By Tom H. Brooks 3


Walking on a highway of diamonds into a fiery red sunset…





“Not until you have killed the last fish, and cut down the last tree, and poisoned the last river,

will you discover that you cannot eat money…”

Chief Seattle

1780 to 1866

Chief of the Suquamish Indians in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S.









“I`m going out of this world the same way I came in –

naked, screaming, and covered in blood.”


Bartender at Freeman`s, New York City, Lower East Side



It seems that my purpose in life is to be some kind

of unofficial record-keeper of forgotten histories…



I sit bathed in warm sunlight

as it wavers gently through the trees

A cool green mystical island

on a glassy jade lake

filled with giant koi fish

in the middle of the city

The world moves past me

around me

but it does not touch me

I am alone with my thoughts

I am at peace with this mad world

I can feel the ghosts here,

the lost spirits of a

distant and forgotten past

They float through the trees

with the enigmatic squawks

of the crows and the singing sparrows

The wind song of the leaves

flows throughout my mind

and takes me away to a higher place

where I want to dwell

There are no worldly problems here

I have left one form of existence behind

and traded it in for another

My soul drifts up into the clouds

and touches the endless azure sky

I see myself down there

in the crazy world and I

cannot stop laughing about

how beautiful and stupid it all is

Hours pass in this deep spiritual trance

Night falls

I sink back to earth

and I am one with the darkness…



Tokyo, Japan




Not that anyone but me could possibly care about this, but apparently,

koi fish, with their big Mick Jagger lips, really like potato chips…


“The task of art is to transform what is continuously happening to us, to transform all these things into symbols, into music, into something which can last in man’s memory. That is our duty. If we don’t fulfill it, we feel unhappy. A writer or any artist has the sometimes joyful duty to transform all that into symbols. These symbols could be colors, forms or sounds. For a poet, the symbols are sounds and also words, fables, stories, poetry. The work of a poet never ends. It has nothing to do with working hours. Your are continuously receiving things from the external world. These must be transformed, and eventually will be transformed. This revelation can appear anytime. A poet never rests. He’s always working, even when he dreams. Besides, the life of a writer, is a lonely one. You think you are alone, and as the years go by, if the stars are on your side, you may discover that you are at the center of a vast circle of invisible friends whom you will never get to know but who love you. And that is an immense reward.”

Jorge Luis Borges




Everyone is crying out for attention

Everybody is screaming to be heard

People want to be understood,

to communicate,

to explain their feelings about the world

We all seem to want to share our vision

As much as it can be said that we are all one,

we are also, in turn,

each and every one of us,


in our seeking

We strive to be a part of something,

to feel a connection with humanity

as a sort of vast family


words are not enough



they cannot stand alone

You have to put yourself out there,

your heart and soul,

to try with all your power

to be honest and true,

to become one with the Universal Spirit

Like the old song says,

People Are Strange,





But there are times when

words are enough,

as these words are right now…



Tokyo, Japan



A shadowy room

in the soft, still glow

of an opaque light

A window lies open

covered by dirty curtains

fluttering in a light wind

A fly buzzes about the room


seeking an exit

An empty wooden chair

sits by the window

serving no purpose

Motes of dust swirl about

in a knife-beam of sunlight

stabbing through the curtains

A spider crawls across

an old wooden table

in the center of the room

There is an empty bottle of whiskey

on the table next to a full ashtray

and a notebook filled with words

Distant sounds of traffic

the cry of a bird

a siren, a door slams

All is still here in this quiet room

a sense of anticipation

a world waiting for something to happen…



Tokyo, Japan

Published by tomhbrooks3

Hello, and thanks for stopping by. These Street Journals are an autobiography of sorts. They are a collection of writings from my crazy life that stretch over 20 years. There are quotes from genius writers dispersed throughout the stories that are often relevant to that time and place. These stories and entries are at times, profound, vulgar, funny, offensive and touching. One thing is for sure - they are totally random and unpredictable. I do hope you enjoy. I will let the writing, the photos and the art speak for me...


  1. Fantastic stuff, Mr. Brooks! There are many people out there that would enjoy your collection of Street Journals. Might I suggest that you jump on Twitter and Instagram to continue broadening your reach. Keep up the great work!

      1. I’m new to this blogging business, but I wanted to let you know I reblogged your “My Private Island” pieces, and the photo. It goes nicely with my Writr format and the green, which was chosen for me! I have no idea why, or how to change it. But, I’m wearing a green T-shirt now, so it’s cool with me!
        Nice work, Tom.

      2. Hey Sister,
        I`m really glad you liked it. Thanks a lot for the nice compliment. And in response to your question, I`ve never reblogged anything on WordPress, so I don`t know much about it either. I reblog stuff on Tumblr all the time, but that is a totally different platform. So, I suppose you`re on your own on that one, girl! Work your magic. Take care….

  2. Hey! I’m glad you got this. I guess your hours are nicely coinciding with mine! I’m not on Tumblr… I have enough trouble acclimating to one social website at a time. Plus, I don’t have a really great camera, or at least I don’t know how to use it greatly, if I do! Mum says you used to take great photos with throwaway cameras, so I suppose that’s your gift.
    I can see really nice formats for photos, but they never come out quite the way I want them to. The twins like Tumblr!
    Write at you laters!

      1. The only reason I remember them is because I keep paper and pencil next to me bed, a tape recorder just in case I’m still too loopy to write, and, most disturbingly, I wake up before the damn dreams are resolved!!! GRRRRRR…
        I’m sure some well-meaning psychiatrist out there is sizing me up, wondering what the fuck is wrong with me! Or not.

      2. I am now on Tumblr, and my self-esteem is forever going to be tied to how many “followers” I have… 😥

      3. I’m sorry to be such a dunce, but where do you find those animated videos to post on Tumblr?

      4. Please, don`t worry about `followers.` Tumblr tends to be kind of more for the youth of the world and people tend to have very short attention spans nowadays. I just put my stuff out there with no concern except the joy of creation. As far as those crazy videos I find, they are called GIFS, which stands for graphics interchange format. I just found them by looking around at random. I have a knack for finding and editing good stuff. There are MILLIONS of them on Tumblr, some better than others. The more you search around, the more you will discover. It is a digital labyrinth and there really is no end to it. Don`t get too addicted. It can take up an awful lot of your time. I make sure that I always make plenty of time for myself to get out and LIVE in the real world. But…it`s still fun to look at, I`ll admit…..

      5. No kidding! I have been on WordPress, Facebook and Tumblr, writing stuff, viewing videos, replying to people, and just general nonsense for hours now! My eyes are bugging out of my head, like a cartoon owl.

      6. Well, so far Tumblr has been a huge bust for me. I linked it to my Facebook account, and the girls’ friends saw that I was on WordPress and Tumblr, and told them! They were irritated that their friends knew what I was up to before they were…
        With teens, you just can’t win!
        However, they are magnanimous enough to come down to help me with my Tumblr account so it’s “cool”. They will help me transform it on Saturday at about 7:00.
        I hope all is well, and your wanderings are filling you with new ideas.

      7. I hear ya, sister. I don`t have many tumblr `followers` either, but as I said, tumblr is for the teens. It seems to be a whole `status` thing with them, how many followers and all that shit. But I honestly couldn`t care less. And I don`t even do Facebook! As I told you before, I put my stuff out there for the sheer joy of creation and if a few people like it, well then great. Personally, I just enjoy browsing through the silliness and finding those rare gems that surprise me with their originality and creativity. Most those kids are just reblogging and not doing anything original at all (no writing longer than two sentences of gibberish, no original photography, etc.) But, SOMEONE creates them. Like your one entry with `Principal Skinner` from `Simpsons`…..”It`s the kids who are wrong.” I`m sure saying this will get me TONS of new followers. And I`ll probably cry myself to sleep for a week. You should show the twins my tumblr and have them weigh in if it`s “cool.” Maybe I should write less original stuff and just steal other people`s stuff. OR maybe if I was 16 again. Whatever. In any case, I`m still working on my ORIGINAL Street Journal 79, short and sweet, and it should be out next week. Keep doing your thing and have a good time, that`s all it is… watching TV or some shit like that… to ya later………T (oh, and thanks for your nice promo. I did get a few new followers…..and that counts too…..)

      8. Oh, you better believe the twins are on it! They said they are going to give me Tumblr tutorials, as my Tumblr page embarrassed them horribly. I simply told them that if their friends don’t wish to see what I’m up to, they can refrain from looking. It’s like those idiots that go to a nude beach and then talk about how disgusting the people there are. As soon as the twinsies finish taking test, after test, after yet another test, they will set me straight, Tumblr-wise. I think they too have better things to do. Tumblr is definitely more of a visual blog, for sure. If I see one more picture of a fucking ice-cream cone or a chilly Starbucks drink, I’m going to hurl. Another one that seems to be sickeningly prevalent is the anorexic looking legs in super short denim shorts with some sort of chic brand of bottled water. If you stick to those themes, I’m sure your followers will burgeon like a nasty airborne plague. Or even better, spoof them, like, for instance, take a picture of really cellulite ridden thighs in latex spanks with a bottle of cheap vodka wedged in there, and in her hand, a chocolate dipped, three scoop ice-cream cone dripping all over her pudgy hand. Now THAT would be funny!!

      9. HA! You so hit that one on the head! Fancy water, coffee and fruit smoothies and skinny legs selfies. That`s it. I wanna see that last idea of yours- that would be specfuckingtacular! Let me know how it all goes…..later….

      10. No, you need to do that one! My photographic skills are spotty at best. Don’t you have any chunky chicks around you? Not your wife. She’s lovely, but surely she would appreciate the irony of such an absurd photo.

      11. Check out my Tumblr as soon as you can. I think I might have found something the kiddies would like! We’ll see.

      12. I think your website looks great, but then again, what do we know? We`re not 15! In any case, enjoy it for what it is. I`m sure you do. And you know I do. Have a great weekend….

      13. Have fun with your Street Journal #79. I’d copy you on that, but my streets are horrifying, and me doing a street journal would probably end up in a homicidal incident. I’d feel sorry for the fool who would mess with me!

      14. Oh, and of course, feel free to reblog mine, or better yet, go to the upper right of the GIF and check the source and go directly to it. You`ll figure out. I did. Have a great night/morning. You are a true night owl… it is 1:45 pm over here, so it must be around 10pm over there…YESTERDAY. If you keep up at this pace, next thing you know it will be 3am!!

  3. Uh, you don’t understand… I have problems in the sleep area. I regularly find myself getting slightly sleepy at around 3 or 4 A.M. It is now…only 9:54 P.M. I love the night, and the night loves me!

    1. HA! Good one. I`ll be sure to do that. It`s raining here today, so I`m guilty of this computer addiction as well. Enjoy and talk to ya later…signing off for a bit….

      1. No problem! I totally understand. I’ve also taken a break by watching “F.B.I.: Criminal Pursuit”. Believe it or not, it helps me sleep.
        I wish we had more rain here. I have taken to recording it when it does rain so I remember the occurrence, and can tell friends about it. I recall things based on the schedule of the rain:
        “Oh! That’s the day after I got the car washed, back in April, 2014.”
        Must we really choose between earthquakes, sand storms, blizzards, rain, volcanoes, tsunamis, monsoons, hurricanes, tornadoes or golfball-sized hail? Are these REALLY the only choices? How about absolute, paradisiacal calm?
        Have you ever seen a movie called “White Squall”? I saw it,
        and for some reason, it made me think of you.

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