By Tom H. Brooks 3

o= observation
s= seeing
r = revelation
( o3+s3= r3)
circles and rectangles
triangles and squares
spheres and cubes
all the shapes under the sun
full of color and life…
a gliding raven
describes lazy spirals
against an azure sky
angular shadows of trees
cast countless triangles
across the landscape
an observation
is equivalent to a revelation
if you actually notice it
the beauty of silence
only reveals itself
if you hear it- meaning nothing
a dilapidated house
brown and crumbling
in a forgotten field
the wind hisses
in rivers
down empty streets
a red balloon
floats aimlessly
across the eye of the sun
ripples roll smoothly
across the surface
of a mirror lake
the silence
within the silence
encloses one in an invisible cube
dead leaves
clatter and click
in mysterious whirlwinds
I myself wrapped
in a sphere of isolation
see these things and wonder…
(The above digital artwork is called Self-Portrait In 8 Colors)

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