By Tom H. Brooks 3


Beneath the street light
in the windy darkness
a white plastic bag
tumbles down the street
The people walk by
faces lit in the soft glow
A woman strolls by
dressed to kill
no doubt going home
from some pointless encounter
A man in a suit
expressionless face
another day at the office
another day killed by routine
A mother and child,
toddler stumbles and falls
into the bushes and
mother is busy texting
on her cell phone and sees nothing
The child does not yet understand
that this will be the first of many falls
in this life
A taxi drives by
with the driver picking his nose
in the dark anonymity
of his vehicle while looking for a fare
A group of drunks stumbles by,
laughter in the darkness as one
of them carries another along
by the arm and screams in his ear
Beneath the street light
the night quietly fades into silence
and the people become
unusual specimens in the black of night
A lone old man probably
having a bout with insomnia
hobbles down the road
with no destination in mind
but eventual sleep
Suddenly, there is nothing.
The road is quiet and dormant,
lying idle in its own isolation;
no cars, no people…..nothing…
except for one….
Beneath the street light
a man stands with a Kentucky bourbon
and a cigarette
wondering why we are here
and knowing for sure that
he`ll never find the answer…
Tokyo, Japan

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