By Tom H. Brooks 3


Down this lonely road I walk
into a fiery red sunset
Another day
another year
another decade
I go swiftly into the unknown future
Time flies away
on the wings of angels…
and demons
Time flows over me and drags me under
like a slow muddy river
across the floodplains
Can you hear me speaking to you
across the miles,
across the great distances?
Can you see me here
in the dim scarlet twilight 
of this endless wasteland?
Can you understand the things
that I say here,
walking down this road of mine?
I`m calling out to you
I see far
I see you there,
on your road
going your own way
through the madness
of this vast world
We all struggle
to find our way
in this life
There is no map
for your road
or mine
Your cell phone
will not get you
where you are going
There are no tour guides
no buses
no taxis
All we have
is our wits and
our own two feet
So keep walking,
you there,
and I`ll do the same
Perhaps I`ll see you
at a crossroads one day
but not likely
The sun goes down
and night shadows 
crawl across the land
As my eyes gradually adjust,
I can see clearly,
even through the darkness –
It`s beautiful out here…
Tokyo, Japan




4 thoughts on “DOWN THIS LONELY ROAD…

  1. athenenoelle

    Happy Birthday, Tom! I love this poem. It is absolutely true. (We are all slightly lost.) And, I love you. I hope you have a beautiful day.

    • Hey Sister, It`s 2:20am and I just got home from a crazy night out in Tokyo. This city is a neon labyrinth, I`m telling you…anyway, thank you for the nice message and I love you too. I`m so glad you liked the latest. It came from the heart. New pictures will be on Flickr by tomorrow night (or morning for you…I don`t know anymore…)

      • athenenoelle

        Yo, Bro! I have been nominated for a Liebster Award. No, I don’t know what it is, but it sounds good. I would like to nominate you as well, but you have to have fewer than 1000 loyal, adoring followers. Do you? If so, it is an opportunity for people to discover your fantastic blog and your fantastic photos!! Yay! I was nominated by Hemmingplay, who is a very good writer. And he likes me! He really likes me!!

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