By Tom H. Brooks 3



When all else is forgotten
you will remember me.
When the world around us
has crumbled away,
I will be there
in your thoughts and your dreams.
When your heart despairs
and wishes to be filled,
you will think of me.
When the rain falls
to cleanse these dirty streets,
my inexhaustible thirst
will still be left wanting,
as will yours…
As clouds gather
my smile will cast rays of sunlight
through the vacant lots
of our collective hearts and souls.
Your ruby lips
like a scented flower,
enchanting and seductive
in the cool springtime of our lives.
Your dark eyes
burn gaping holes
in the fabric of my existence
and leave nothing
but smoke blowing
on the hollow wind…


And my blue eyes
gaze through you,
beyond you
to a faraway place
where we should be,
that distant shore of the heart,
that warm island of yours-

just look…
I’ll be there….









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