By Tom H. Brooks 3

Blood-orange moon rising over Brooklyn

Appalachian mountains

rising dark in the night

black lakes

rippling in the moonlight

on empty shores…



warm Gulf breeze

blowing through her black hair

the soft love in her eyes

reflecting a setting sun


blue shadows through

wind-twisted magnolias

on a forgotten shore

talcum powder white sand

surreal purple sea…

Old man river

Big Easy

crescent city

draped in Spanish moss

with a soundtrack

of jazz and blues

indigo night in the swamp

song of insects in the bayou

silence of the heart

in a world of madness…



chasing a sinking sun

through deserts and mountains

to an endless ocean called Pacific

and an edge city called

Los Angeles, my hometown…

the east fades away

behind me

as I return to the sprawling

neon supernova

of the City the Angels Forgot…





(I have many more photos of this trip on my Flickr site for which you can find a link connected to my WordPress Home Page.  You can also see more fascinating photos at



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