By Tom H. Brooks 3


We live
 and we live always wanting,
 dreaming of more
 It’s an uncontrollable beast
 this constant nagging
 this need
 for something bigger
 something substantial
 to give us a reason,
 to make us understand.
 You don’t have enough
 unnecessary junk in your house?
 You need more money.
 Not enough space?
 You need a bigger house.
 You don’t like LA?
 Move to Hawaii.
 Bored? Got island fever?
 Move to NYC.
 Too dense, crowded, maniacal?
 Try the remote jungles of Borneo.
 Tired of hiding from headhunters and strange
 Return again to beautiful Los Angeles,
 the land of convenience and plastic dreams
 and castles made of sand.
 Yes, good old LA,
 a great place to sit and talk
 about someplace better,
 to relax and complain
 while drinking cappucinos on the terrace.
 ’Oh look!  Isn’t that…that guy- from
 that show?!`
 `Oh my, there’s that famous model from Guess,
 and she’s with some bald guy, is that Vin Diesel?!’
 ’How was the audition?’
 ’Let’s do lunch…’
 ’blah blah B LA H  B L A H…’
 Just thinking about this is fucking exhausting.
 It’s enough to make anyone sick-
 keep complaining
 keep hoping and wishing
 keep dreaming
 keep trying-
 It is very likely
 that no matter how much you get,
 We are relentless,
 we are human
 we are never satisfied…






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