By Tom H. Brooks 3

My poetry has always been written on impulse with strong and distinct FEELING.  I never PLAN on writing a poem.  It just happens.  I can`t just sit down, throw some words together and call it poetry.  And the funny thing is that the title ALWAYS comes to me first.  Everything else follows from there.

Inspiration, like a bolt of lightning, strikes me and electrifies.  It is a visceral experience, a profound and deep flow, a river of words.  It often creates a distinct atmosphere of a certain time and place.  I want to convey the feeling of that particular moment to you.

If the poem is angry, then I was probably having a bad day.  If it is sad, I was probably feeling a sense of existential despair.  If it offers a sense of quiet joy or smug self-satisfaction, I was likely feeling a rush of freedom or fulfillment and/or having delusions of grandeur.  If it seems quirky or odd, I was probably experimenting with new forms.  If a poem seems mystical, maybe I was having an intense spiritual experience.  Or perhaps I was just trying to carve my memories into the vast monument to timelessness.  I just had to say something that I believed it was important to say.  Any or none of these things is a possibility, but it doesn`t really matter WHY in the end.  It`s simply that I did it and here they are.  Writing is something I have always HAD TO DO.  There are many faces to my poems, and I would like to introduce them to you.

One of the greatest things about poems is that you can say SO MUCH with so little.  That is the beauty of it.  Poems break down barriers between the physical world and the spiritual one.  Like all poetry, some poems are better than others.  That is for you you to decide.  Regardless of all that, I share them with you and I do hope that some of them inspire you in different ways and move your heart.

They do come straight from the soul, these poems, and my aim is to simply give pieces of my life to you, in their most abstract form.  Thank you, as always for reading.  You`ll hear from me soon enough…..





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