORIES.  BELIEVE IT.  Maybe we`ll use them for an ART PROJECT so the kids can risk getting tetanus or lockjaw or whatever the hell they call it….this place is INSANE.
All that `hard work` I`ve done over the years is FINALLY paying off, eh?……
(even a bucket of rusty nails)
Try Sol Amigo Mexican Restaurant by Ueno Station….
The Hub British Pub…. with Fish and Chips and Guinness…
I went to a Pakistani Festival in Ueno Park and they had TONS of good food.  I ate spicy samosas and had a mango lassi drink.  DELICIOUS.  It came from the Siddique Restaurant stand and their main restaurant is right by my work in Azabu, so I`ll definitely be going there again….
Everyone was so nice too.  I had a conversation with a really nice guy, a Pakistani student named (Mida?), who`s studying for his Master`s Degree in Japan…..don`t believe all the stereotypes you hear.  If you do, it just makes you a closed-minded idiot…..
Ueno Kyu Iwasaki-Tei Gardens, Shinobazu Pond and Bentendo Temple
After a couple of hours at this Pakistan Festival, I went to the National Museum of Western Art, also in Ueno Park.  It was free today only, so I couldn`t resist.  THIS is how things go when you have NO PLAN.  It all just works out…let my instinct lead the way…..
This museum had…Auguste Rodin, The Thinker; Sam Francis, White Painting;Jackson Pollock, Black Flowing; Max Ernst, Petrified Forest…and so many more, including….Renoir, Courbet, Delacroix, Manet, Cezanne, Monet (Water Lilies), Pissaro, Gauguin, Van Gogh, Denis, Miro, Picasso, Leger, Rouault, Braque, and so on, and so on….not bad, NOT BAD AT ALL……
After all this adventuresome fun, I decided to skip Shibuya altogether today.  I`m kind of stuck on that side of town (it IS cool) so I decided I`ve got to BREAK OUT.  I am now skateboarding towards home, from Ueno to Funabori.  I`m zigzagging through smooth backstreets and now I`m heading south along the Sumida River.  I ride through the SUMO wrestling capital of Japan in Ryogoku and I actually get to go INSIDE to check it out.  No action, but cool anyway.  I continue south and east…..
Made it home in about 2 hours, taking my time….
Pachinko: I just DON`T see the allure for the Japanese.  These places are SO GODDAMNED NOISY AND CLAUSTROPHOBIC INSIDE….like a nightmare, really…..
Now, if only they allowed marijuana, my whole attitude might change about this crazy country…
Bukowski had the stamina to write drunk—so can I.
If it`s good or bad, I`ll write it.  It`s LIFE…a life lived to the best of my ability…
Today I rode my bike ALL OVER Edogawa-ku.  I want to get to know EVERY STREET in my vicinity, as always.  I ended up at Kasairinkaikoen, a really nice beach park on Tokyo Bay.  As usual, things could be worse…
In the ancient world, men of wisdom and learning called themselves sages.  Pythagoras is credited with having coined the term, PHILOSOPHER.  He defined it as one who is attempting to find out.
While reading The Secret Teachings of All Ages this morning on the Oedo Line, I suddenly realized that my old parable from like…1998, A Way of Light and Darkness (check my archives), was written without my knowing about the famous Pythagoreanand the forking of the ways.  Left represents earthly wisdom and right symbolizes divine wisdom.  This is the very subject this short parable explores through metaphor and allegory.  I tell you, I`ve got my finger on the pulse!  Of course, I don`t claim to have all the answers, but I`m listening….
“Declining from public ways, walk on unfrequented paths.”
(or the Mystic Tetrad)   from the Pythagorean School…..
“They all talk fast,
but they all think slow…”
Mos Def
“…and none of your prophecies
have ever seen where I`ve gone…”
Ryan Bingham
“Snake Eyes”
The Fibonacci Sequence
1  2  3  5  8  13  21  34  55  89  …
and so on…..forever»»»»»»»»»»
“I`m about to have a nervous breakdown,
my head really hurts!”
Black Flag
To be a dog in Japan must REALLY SUCK.
First of all, your owner is probably a total stiff, lacking
any personality whatsoever.
Second, you spend your whole day on a short chain in
a muddy yard, be it rain, snow, or sunshine.
Third, when someone does actually take you out somewhere,
they will likely dress you up in some STUPID and humiliating
outfit and put your fur in pigtails or make you wear a little
doggy baseball cap or some shit llke that…
I`m not kidding; I saw a dog wearing fucking lipstick and a tutu
the other day…
What is WRONG with those people?!?
**** International School:  where taking contrived photos to give the ILLUSION of teaching is more important than actually teaching…
Friday, 5/3/13 (“Golden Week” …don`t ask me, it`s just some holiday….)
Met a really cool Mexican dude in Shibuya from LA, who also lived in NYC.  His name was Michel and he was with a Japanese chick named Chikako.  We had a great conversation and it seems that he and I have been on a somewhat similar path in life.  He was a character, no doubt.
Had some carne asada tacos at La Cocina Gabriela on route 412 around Roppongi Hills…delicious….
Starting at 2:30pm from Shibuya, I am planning on riding ALL THE WAY ACROSS TOKYO.  Skateboarding and walking, no rest, no mercy, no trains….just me and my board.  I`m drinking my way home….
The Hibiya area of Tokyo, where all the government buildings seem to be at, is HEAVILY guarded and patrolled by police dudes that are dressed like stormtroopers…
Today, by making this   L   O   N   G   ride, I am proving that if one has the time, strength, and willpower, you can walk and skateboard just about anywhere…
4:55pm  Tokyo Station area
5:50pm  Sumida River coming into Fukagawa
you can never go back
I`m gonna take a shot in the dark and guess that NOBODY has EVER skateboarded ACROSS Tokyo like me…(they probably couldn`t find their way anyway….even natives don`t know their way around except which trains to take to work in their daily routines…)
Stopped by Maruzen Bookstore and picked up Paul Theroux`s latest travel book, The Last Train to Zona Verde…
I REALLY broke in my new Adidas shoes that I bought in Ueno at noon today…
6:20pm  Eitai-dori (route 10)
El Arbolito Mexican Food  (try it next time)
Last night, I was in Shinjuku with my Canadian friend, Julie, her friend, Alison, and 3 cool Swedish dudes.  I had a pounding, skull-crushing headache this morning.  Now THIS is the way to skateboard off a hangover!
The day I can`t skateboard anymore is gonna be a very sad day…
7:07pm  crossing the bridge over the Arakawa River into Nishi-Kasai…
7:46pm   HOME at last….
After doing something EPIC and insane like this at almost 44 years old, I feel a smug sense of self-satisfaction….
This trip today, minus 45 minutes or so at the Mexican restaurant, took roughly 4.5 hours.
NOBODY does it like me….»»»»»»»»»»
I recently saw a photo that blew my mind.  During World War Two, 67 Japanese cities were relentlessly bombed by American Forces.  A lot of people don`t realize that these horrific fire bombings, masterminded by one Air Force General Curtis LeMay, killed more people than Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined.  I recently saw a photo of the Tokyo firebombing aftermath, hands down the most destructive of the war, and it was UNBELIEVABLE.  The rivers were on fire!  So really, this city is like a giant graveyard haunted by the ghosts of the past, and every building is like a giant tombstone to the restless dead….
Details for the above entry: (Tokyo Firebombing)
March 9th and 10th, 1945……325 B-29s loaded with Model M-47 incendiary clusters, magnesium bombs, white phosphorus bombs, and napalm, arrived just after midnight on March 10th.  They flew at 5000 to 9000 feet over the city and marked the target area with a flaming X, following British bombing practice.  In just 3 hours, U.S. Forces dropped 1,665 TONS of incendiary bombs, killing AT LEAST 100,000 civilians, destroying 250,000 buildings, and incinerating 16 square miles of the city.  Aircrews at the tail end of the bomber stream reported that the stench of burning human flesh permeated the aircraft even at the height they were flying.  An apocalypse, a massacre…..Pearl Harbor was also totally unacceptable and a cheap shot, but what all this goes to show you is that in war, nobody really wins.  What a NIGHTMARE WORLD we live in….
Saturday, 5/4/13
I had two donuts and some coffee for breakfast and I started riding my bike at 12 noon.  I headed into Chiba Prefecture via Route 10, Route 242, and then north on Route 357.  Skirted the edge of Urayasu heading north and east and trying to get out to the peninsula that is the biggest part of Chiba.
1:00pm  Shiohama  (Mihama Ward)
1:25pm  Ichikawa Port Town
2:00pm  Funabashi (Hinode Wharf)  What a long haul!
I`m not going any further today; my legs are still tired from yesterday…plus, it`s like 18 more kilometers to Chiba City….next time…..
Made a big loop and came full circle back to Urayasu and near Maihama Station, I came to Tokyo Disney Resort.  Crossed the bridge back into Kasairinkaikoen…
Two days, two EPIC journeys…..I`m fucking EXHAUSTED!
Despite being exhausted, I felt an overwhelming urge, irresistible if you will, to go BACK over the bridge and ride around the Disney Resort because it seemed interesting.  No rest for the wicked..
I was taking some pictures when a female security guard moved my bike and I thought it had been stolen.  I was really pissed, but she was so nice and apologetic that I couldn`t get TOO mad….
Ikspiari, some kind of crazy-ass Disney shopping mall……DONE..!!  Going home….
No food since donuts.  I drank beer for lunch.  Straight to Mo`s Burger….DELICIOUS….especially when you`re this hungry….
Home by 6:30pm…..goodnight….AFTER I make a new slideshow….
5/5/13  riding my bike by the water, as alone as a person can be…
“Fly away on my zephyr,
I feel it more than ever…”
Red Hot Chili Peppers
5/5/13 & 5/6/13
“I said to him: `I`ve come—but not for keeps.
But who are you, become so horrible?`
He answers: `Look.  I am the one who weeps.` “
The Inferno (Canto 8)
“The course of a life seems random, but all lives are shaken into a pattern that makes sense only in retrospect.”
Paul Theroux
“The Lower River”
Monday, 5/6/13, about 5pm
The last day of a glorious 4-day weekend… first Tokyo thunderstorm while living here totally caught me by surprise.  One minute (meaning most of the day) I was sitting by the river reading in the sun, next thing I knew there was thunder and lightning and pouring rain.  I had three solid meals.  I was happy and relaxed and my timing couldn`t have been better.  I had finished going anywhere at all and I decided to go inside.  I was playing guitar for maybe 20 minutes and suddenly, I heard thunder rolling across the sky in a deep forbidding rumble.  Then I saw lightning flash and the rain came pouring down.  Did NOT see that coming at all!  I was playing guitar and I laughed and went outside for a beer and a cigarette in the downpour to cool off after a hot day.  The smell of fresh rain on hot summer asphalt.  Heaven…a perfect end to a beautiful weekend….
One thing I can always be proud of; when my number is up—when I die, I will know that I have ALWAYS been true to myself, to who I AM…
Today at work, I have a bunch of little Japanese, Filipina and Pakistani kids doing their imitation (that I taught them, of course) of an American redneck from the deep south…”GO ON, GIT!”
Priceless….I have video….
Yumenoshima Tropical Greenhouse Dome in KOTO…
A taste of the Amazon in Tokyo….howzaboutdat?
Lunchtime, ditched out of the work field trip and had a jasmine tea and a smoke beneath the trees…
A little Japanese boy wearing a shirt that said,
(like a little Buddha with improper grammar)
44 fucking years old…shit.
Where does the time go?
I spent the day at work celebrating 4 little kids` birthdays that are THIS MONTH, not even today, a cruel irony considering my b-day actually IS today.  And, true to form, I didn`t tell a single person.  My secret is safe with me.  Whatever.  They have their whole lives ahead of them.  Who cares about my birthday anyway?  I`m OLD…or getting there anyway….
A shirt I saw later in the day on my birthday….
A new application on my iPhone that tells me how far I walk each day.  Today, it said I walked 16,218 steps and went a little over 12 kilometers…..on just an average day…..!!!
“The secret is HOW to die…”
Dan Brown
“The Lost Symbol”
“Conscience is no more than
the dead speaking to us…”
“I`ll die for your sins if you
live for mine.”
“You see, you just don`t know,
I`m here to give you my heart
And you want some fashion show…”
“Poetry can unleash a terrible fear.  I suppose it is the fear of possibilities, each with
its own endless set of variations.  It`s like looking too closely and too long into a mirror;
soon your features distort, then erupt.  You look too closely into your poems, or listen
too closely to them as they arrive in whispers, and the features inside you—call it heart,
call it mind, call it soul—accelerate out of control.  They distort and they erupt,in one strange pain.
You realize, then, that you can`t attempt breaking down too many barriers in too short a time,
because there are as many horrors waiting to get in at you as there are parts of yourself
pushing to break out, and with the same, or more, fevered determination.”
Jim Carroll
NYC poet
“They put a black face on the New World Order, and now we`re all `happy…`
well, KRS ain`t buyin` it….!”
from “The Obama Deception” on YouTube  (fascinating)
The things you have to go through to live in this country as a foreigner are just fucking ridiculous!
Today, a SUNDAY, I had to renew my Japanese driver`s license.  It was a fucking nightmare.  ENDLESS lines.  I don`t even DRIVE in Tokyo, mind you, it`s all about trains; but if I want to rent a car on vacations, I will need a license, so unfortunately, it`s a sad necessity.  After the hideous lines, they force me to take a class and watch a DVD video, ALL IN JAPANESE, of course.  The workbooks are in Kanji.  The video is gibberish to me, and basically, this is all INSANE.  What`s the point, I ask you, WHAT IS THE FUCKING POINT?!?  Therefore, I learned absolutely nothing.
NOTHING at all.  The art of wasting time, that`s all, and these people have got that down to a finely honed razor`s edge cutting my throat with excruciating boredom.  Pointless waste…all in the name of Japanese bureaucratic red tape.  It was the best 4 hours I`ve ever spent in my life…no doubt about it.  It was the best birthday week present I could have given myself—cruel and inhuman torture.  I`d rather have sharp slivers of bamboo shoved under what`s left of my fingernails….
Stu Biggs  ”It was just BUSINESS!”
Lizzie  ”STRICTLY business…”
Stu Biggs  ”Yeah, blowjobs are like handshakes…!”
“I believe that ANYTHING that can be dreamed of
will eventually be built.”
Leonardo da Vinci
(from Da Vinci`s Demons TV show)
“The prudery of today, however, declares this same mystery to be unfit for the consideration of holy-minded people.  Contrary to the dictates of reason, a standard has been established which affirms that innocence bred of ignorance is more to be desired than virtue born of knowledge.  Eventually, however, man will learn that he need not be ashamed of truth.  Until he does learn this, he is false to his God, to his world, and to himself.  In this respect, Christianity has woefully failed in its mission.  While declaring man`s body to be the living temple of the living God, in the same breath it asserts the substances and functions of this temple to be unclean and their study defiling to the sensitive sentiments of the righteous.  By this unwholesome attitude, man`s body—
the house of God—is degraded and defamed.  Yet the cross itself is the oldest of phallic emblems, and the lozenge-shaped windows of cathedrals are proof that yonic symbols have survived the destruction of the pagan mysteries.  The very structure of the church itself is permeated with phallicism.  Remove from the Christian church all emblems of Priapic origin and nothing is left, for even the earth upon which it stands was, because of its fertility, the first yonic symbol.  As the presence of these emblems of the generative processes is either unknown or unheeded by the majority, the irony of the situation is not generally appreciated.  Only those conversant with the secret language of antiquity are capable of understanding the divine significance of these emblems.”
Manly P. Hall
The Secret Teachings of All Ages
“Pain or damage don`t end the world.  Or despair or fucking beatings.  The world ends when you`re dead.  Until then, you got more punishment in store.  Stand it like a man…and give some back.”
“Deadwood” (TV show)
“Al Swearengen” (?)
(as quoted by Todd Schultz)
5/17/13  Friday Night, 6:10pm, Shibuya…
Night skateboard ride across Tokyo…AGAIN….you know it.  Point of origin, here.  Time, now.
From Shibuya-ku, to Funabori in Edogawa-ku, this time in the dim-lit streets; different roads, different adventure.  This is the first ride of my 44th year on this earth…
Ahhhh, that SWEET feeling of FREEDOM one feels when embarking on a long skateboard journey down new and unknown roads, riding through night streets like a zephyr, through the Tokyo Neon Supernova, through the belly of the beast.  There`s just nothing like it in the world…
Good old Burger King, (MUTHAFUCKA… see `Hank Moody`,Californication style).
You know, they have HEINEKEN at BK over here?!?
Just saw a rat the size of a chihuahua run under a vegetable stand in a stinky, dark, dank alley at 6:40pm…
Official starting time to begin leisurely making my way across the city…7:15pm…
First time I gave directions in Tokyo.  A Canadian from Vancouver, B.C. named Tim, asked me where Hachiko Exit of Shibuya Station was and I pointed the way.  Now, I feel like a local…
Gaienhigashidori and Roppongidori…….an excellent hub for strange and nocturnal activities…
Tokyo has crazy-PSYCHO nightlife….ya just gotta know WHERE to go, which I DO….
(Roppongi, 9:10pm)
“And, uh, sometimes it`s not so easy,
especially when your only friend,
talks, sees, looks, and feels like you,
and you do just the same as him…
it gets very lonely out on this road, baby…”
Jimi Hendrix
My Friend
Listening to this (above) song on my iPhone while rolling down a smooth road near Tokyo Imperial Gardens in Hibiya through the cool darkness, smiling, like there`s no tomorrow…
Tokyo Station 9:45pm
Just past the station, and now I`m REALLY starting to roll faster through the cool night streets as the temperature drops and the crowds thin.  I travel further into the outskirts through the Eastern Night….
Coming into Nihonbashi…
10:36pm  Morishita (which, interestingly enough, means `under forest`)
Listening to Iggy Pop, The Passenger….PERFECT.
Midnight, the witching hour…home in Funabori, or rather, at the beer store having a good night brew out front.  4 hours and 45 minutes home.  This silly application I have on my iPhone says 12,144 steps and 9.4 kilometers, but I KNOW that`s bullshit!  It feels A LOT farther than that!  That number HAS to be WRONG.  I walked more than that on an average day at work.  I`m deleting this app right now.  When I realize how I used to skateboard from Venice Beach to Palos Verdes, about 14 miles, in 2.5 to 3 hours, I just know that number is wrong.  We have to take into account that THAT was a SMOOTH bike path with few obstructions, whereas THIS ride is through the heart of a major metropolis with MANY obstacles, rough roads, traffic lights, etc…..
Also, the app was made for WALKING, but I`m SKATEBOARDING.  It`s entirely likely that ROLLING fucks up the distance measurements and of course, the steps.  Whatever.  It was an epic journey.  I really wish someone could`ve joined me for this one.  Too bad for you…..MUTHAFUCKA………..
Nobody else IN THE WORLD accomplished this particular brand of insanity tonight—
I guarantee it….
The time and place:  1985-1987, Redondo Beach, California
The cast of characters: (interchangeable on various days)
Tom Brooks
Rich Coleman
J.T. Barker
Vincent Saint
Matt Barmann
Phil Hammer
Collectively, also known as THE WRECKING CREW…
We used to go out on a regular basis, usually on weekends, more than likely stoned as hell and drinking beer, like all healthy young teenagers with a lust for life and an interest in general chaos.
We would go to a place on PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) called “Nancy`s Food Cellar” and steal potatoes from this bin they had outside with a very plentiful supply.  We would fill the car with the potatoes, and I mean REALLY FILL IT, to the point of absurdity.  This would happen in any car we had available that night, most likely Vince`s VW bus, my VW square back, JD`s station wagon, or my Mom`s VW Cabriolet convertible…(I guess everyone was into German cars at that time…)
We would drive recklessly through the night streets of Redondo Beach, Torrance and Palos Verdes and throw the potatoes with lethal force at anything and anyone.  Anything that could be broken would be destroyed.  We smashed plate glass windows, car headlights, car taillights, pots, birdhouses, and real estate signs in front of houses that said FOR SALE.  Imagine waking up in the morning and finding a potato in the shattered headlight of your car.  We were ruthless little assholes, racing through the streets with Black Flag or the Dead Kennedys (Police Truck)
cranked up on the car stereo and people ran from us and scattered in abject terror.  We became a fixture in the community, “those little fuckheads who hurl potatoes and break everything.”  (real quote from a guy I heard on the street).
There was a strategy and a pattern and important positions in the car arrangement: Driver, shotgun, side bombers, and the favorite— TAILGUNNER.  Whatever the guys in shotgun and side bomber positions missed, the tailgunner would likely hit.  There is NOTHING like the sound of shattering a plate glass window.  It sounds like dark angels screaming as they fall from heaven.
There is nothing else in the world like the thrill of watching a real estate sign explode into 29 pieces from a direct hit by a potato projectile hurled at 60mph.  You don`t often sea a night jogger wearing Dolphin skivvies tumbling into the bushes after taking a potato in the bum.  And we had A LOT of potatoes, lemme tell ya.  One time, we filled my Mom`s car to the point where we were sitting up to our chests in potatoes! (Sorry, Mom, you KNEW we were up to something!)
AND…that was a convertible!  Think—what would our excuse have been to a passing policeman?
“We`re gonna make french fries!?!”  NO.  Jail time, plain and simple.  That`s what would have happened, had we been caught.  But it never happened.
However, one time, we WERE caught by a motorcycle policeman as Matt was leaning WAY out the shotgun side window dragging a metal trashcan down the street, sparks flying behind us in a stream of fire.  He gave us the third degree for about 10 minutes, (but I think he was laughing inside).  Lucky for us, he got another more important call, and he said exactly that; “Guys, tonight is your lucky night.  Don`t expect it to happen if I catch you doing this again.”  And with that, he roared away on his motorcycle.  So naturally, we went to get potatoes.  Some people never learn—or maybe they just don`t care.  If we`d had potatoes in the car when the cop pulled us over, we never would`ve escaped.
Then there was mailbox baseball.  Aluminum bats are best for this sport.  Palos Verdes Estates has tons of fancy, `cute,` little mailboxes; replicas of country houses with white picket fences, barns, shotgun shacks, etc….and we would SMASH those motherfuckers into a million pieces with a single swing of the bat.  SO satisfying.  No remorse on that one….those rich scumbags could afford it.  They probably woke up and assumed that black people had been in their community, armed with potatoes and crowbars and looking for houses to rob.
Are you feeling a little bad for those poor night joggers, just minding their own business when they were rudely dropped into the brush, taking a 40mph spud in the leg?  Me too, honestly.
But, don`t worry too much.  No one died.  Karma is a bitch.  I got mine a few years later, believe it.  It was in Pacific Beach, San Diego, California, maybe….1991?….
I was riding my bike on the wrong side of the road, against traffic, when suddenly and out of the blue, it happened in hallucinogenic slow motion.  Some tattooed hesher dude leaned out of a passing car and threw a HUGE projectile at me with stoned and deadly accuracy.  It was a fucking CANTALOUPE, man!  SMASH!!….RIGHT IN THE CHEST!  Knocked the breath out of me, it did, when it exploded, and almost made me tumble off my bike, but I managed to hold on in a death grip and take the pain and still avoid getting hit by a car.  I was shocked.  Then, I was laughing…hysterically……realizing I`d been gut-punched by karmic payback.  I made it to TACO SURF, covered in cantaloupe pulp and seeds.  We all had a good laugh about it.  Then I had a DELICIOUS Mexican lunch at the best taco shop on the planet.  After that, I went back to my apartment on Opal Street and got stoned by the swimming pool.  Then I went to a keg party on Mission Beach and hung out with many gorgeous drunk girls in bikinis and watched the sunset with a babe named Charlotte and then got into some sexy shenanigans with her.  You see…..?
I ALWAYS come out on top….
BLOOMING                by ME
The City
is catching up with its outskirts
What once was
a quiet town on the fringe
has been
absorbed into the metropolis
as if
it had always been this way…
but there are many who know better
Listen to the stories of the elders…
Giant holes in the ground
the rumble of machinery
heavy metal framework
clustered across the landscape
like steel skeletons
Old structures fall
New towers rise
Roads flowing everywhere
in a tangled mass
like veins of mercury
In daylight
the City festers under the burning sun
By night
the lights winking with a leering eye
The rats scampering
through dark alleys of garbage
From high above
like an organism
an explosion of light
A massive, mechanical, neon flower
blooming across the land
But when it dies
it will leave a scar
There are no stars over Tokyo
It`s getting harder to find the edge
but it`s still out there—
(for robots)………………………………………………………………………………………
`Atticus Fetch`  ”Now, if you`ll excuse me, I`m gonna show this dedicated fan what it`s like to be penetrated by a ginger GOD.”
crazy girl  ”No, I`m gonna show YOU what it`s like to be raped by a tweaker!”
possibly the funniest line EVER on Californication
maybe 1995, San Diego, CA
(Does anyone remember this?)
Some hardcore tweaker from inland somewhere past Interstate 5 (we never went past Cass Street),
had been whacked out of his head on pink crystal meth for like 2 fucking weeks.  Later, after the incident, investigators found a virtual rabbit warren of tunnels and holes in his backyard where he`d apparently been digging for gold.  In his frenzy of tweaker-greed, he finally snapped and somehow managed to sneak into the nearby National Guard Armory and steal a goddamned U.S. Army TANK!
How he figured out how to start and drive the damn thing, no one really knew at the time; probably some kind of super-tweaker brain fart.  Perhaps he was ex-military, I forgot, and who cares anyway?
The point is…HE STOLE A TANK.  He managed to take the aforementioned military death machine
on a RIDE to end all motherfucking rides; a 2 hour plus rampage throughout the streets of San Diego, destroying EVERYTHING in his path.  We were having a keg party in Mission Beach at the time, as usual.  A couple friends, some girls, and I went inside to take a few hits from the bong and we saw this hallucinatory mega-destruction on TV and it BLEW OUR MINDS.  He was going through windows, clipping buildings, downing power lines, and running over cars like there was no tomorrow, which it turned out there wasn`t for him.  This was NOT your average car chase.  We see those in SoCal every day.   This was a CRAZED DRUGGIE IN A 60 TON KILLING MACHINE!   This was SPECTACULAR.  In any case, he finally got hung up on the center divider of the Interstate 8 Freeway in Mission Valley, where an SDPD cop managed to jump on the tank, open the top hatch and fire a couple gunshots inside the tank, hitting the tweaker in the upper left shoulder where it penetrated his heart and killed him.
He never found that gold, but at least he went out in a blaze of tweaker glory and massive destruction.  What more could a scumbag ask for?
(you don`t believe me: Google-    San Diego, stolen tank     -and see the legend take his last ride…..
***** “International School”
when the INSANE emails get out of hand,
It`s CHESS, not checkers.
You need a strategy, you need to think fast and NEVER HESITATE…
As I`ve said before, when you ride the train everyday in Tokyo on a set working routine, you very frequently see the same faces; even in a mega-city of millions.  It`s funny, you even see them in the SAME places; meaning the same seats, the same train cars, waiting for a seat where everyday they know someone else in their usual spot will get off at their usual stop….
It`s like clockwork amongst chaos.  For example, every weekday morning, I walk the SAME path, transferring from the Toei Shinjuku Line to the Oedo Line.  I wait for the train for 3 minutes in the SAME spot (where I see other regulars waiting in their self-assigned places).  The train pulls up and I fight my way to my daily corner spot between train cars.  No one is EVER in my spot.  They may be close, but they`re not IN IT.  Lucky for them, because if they were, I`d be sure to elbow them aside and let them know who`s in charge (unless it was a sexy, hot babe).
I`m territorial like that, you know it…..
****”International School”….
NEVER in my life have I received so many retarded emails!  I`m ready to delete my fucking account.  I`m telling you it`s sheer abuse of email privileges!  14 yesterday and 21 today (this was at 10am…..make that 45! )
This job sucks ass worse than ANY job I`ve had….EVER!
As smart as I am, the sad thing is that I serve no functional purpose whatsoever in consumer society.  I`m not a doctor, a lawyer, or a businessman.  I`m not a merchant nor a tradesman with a useful skill such as carpentry or plumbing.  I`m not a computer tech guy or a cable guy or a salesman.  I`m just a hedonist who LIKES TO ENJOY LIFE.  Is that so wrong?  To top it all off,  I`M NOT INTERESTED IN THE GAME.    I just don`t care.  It`s all a bunch of shit and then you die.  I just wanna enjoy the ride before my number is up.  I am forever an outsider, a strange bird,
a freak, destined to wander the fringes on my own lonely roads.  Whatever;  I bought the ticket, I`ll take the ride….
5/24/13  5:50pm
As I believe I`ve already clarified, the trains in Tokyo are as efficient as they come, but insanely PACKED.  You`ve NEVER seen a full train until you`ve been on a Tokyo rush hour train.  You think you have, but you haven`t.  And it`s ALWAYS rush hour.  Picture LA traffic jams on the 10 freeway heading west at 5:30pm around the 405 interchange, BUT WITH PEOPLE…
Another skateboarding Friday night in Tokyo.  I started out in Shibuya, as usual.  I finally made it to try out HUB British Pub.  Had fish and chips and a Guinness….real nice.  Then I partied for awhile with some U.S. Navy boys, talked to a lovely Japanese girl named Kamako, and generally had a good time at this place.  A British pub with no limeys……weird.  Heading out….a lot of skateboarding to do…..
Talked to a cool Brazilian tattoo artist in Shibuya named Rex.  He`s got a studio right in the heart of it….
Heading to Shinjuku to linger a few hours and then over to Akihabara Electric town and then home….
50 yen beers at this bar…..NO FUCKING WAY!!
“London is like my mother, New York City is like my wife—I`ll love her forever, and Tokyo is like my dirty, nasty mistress….”
(A London born Englishman I talked to in Kabukicho, Shinjuku, Red Light District….)
I don`t even have words for the RIDICULOUS adventures I had tonight, and that`s a RARE thing for me…..I`ll tell ya sometime over a couple belts of scotch, because I`ll NEVER forget it….
AND, of course, I finally had to EAT SHIT on my skateboard tonight.  I`ve been on a really good run, I haven`t fallen at all in many months, and tonight I SLAMMED.  I`m afraid, I may have cracked a bone in my shoulder, it`s all black and blue and bloody….hairline fracture?  Oh well, that`s the price I pay for being a man of action; and the agony….?  Well, that`s what whiskey`s for…
The `Baddest Man Alive` is in serious fucking PAIN…
It`s all about the MONEY….
It turns out the main boss lady used to be the lead `hostess` at a Roppongi Night Club, meaning a MADAM or a HOOKER.  Now, of course, I`m not judging….I`m just saying.  AND her husband was Yakuza.  From whore to owner of a school for children with handicaps, behavioral problems and learning disabilities.  Perfect.  Beautiful.
(that`s the RUMOR, anyway…)
It only gets weirder…
“Sometimes I just feel like a traveling tube into which food is packed…”
Anthony Bourdain
“No Reservations”
“I only eat what I kill myself…”
Ted Nugent
My shoulder looks like it got beaten with an aluminum baseball bat….
Oh, it`s more than a HAIRLINE fracture, lemme tell ya, I saw the x-ray after consulting with one, Dr. Takita……………………………………………………..  Let`s put it this way…
it don`t look so good.  Looks like it`s gonna be a lazy, skateboardless summer.
I`m gonna be walking extremely long distances rather than riding.  I`m afraid I`m getting too old for this shit….
Happy 44th Birthday, motherfucker….
Random thought….after watching Anthony Bourdain in San Francisco, I REALLY want to go to “The Tonga Room” in the basement of the Fairmont Hotel on Nob Hill someday….
(Go ahead, Google it, check some pics; spectacular…)
Frank Sinatra
I hate to sound cruel, but being a Japanese DWARF just seems like cruel and unusual punishment, doesn`t it?  But then again, so does being a laid-back CA skateboard guy,
self-exiled in Japan….
HA!  Hey Ronnie, if you ever read this far, this one`s especially for you:
I went to Shinagawa Aquarium in Tokyo today on a `school field trip.`
They had tons of fish they haven`t eaten yet and…you guessed it….dolphins!
Now, I`ve never really been a fan of animals in captivity, but I guess these dolphins
should be grateful they haven`t ended up in a can of tuna fish yet.  Instead they get
to do stupid little tricks for a bunch of screaming Japanese to the tune of horrible J-pop `music.`
Fuck that—that isn`t my point…..what FOLLOWS is my POINT……
You know the favorite `South Park` we`re always laughing about…of course you do.
I was in a quiet hysteria today because ALL I COULD THINK ABOUT was,
Then, to put the icing on the cake, I get back to school and I`m looking in one of
the kids` notebooks and it said, I SWEAR TO GOD, that he went to see DORPHINS today.
And that was the moment that I lost it.
Go to Vice Magazine, YouTube channel and watch “How to Hitchhike Across America” (parts 1 through 5) with artist, David Choe.  I fucking love this guy….he`s CLASSIC.  (Did you know he spent time in a Japanese prison?  He beat up a Japanese cop!  HA!  I told you they look like librarians.  In LA you`d get KILLED for trying that shit….!)
“These are not the droids you`re looking for…”
Star Wars
“Thou shalt not fly further with me…”
…from an alchemical manuscript by
Claudius de Dominico Celentano Vallis
A.D. 1606
To distort the words of Arthur Rimbaud…
Once, if I remember well, my life was a party where all the sexy girls got nasty
and all the beers flowed freely…
A long, long time ago, I was 22 years old, it`s true.  If it`s possible, I was likely even crazier than I am today.  No, in fact, I was DEFINITELY crazier.
I was 22 years young and looking for a way to become an alcoholic.  The air smelled of ocean breezes and suntan oil that was shimmering off the smooth tanned asses of 17-year-old vixens in tiny bikinis with tramp stamps above their tight, little butt cheeks.  Pot smoke floated through the salty air in heavenly aromas.  The beach was vast, the sky was a screaming blue, and the adventures were ENDLESS.
Where to begin, WHERE TO BEGIN?
I suppose I could start with a typical day—let`s say…a Friday morning, or a fucking TUESDAY morning—there was really no difference.
Let`s say I`d had a relatively mellow evening, maybe only 6 beers and some weed.  I would likely get up early, maybe 6:30am, to check the waves and perhaps have a surf session.  Or maybe go back to bed if there was no swell.
Or maybe I`d been up all night jacked up on cocaine with some strippers fromPure Platinum or Deja Vu.  Then of course, I`d have seen the sunrise, not as if I`d had any choice in the matter.  Or maybe some of my tattooed, psychopath friends of the time and I had been out raising hell for a COUPLE NIGHTS or more, cranked up on pink meth.  Whatever.  What a bunch of fucking idiots we were—-IDIOTS HAVING FUN!
Anyway, I lived on Ormond Court in mid-Mission Beach at the time.  My roommate was a tanned and leathery, thirtysomething psycho named Dave.  He had a face like an old baseball mitt and crazed blue eyes.  He used to walk around all day in Dolphin skivvies or swim trunks.  I don`t think I ever saw a shirt on that guy……EVER.   Seriously.  I am not exaggerating.
He liked, in order; beer, marijuana, women, whiskey, and volleyball.  I, on the other hand, could do without the volleyball.  And mine were ordered differently; girls at the top and everything else just went along with chasing them, orbeing chased if I was lucky.
Dave was a pot dealer;  I`m talking HEFTY BAGS here—pounds, kilograms…..A LOT.
That made it real EASY for me to STAY HIGH.  ALL THE TIME.  I`m not kidding.  I didn`t live IN the house.  Neither did he, actually.  He`d converted the garage into a cool dope room.  I lived in a TRAILER in the driveway, right on the dirty alley.  This inspired many names like `Trailer Tom` and `Uncle Tom`s Smokin` Cabin.`  Go ahead….laugh.  I walked 25 STEPS and I was ON THE BEACH.  MY FRONT YARD AND PLAYGROUND.  And the ocean was my swimming pool.  I paid Dave 100 bucks a month rent, chickenfeed, really, even for a clown that worked 3 or 4 days a week only at TOGO`S sandwich shop on Garnet.  And let me tell you, my friends; you should have SEEN all the sexy beach bunnies that passed through that trailer!  It defied all the known financial laws of greed and gold-digging.  It was way beyond rhyme or reason.  It was fucking GREAT!
The homeless people used to come by our house at least 5 times daily to collect beer cans.  One regular hobo lady probably owns a house over the ocean in La Jolla nowadays, thanks to our INSANE beer consumption levels.  The main house was just for partying and having BBQs on the porch.  Dave was a hell of a grillmaster.  As I recall, he also had a hell of a temper.  I can`t tell you how many douchebags he HEAVED off that porch….LITERALLY THREW THEM.
Anyhow, the type of day I`m thinking of consisted of a fresh start after a rare quiet evening the night before.  I woke and had a surf session with Nick, Brent, Casey, and Chris.  Dave didn`t surf, so we saw him around 10am after he managed to extricate himself from his opium den cave.  There were other mornings, however, when HE`D be up early, shaking my trailer like an earthquake, yelling, “WAKE UP IN THERE!  I`LL BUY, YOU FLY!  GO GET US A 12-PACK OF BUDWEISER!  GET UP, YOU LITTLE BASTARD, I WANT BEER!!!”  Hell of a guy, Dave….
This day we all came together on the Boardwalk.  We skateboarded up to Pacific Beach for a delicious TACO SURF brunch.  It was the Ritual de lo Habitual.  Speaking of that, it was the 90s, man, the era of Jane`s Addiction, Red Hot Chili Peppers (BloodSugarSexMagick), Nirvana, and Pearl Jam.  You know what I`m talking about.  Or maybe you don`t.  I don`t care, I`m on a roll here….
After TACO SURF, we converged again at THE SPOT on the boardwalk, just sitting there in swim trunks.  Just a bunch of stoned punks with absolutely NOTHING to do on a weekday morning at 11:30am.  A SUMMER morning, mind you….watching the tourist AND local girls
roller-skate by in their little bikinis.  We`d leer, we`d heckle, we`d stare and we`d pull `em in, one by one.  Believe it, baby…
I remember Casey (who somewhat resembled Layne Staley of Alice in Chains), tattooed from head to toe and his curly, long, blonde hair.  He pulled in three HOTTIES with this simple, derogatory one-liner; “What`s up, stinkbags?”  I swear to God.  We`d already been pooling our money for a beer keg since 10am.  This was a very common thing.  The Middle Eastern owners of HUB Liquor and Little Sam`s fucking LOVED us.  2pm, we`ve got a keg with a bunch of bikini-clad Arizona girls and more on the way….(`The Redplates are coming, the REDPLATES are coming!!!`)  MANY people coming out of the woodwork, and we`re already collecting money for the NEXT keg.  This is all occasionally interrupted by random skateboard rides and trips into the house to hit the bong.  It was a day like this when we saw THE LEGENDARY TANK INCIDENT
on TV.  And it only got uglier…
Sunset comes and with any luck, you`ve ALREADY been laid.  At night, the stimulants and hallucinogens come out.  Next thing I know, it`s 4am and I`m on mushrooms as a full moon sets over the ocean.  I`m with some blonde girl from Missouri, bathing together in a silver moonbeam that`s shimmering across the ocean, luminescent flecks of whitewash rolling across her bare breasts in the unearthly glow and my heart is filled with a lustful and boundless joy.  The sun rises in a burst of red-orange fire, the sand is breathing—everything is alive and insane and vital.
And a new day begins…
Surf, skate, smoke,
swim trunks all day.
Nothing could stop us from our madness,
nor could our relentless hedonism be stifled.  We were out of control in the best possible way.
This was just an AVERAGE day.
We could have been on an acid trip in a car on the way to the top of Mount Soledad with its SPECTACULAR view (for some reason, I remember Michael Jackson`s Man in the Mirror, BLARING on the car stereo).  And who the hell was DRIVING that day anyway?!?  It sure as fuck wasn`t me!!
We could`ve been seeing Santana live at the Starlight Bowl or the Tijuana Bullring.  We could`ve seen the Chili Peppers, Nirvana, and Pearl Jam live at the Del Mar Fairgrounds.  It could have been “Bundy Night” (Married With Children), Sunday, at the girls` house across the street (Erica, Erin and Natasha).  ”Why go out for milk when you got a cow at home?”  We`d all get as high as you could possibly get and then laugh hysterically WAY after the show had ended.  That Erica, GOOD GOD, I remember she was SEXY!  A spoiled rotten, Palos Verdes rich girl—a firecracker, that one…  She once ripped my pants down in the San Diego Sports Arena parking lot after an Eric Clapton concert and gave me a spur-of-the-moment hummer.  It`s not in my nature to complain about things like that, only to be grateful.  (“Your daddy`s rich and your mama`s good-lookin`, you`re a REAL FINE GIRL….”)
In those days, we could have been doing ANYTHING at ANY GIVEN MOMENT and we needed no reason.  Such is the power of wild youth, a predilection for general chaos, lust for life, and RELENTLESS ENTHUSIASM.  And perhaps one could include sex addiction somewhere in there, the BEST addiction of all.
You know….I wouldn`t change a thing.  I regret nothing.  If I could, I`d go back and do it all again…TWICE.  I`d make the same mistakes, touch the same girls in all the right places, and basically live those crazy years all over again.  It was a beautiful life….a golden time in a golden land, so far gone now, it seems like a distant dream fading away behind me.  But here it is, still with me, and all laid out for you to re-live with me…
What can possibly substitute for experience?  NOTHING.
Now if you`ll excuse me, I`m gonna take my aching broken shoulder to go sit in my rocking chair and rub `Ben Gay` Deep Heating Ointment on my withered flesh…
Now piss off….
And I am again left alone with my beautiful memories….
It`s alright, they`re good company…….and now they`re yours….
Another BAD Japanese name:
This time it`s for cookies….
they are called   COUQUE D`ASSES
I am dead fucking serious.  I couldn`t even make this shit up….
You still think I`m kidding, ya don`t believe me?  Well, here`s the proof…
Inline image 3
OPEN»heh, heh….
Now we ALL know I`ve got a sick mind, but this is fucking ridiculous!!
I mean, if you don`t notice something like this, you`re just not paying attention….
“If the sow with her snout should happen to imprint the letter A upon the ground,
wouldst thou therefore imagine that she could write out a whole tragedy as one letter?”
Sir Francis Bacon
Interpretation of Nature
“The end of our foundation is the knowledge of causes, and secret motions of things;
and the enlarging of the bounds of human empire, to the effecting of all things possible.”
Sir Francis Bacon
The New Atlantis
tabula rasa = `clean slate` or `blank tablet`
empiricism— the theory of knowledge which states that knowledge comes primarily from sensory experience…
“If you find from your own experience that something is a fact and it contradicts what some authority has written down, then you must abandon the authority and base your reasoning on your own findings.”
Leonardo da Vinci
You wanna know who`s currently living in Tokyo?……ME……!!!!!!!!!
oh yeah, and that David Lee Roth guy has been hanging around Ginza……DIAMOND DAVE!
I kind of hope I run into that old rockstar bastard…
“We can only escape from the world by outgrowing the world.  Death may take man out of the world,
but only wisdom can take the world out of the man.  As long as the human being is obsessed by worldliness, he will suffer from the Karmic consequences of false allegiances.  When however, worldliness is transmuted into Spiritual Integrity, he is free, even though he still dwells physically among worldly things.”
Manly P. Hall
“I never stopped graffiti.  It influences my fine art, with the quickness and immediacy of it.  I use oil paint like it`s acrylic, because I can`t wait for it to dry.  I love fucking with mediums and seeing how they react to different mediums, but I always considered graffiti separate from my art.  I always looked at  { new pen here»6/9/13 at 10pm}  it as destructive, anarchist, political, spiritual, and mostly just fun.  It was a release from being cooped up, hunched over tiny drawings with rapidographs and mechanical pencils.  Fuck everything I`m doing at home, I`m going out late at night to have an affair with the streets.  I`m not worried about mistakes, or trying to make shit look right, or fame, or writing the same tag over and over—I`m looking to DESTROY: pure vandalism, and maybe somewhere in the process I can achieve enlightenment, fulfillment, and redemption, but probably not.  You can’t ever really describe the feeling until you`ve stolen two cans of Krylon flat black and hit the streets with reckless abandon.  The freedom of speech, and scale of the words and pictures is humbling.”
David Choe
(Interview with Juxtapoz magazine)
Inline image 1
Inline image 3
I`ve made some bad career choices over the years—meaning basically…
Let`s face it, I`m a full-fledged professional HEDONIST.
If I could get paid for creating random things, lying around on the beach, skateboarding across major cities, partying, and doing things that are basically INSANE,
I`d be a multimillionaire by now….
Solution and filtration
Evaporation and distillation
Separation and rectification
Calcination and commixtion
Purification, inhibition, fermentation,
and fixation,
Multiplication and projection…
the Secret Art of the Land of Khem,
one of the oldest sciences known to the world.
back into the obscurity of prehistoric times,
the mysteries lie deep, lost, and hidden
in the mists of time…
Divinely revealed to Man,
so that by this Alchemy,
He can regain His lost estate
when He sheds this mortal coil…
Concealed behind the Veil of Isis,
Coded in the Path of the Tarot—
lost to the modern world…
Reflect upon this in a moment of silence…
After 300 days
Alexander comes to a majestic mountain
on whose sides hung chains of gold.
And there were two thousand and fifty steps to the top.
Alexander and his 12 princes ascended to the summit
and found a beautiful palace with 12 gates and 70 windows
of the purest gold.
It was called The Palace of the Sun
and inside it contained a shining golden temple
in the shape of a pyramid
wherein they found an ancient, old man with
a great and long white beard.
The great Sage said,
Alexander, thou shalt now see what no earthly man hath ever before seen or heard…
Alexander made answer,
O Sage, most happy, how dost thou know me?
The Sage replied,
Before the wave of the Deluge covered the earth, I knew thy works.
Wouldst thou behold the most hallowed Trees of the Sun and Moon, 
which announce all future things?
Alexander replied,
It is well, my lord; greatly do we long to see them.
Then the Sage said,
Put away your rings and your ornaments, take off your shoes and follow me…
Alexander did so, and choosing 3 of the princes,
and leaving the rest to await his return,
he followed the great Sage, and came to
The Trees of the Sun and Moon.
The Tree of the Sun had leaves of red and gold
and The Tree of the Moon had leaves of shining silver
and they were very great whispering Trees and
they told him very many things…
The forgotten mysteries are not forgotten by everyone…
They are veiled in SYMBOLISM
and revealed through ALLEGORY.
Read between the lines.
Notice that which lies hidden in plain view.
the science of multiplication
based upon the natural phenomenon of growth.
`…nothing from nothing comes…`
It is the process of increasing and improving that which already exists.
God is the `within` and `without` of all things.
Through ART (the process of learning)
the whole mass of base metals (the mental body of ignorance)
is transmuted into pure GOLD (wisdom).
`Within everything is the seed of everything.`
Within the nature of man is reflected the entire universe in miniature,
so in each grain of sand,
each drop of water,
each tiny cosmic particle,
are concealed ALL the elements of the cosmos.
Consider the monads of Leibnitz….
The possibilities are limitless…beyond comprehension…
Sand, marble, granite,
Diamonds, emeralds, sapphires…
All these things come from deep within the earth…
The aim of Alchemy is to carry out in the laboratory
the processes which nature carries out in the interior of the earth—
transmuting base metals into gold and silver and precious stones…
A compound
An elixir
Magisterium medicine
The Philosopher`s Stone
The creation of homunculi
A universal dissolving solvent
Spiritus Mundi
A Secret Arcanum
Sulphur        >Triune Nature
plus Azoth (a mysterious universal life force)
A tiny particle of the Philosopher`s Stone,
if cast upon the surface of water,
will immediately begin a miniature history of the universe…
for instantly, the tincture, like the spirits of Elohim,
move upon the face of the waters
and a miniature universe rises like a mist in the air and floats,
where it passes through all stages of cosmic unfoldment
and finally disintegrates, returning into dust.
Salt, Sulphur, Mercury…
Take the purest and cleanest sea salt,
made from the rays of the sun.
Dissolve it in dew drops filled with the light of the moon.
Add the powder of Azoth
and a slow fire for 50 days.
Red elixir—
then black.
12 to 15 days of distillation.
It will become the mercury of the True Philosophers,
the water out of which becomes Gold and Silver…
for they say,
The Father is Gold and the Mother is Silver.
Thus hast thou the strength of both these luminaries
conjoined in this water…
Many, many more wonders of this HOLY ART
might be added,
but we will let this short overview suffice…
Go now…
and perform miracles…
(derived from ancient alchemical documents…)
Inline image 4
Hell, man……where do we go after that one?!?
We should all probably just accept that there is an awful lot that we don`t know…
(actually…..I was thinking, YOU should probably accept it…..I KNOW PLENTY…)
Chiharu Nagashima, my wife……ACTION sleeper…..
if you could see some of the CLASSIC positions…
(I will not embarrass her with photos here…)
The NSA has built a new secret compound, a data center if you will, in a remote corner of Utah.
They are collecting all digital information they can lay their hands on—emails, Facebook pages, Twitter messages (tweets, twits?), voice messages, and as many as 6 billion phone calls a day.
Incredible.  I understand the need for intelligence in this world of psychos, but DAMN, that`s just nuts!  I`m told that their computers are estimated at perhaps as much as 5 ZETABYTES.  Now we all know megabytes, gigabytes, and terabytes, but what the fuck is a ZETABYTE?  An astronomical amount of space, that`s what it is, equivalent to roughly 62 BILLION stacked iPhone 5s, a HUGE number that is really difficult to even conceive of……WOW!
Well, I`ve known it in my guts for a long time, but we can all agree, Orwell was SO right….
It is written…
“I think I shall have to be loyal to the nightmare of my choice…”
( I do NOT remember where this saying came from…)
“A photograph is a secret about a secret.  The more it tells you, the less you know.”
Diane Arbus
One day, I have to get to Bhaktapur, Nepal… looks fucking amazing.
Google some photos of it, you`ll know what I`m talking about.  Fuck it…I`ll give ya one right here:Inline image 1
Plenty more where this one came from….
Went for Indian food at Krishna Palace in Edogawa, where the samosas are delicious and most of the guys are from Nepal.  That`s where I came up with the aforementioned place and the guys told me all about it.  I also tried a beer from Nepal called Khukuri beer, which means `Sword of Nepal.`
3G, 4G, hotspots, Androids, this, that, skippity-skat———-
next thing you know, they`ll have 10G!!!  They`ll say ANYTHING to get you to buy their product.  It`s just marketing, people.  If you have a hard time grasping this concept, just watch a few early episodes of Mad Men, and it will all become clear.  Making you WANT something is one thing, but making you KNOW you just HAVE TO HAVE IT, that you NEED it—well, THAT is a whole new ballgame.  In my mind, there`s just GOOD reception and BAD reception. That`s all.
And HERE is where this word party REALLY gets started…
The Crazy Train is now leaving the station; you bought the ticket, now take the ride…
(These have not been in the Street Journals……YET….
Some of you may have already read these, some of you haven`t….
If you haven`t, prepare to be appalled with my rampant perversity;
for those of you who have read it, well, fucking read it again….)
So, I was standing around the train station in Ueda, waiting as usual…
waiting for a train, a blue bus, waiting to die, waiting for some sexy schoolgirls to walk up the stairs in their little uniforms…YES, I AM THAT SICK, YOU KNOW IT!
I`m drinking a cold beer and listening to some Red Hot Chili Peppers funk on my iPod, just minding my own business really, when suddenly, this girl appears, I mean, HOLY SHIT, this chick is fucking DROP DEAD BEAUTIFUL.  You wanna fall down on your knees and suddenly believe in God OR maybe break down and cry like a baby that you can`t have EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE GODDESSES.  However, I did neither.  I just stood there, calm, cool, and collected, openly leering at her.
Let me describe her for you; she was tall for a Japanese and willowy with long, graceful, perfect legs.  She had nice, perky little titties that would fit comfortably in the palm of your hand and wouldn`t leave a scar.  Her face was perfectly sculpted and made up elegantly with lovely eyes, fake eyelashes, plump, nice-shaped lips.  All around, an amazing overall package.  BUT, she was one of those stone-cold Japanese bitches with the dead, soulless eyes that wouldn`t even make eye contact with you for less than 10,000¥ (about $120).  Surely, she was a working girl; one of those little minxes who works at a high class “hostess” bar, where little 5-foot-tall Jap businessmen pay money to get in there and paw her eraserhead titties and her tight little ass with their pudgy, fishy fingers.
The little fucker who is willing to fork over 40,000¥ or more gets to take her to a love hotel and stick his chopstick in her sushi hole.
(JB, you`ve been here, so you KNOW the type of stinkbag I`m talking about—the kind you`d push an old lady over and steal her purse to get to…)
Yes, this IS Japan.  She was dressed to kill, wearing mostly gray and black, with thigh-high stockings and a RIDICULOUSLY short skirt.  You could almost see her bunghole from ground level.  When she started up the stairway, completely ignoring me of course, I couldn`t help but notice that she had on the tiniest of lacy, black panties and being that they were SO SMALL, I was able to observe that she didn`t even have a banzai bush.  AMAZING.  I`m getting emotional just recalling this blissful moment.  A single perverted turn of phrase came into my sick and demented mind……………
These words seemed so goddamned funny to me at that moment that I laughed out loud.  Really.  She wasn`t that far away, so she heard me and turned around
and gave me the stink eye.  But then, it was ME, you know, so I just gave her my most charming smile and then made a funny face and stuck my tongue out at her and gave her the finger.  To my complete fucking surprise, she laughed, gave me a radiant smile and stuck HER tongue out too and flicked ME off with both hands,
A DOUBLE WHAMMY, BABY!  Then, she turned on her high, HIGH heels with a SASSY flourish and flipped her hair and showed me the ass from heaven once again and walked off and disappeared, never to be seen again.  Cocktease.  At least I didn`t have to pay 10,000¥.  Now, if you`ll excuse me, I`m gonna go cry myself to sleep….
*   *   *
EVERY man is thinking something along these lines, even if he won`t admit to it…LADIES, if a man says these things don`t cross his mind from time to time, well, HE`S LYING TO YOU…..!
Yeah, that`s right, I`m at it again.  And don`t ask me to apologize, don`t you DARE, `cause if you were seeing what I`M seeing, you`d be thinking the SAME goddamned thing.
You sick fucks! (That`s called “transference.”)
So, every now and then, you just happen to be in the PERFECT spot.  You know what I mean?  You could be standing, sitting, lurking, or flopping—no matter, you are THERE.
Now, Japan loves uniforms.  EVERYONE is wearing one….ESPECIALLY, young, sexy girls.  Japanese comic books (manga), which are VERY stupid, are filled with perverted scenarios of impossibly strange sex acts.  They are also riddled with forcible, rape-like situations that seems to be socially acceptable, at least in COMIC BOOK FORM.  You have to see them to believe it.  It`s not me, it`s THEM!  This is everybody`s fault, but mine!  The girl being violated in the comic book is always a spritely, little vixen, young, helpless, wearing a SHORT, plaid skirt and high stockings, like a Catholic school girl.  Or perhaps it is a little sailor suit with a miniskirt dress….REALLY mini.  And white socks.  And pig tails.  And creamy white thighs (yellow?).  And WHITE COTTON PANTIES, yes, as white as the driven snow.  What the fuck?!?  Oh wait, I`m not talking about comics anymore; I`m talking about these fantasies personified in REAL girls, 15 to 18 years old.  They are EVERYWHERE.  These little cockteases are relentlessly omnipresent.  And the funny thing is you are just sure that every guy HAS to be noticing, and yet those little bastards are just typing away on their fucking cellphones like there is nothing else in the world.  They are either blind and ignorant, gay, or just REALLY SUBTLE.  ME, on the other hand, HOLY CHRIST, it`s all I can do to keep from running over there and molesting them.  Tonight, for example; I`m on the train home, just minding my own business, reading a good book and having a beer.  Not a care in the world.  I look to my right, and what do I see?  Silky, black, long hair.  Big, brown, anime eyes with long fake eyelashes.  White see-through blouse with a very short plaid MINI miniskirt.  Thigh-high stockings.  High heels.  And she is looking at me now and then with an enigmatic look that is both aware and yet distant.  Intrigued, yet haughty.  She KNOWS I am seeing her, you can be sure.  Any red-blooded male who is not a homosexual or busy relentlessly texting on his phone would HAVE to SEE HER for Chrissakes!
Anyway, I pretend to be reading.  Out of the side of my eye, I see her throw her left leg HIGH over her right, so now I have a PERFECT view of her WHITE COTTON PANTIES.  Now, what am I supposed to do?!?  How do you respond to that?  Do you ignore?  Do you openly leer?  Both?!?  I just don`t know.  Every 5 minutes, she looks in her little pink hand mirror and adjusts her hair or lips or something.  She throws her legs higher.  Now, you can see the distinct outline of her nether regions without even trying, without even squinting.  IT`S THERE, just out of reach!
What does one DO in this situation?!?  I feel like a tiger in a cage and it`s mating season.  This is Japan, a fairly safe country of restraint and repressed fantasies.  In America, on a NYC subway, she would probably be followed home and violated.  Here, they just type away on their electronic devices while I sit there in my own personal purgatory of confusion and hopeless indecision.  JEEBUS CHRIST, I`M SWEATING LIKE AN ANIMAL!  At least in my mind.  She KNOWS I`m looking, and yet, I am helpless to do or say anything, you know, with the age thing and the fact that I am really TRYING to be a good husband, and the language barrier and whatnot.  I am helpless and yet my demented mind runs amok with perversions.
She almost has her leg around the back of her fucking neck now and there are only 3 people left in the train car, and the other guy is an old man asleep at the other end of the car.  Should I …….?  NO!  I don`t understand.  This is just a game to her.  She is loving my discomfort.  I will NEVER understand this country
nor the cockteasing tendencies of young schoolgirls that look like they just walked right out of a porno comic book.
Nonetheless, at the end of the ride, at my stop, not hers, I rose to leave and then, OF COURSE, she gives me a barely perceptible flirty smile and flutters her eyelids and looks down again at her mirror and her fashion magazine in her lap.
And I am left with nothing but my indecision and a hollow feeling of utter bafflement.   I step off the train into the humid night.  I walk out of the station.  There is nothing left now but the sound of the frogs and their MATING calls and a voice in my head, screaming, “YOU SHOULD HAVE DONE SOMETHING, YOU FUCKING IDIOT!”
At least, I can go home without feeling guilty, and once again, cry myself to sleep.
See you in hell.  I`ll be the guy at the door with the guest list……
“You stay classy, San Diego…
and thanks for stopping by,
stay classy,
thanks for stopping by,
stay classy, San Diego…..and GO FUCK YOURSELF…….”

…that was just to pique your curiosity and has absolutely nothing to do with the ramblings to follow.

“The ink of a Philosopher is more precious than the blood of a martyr…”
*   *   *
“Whosoever kills a human being, it shall be as if he had killed all of humankind.”
The Koran  5:32
Inline image 1
There`s a version of the “Blue Man Group” over here in Japan too.  Of course, they call themselves the “Yellow Man Group” and they shuffle around the stage in slippers and pajamas eating soba noodles and drinking sake, until they get sloppy drunk and fall off the stage….
******** International “School”…..
The gift that keeps on giving…..
BEST SUMMER EVER!!!!!  (The broken shoulder is just the icing on the cake…see attachment)
This is not my natural environment, stuck with a bunch of rich, screaming brats in a dirty old building…..I should be on the beach in Venice skateboarding along with the babes or in the ocean; or perhaps NYC, prowling the dirty bars with a bunch of sexy stinkbags…..
How the FUCK did it all come to this?!?
Did you know that the Japanese words for breakfast (asa-gohan), lunch (hiru-gohan), and dinner (yuu-gohan) mean “morning rice,”  ”afternoon rice,”  and “evening rice?”
Well, now ya do…..
If that doesn`t cement the stereotypes for ya, then I don`t know what does…..
fuck you, dorphin!!
Sometimes it seems as if most the Japanese really are content to simply work themselves to death and then spend their leisure time just shuffling around in slippers and pajamas eating rice and fish….ALL THE TIME……
Although, I could be wrong…
“Sometimes in life, the world looks down upon you when you`re degenerate,
and sometimes when you`re degenerate, the world praises you…”
David Choe
“Thumbs Up: Hitchhiking Across China”
6/19/13  *** International “School”
It`s REALLY fun to be right in the heart of it,
watching a shitty business crumble into the ground at the foundation….
Inline image 1
The Madman by Pablo Picasso
Instead of filthy air today, the city is permeated with smell of fresh, summer rain on a cool, misty morning……
Summer Solstice
Quotes from a genius……
“I love those who can smile in the face of trouble, who can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection.  `Tis the business of little minds to shrink, but they whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves their conduct, will pursue their principles unto death.”
“The greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinions.”
“I have been impressed with the urgency of DOING.  Knowing is not enough; we must apply.
Being willing is not enough; we must DO.”
“Marriage is like putting your hand in a bag of snakes in the hope of pulling out an eel.”
“Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no Art.”
“Life is pretty simple: you do some stuff.  Most fails.  Some works.  You do more of what works.
If it works big, others copy it.  Then you do something else.  The trick is the doing something else.”
“While I thought that I was learning how to live, I have been learning how to die.”
all these are from LEONARDO DA VINCI
and now…….
The exile has crossed the great ocean
and he walks down a lonely road
made just for him.
He has gone very far
from everyone and everything
he has ever known,
as far as it`s possible to get,
He misses the past,
but he knows that it`s gone forever.
“You can`t go back,” he thinks to himself
as he moves through the darkness and the light.
The past cannot be regained;
only relived in one`s own mind.
The robot faces of the strange foreign land
drift by him—expressionless,
lacking all animation and/or emotion.
Walking zeroes, they are,
but he cares not,
for he has no interest in them anyway.
He is content alone with his thoughts—
for they are myriad,
and they continue to flow
through the endless river of time.
He misses his friends,
but sometimes feels as if
he`s been forgotten.
“Outta sight, outta mind,”
isn`t that what they say?
No matter….
He will continue to prosper,
to live his own life,
to have his own adventures,
to go through gateways into new worlds;
whether or not anyone cares,
he will still write the stories…
As he strolls down this quiet road
on a foggy and humid summer night,
next to a sluggish river
with its tired flow,
he thinks deep thoughts, contentedly.
As he fades into the mist,
it is as if
he had never existed at all…





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