By Tom H. Brooks 3


I touch only that which is near me.
I taste life in all its myriad flavors.
I smell the ocean breeze
car exhaust.
I smell bacon frying on the morning air
and fresh apple pie in the kitchen
of a midwest grandma.
I smell the unbearable stench of a
windowless gas station bathroom.
I smell filthy alleys
and a flower’s gentle fragrance.
I smell Mexican food
and a woman’s erotic scents
and firewood burning
and fog over the sea at 3:30am.
I hear screams
of agony and ecstasy
and fierce passion,
of death and oppression
and victory.
I hear laughter,
children playing
in divine lost innocence.
I hear car accidents,
metal clashing,
I hear the thud of fists and boots
on bodies and skulls,
I hear gunshots and helicopters
and rain falling
and wind howling
and the mindless chatter
of television.
I hear her voice,
silvery music
that soothes
my summery green mind…
I see everything.
I see pollution,
turds and plastic
floating in the ocean
like a beautiful and gigantic toilet.
I see millions of starving children
sitting in mudholes covered in flies.
I see war-
war everywhere,
the eternal human pastime,
our favorite spectator sport.
I see newscasters on TV
flapping their rubber lips
about death and destruction
with no visible emotion-
I see politicians throwing
verbal rocks at one another
like angry monkeys throwing feces.
I see TV preacher$ (politicians for Christ?)
speaking of Jesus
as if they know him personally
and he comes to their homes
for Sunday brunch
and they call him Jimbo;
they speak of love and goodness and giving
and then drive away in platinum Jaguars
to fuck some whore or little boy
in a seedy cum-stained hotel room.
Then, home to their fat wives
and country mansions
with fat wallets
and hearts full of sin.
I see racist cops
beating people on the kidneys
until they piss blood,
just for fun.
I see grown men dressed
in hooded white sheets
and neo-nazi skinheads
burning crosses and screaming hatred
to the scared white masses in redneck country.
I see the wart on a hog’s ass
and cows grazing in emerald pastures
before they’re slaughtered for your burger
or mine.
I see religion and greed
destroying the world
piece by piece.
I see oil
and blood
and religion again
and rivers of tears and sadness.
I see broken hearts and broken dreams
the sun
the moon
the stars
and the blue sky with white puffy clouds.
I see you
and the spectre of death
standing in the shadows behind you.
I see the Pope shit in the woods,
someone screams, “MOVIE!” in a crowded firehouse,
I see every grain of sand
on every beach get up and walk away.
I see our president
babbling nonsense
from his empty head
and I see money money money
our true God
$ $ $
I see a pile of crap in the gutter
and the fly sitting upon it.
I see the vast oceans of the world
and my own inner light and darkness.
I see the color of sunlight
and the glow of moonlight
in the leaves of every tree.
I see flowers
and signs
and fences
and walls
and bridges.
I see lines for everything,
drug stores
everything everyone everywhere-
waiting and waiting
in a long and endless line
to DIE.
I see myself in the mirror
and look into my own eyes
in quiet aplomb…
I laugh out loud
at the absurdity of it all…









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