By Tom H. Brooks 3


As the people die
and the victims are born
and dolphins are strangled in fishing nets-
as the people cry
and baby seals are slaughtered
for some bitch’s fur coat or boots,
as presidential candidates
embark on vicious campaigns of slander,
while oil is spilled and burning,
as trees are chopped down
for new 7-11s and corner mini-malls,
while sewage overflows
and the oceans are filled with shit,
as people are raped and burned and maimed
and ravaged by disease
and children starve
while others are
fat and inbred little pigs,
as the moon glows
over the wicked night
and the sun shines
over the cruel day,
as waves and ripples
roll endlessly over
indifferent oceans,
as an elephant shits in Kenya,
as a Buddhist monk prays in Nepal
and The Blue Man Group performs in Vegas
and they keep making movies
with fucking Adam Sandler,
a crack fiend in Detroit
shanks someone with a rusty blade
for $12.73.
As the life blood
from bodies everywhere,
the world has war
and wants even more.
As we chew up the Earth
and our true God
$ $ $
takes bloody chunks from our souls
like a vulture tearing at a corpse,
as grandpa dies
your girlfriend lies
and you live on the edge of everything…
as plots
are planned,
and lying and fat sack-of-shit politicians
get their even fatter paychecks…
and you get yours,
if you’re lucky,
as life goes on
and death goes on
and the polluted water flows,
as you sit reading this
ranting and raving,
I, Tom Brooks,
lie here in the warm San Diego sun,
thinking of these things
and women
and Mexican food
and so much more…
thinking and dreaming,
thinking that
there must still be some
fresh water somewhere….






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