by Tom H. Brooks 3

A long time ago in a galaxy far across the universe, there lived a monster with the unlikely name of Mot. He was always thought of as a monster because that’s what everyone said he was. He didn’t really like to go along with things the way they were done by everyone else, so instead, Mot stubbornly continued to do everything his own way, with his own personal trademark style.  He was an original.  Sometimes, it seemed like everyone else was a monster because they were always trying to tear at his soul.  When it came down to it, Mot was a pretty nice and benevolent monster, with only the occassional natural outbreak of malice.  But still, he was always the outsider.  Sometimes he got very lonely.  He wished someone understood him or even TRIED to.  The one who thinks for himself is often by himself as well.  It seemed quite a sad existence at times, but he made the best of it.
  So one day, Mot decided to take matters into his own hands and simply go away.  He was not wanted on his home planet so he figured that there must be someplace in the universe where others would accept him for who he was.  So, without saying goodbye to anyone, he traveled far across many galaxies and millions of light years from home.  He finally crash-landed (he was never a very good spaceship pilot) on a blue-green planet, third rock from a medium-sized yellow star.  The creatures here looked a lot like him and he soon realized that this planet was called Earth.  They treated him worse here than anywhere he had ever been.  His home planet was never this bad and he began to wonder why he had ever left at all.  “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence,” he heard these Earthlings say, and this made him think; things do always seem like they’ll be better somewhere else.  His ship was destroyed beyond repair and he lacked the resources to even try to fix it.  He realized that he was stuck with these truly awful monsters called humans.  It seemed that the place called Earth had become his prison, his cage, his hell,
as it were…
  For many years, Mot gave it a pretty damn good effort, considering that he was a monster from another world and all.  But in the end, Earth swallowed him up like it does to all good monsters eventually…
The moral of the story?

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